Radfem 2013 at the London Irish Centre

Radfem has found a new home in 2013—at the London Irish Centre in Camdem.

Recall that last year, “Agent Orange” went undercover to expose Radfem as a hate movement? Following this, Conway Hall (a London convention centre) publicly announced that they had decided not to host a conference for the pro-violence Radfem organisation.

As a quick reminder, here are a couple of the sentiments that were being openly expressed on Radfem Hub:

“I needs [sic] to be so unfashionable to have boys and then they would be aborted before seeing the light of day just like millions of girls who are aborted every year and no one sees the harm in that. I think secretly many womon [sic] already abort boys they just keep quiet because of the outcry it would initiate!

“I agree with the remark that feminist [sic] have a greater chance of bringing up boys in the ‘sisterhood model’ but from my own experience that does not work…anymore [sic] than trying to raise your daugthers as out and out feminists…all children are deeply subjected to mainstream patriarchy at a very early age..from the moment they are dressed in pink or blue…you are your hue from birth it seems!!!!!

“As a RFem….violent revolution is the only answer…”
Laila Namdarkhan
(A well known feminist activist who was instrumental in passing legislation in the U.K. regarding the mental health of women in prisons)

And this delightful little gem from a Radfem childcare worker:

I have honestly have been reassessing the fact that I am giving care to these little future rapists, and what that says about me about me and my separatism. I know it is kinda going against my principle to support and care for these little fuckers.
Danielle Pynnonen

This year’s Radfem event is scheduled for 8th and 9th June 2013, with tickets restricted to females only. As well as being anti-male, Radfem itself is distinctly anti-transgender with many Radfems describing themselves as trans-exclusionary radical feminists. Last year, attendance at Conway Hall was to be strictly limited to “women born women and living as women”, as reported by an article in the Guardian newspaper at the time.

Recently, MRA London was contacted by an Irish citizen who had been expressing his concerns to the London Irish Centre venue manager, Tarah Cunynghame, but had got nowhere. He shared with us his email exchange, but requested we do not publish his identity. So for want of a better pseudonym, let’s call him Agent Kildare.

Here is the exchange:

From “Agent Kildare”:

Date: 10 April 2013 14:42
Subject: Query re: RadFem 2013
To: “venuehire@londonirishcentre.org” , “info@londonirishcentre.org” , “jeffmoore@londonirishcentre.org”

Dear London Irish Centre,

I am writing to you to share my concerns regarding the Centre’s hosting of an event in June entitled ‘RadFem 2013’, a ‘gathering of radical feminists’.

As you may know, Conway Hall declined to host this event last year, citing concerns about equality and the nature of the group itself.

The radical feminism espoused by those organising this event, has been described as a ‘hate ideology’. For example, they do not recognise male-to-female transgender individuals as being women, and this event is open only to what they describe as ‘women-born women’. Some argue that transgender women should be ‘exterminated’, others admittedly do not go that far, but all continue to insist that they are not women at all.

Some also argue that the male population should be ‘reduced’ to around 10%. Others campaign against any funding or recognition for male victims of domestic violence and abuse, insisting that domestic violence in the home is suffered exclusively by women. Almost all argue that children should have no rights to a relationship with their father. Over the last few months, radical feminists have violently demonstrated in Toronto, Melbourne and Paris, in one case abusing attendees and threatening speakers at a conference on tackling male suicide. They espouse a fascist, sexist and violent ideology akin to that of the most extreme groups on the far-right. The vast majority of feminists disown and distance themselves from them completely.

As a Londoner and an Irish citizen, I’m shocked and saddened that the Centre would even consider hosting such a group. It’s like waking up one morning and finding out you’re hosting the EDL or BNP. I’m amazed that you accepted this booking – and can only assume it’s because you were unaware of this group’s recent history. If this goes ahead, I can assure you that the centre will be the subject of extensive criticism and perhaps even protests in opposition.

I would urge you to re-consider this booking.

London Irish Centre reply:

From: tarah.cunynghame@slicedevents.com
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 16:58:33 +0100
Subject: RE: Query re: RadFem 2013

Hi [removed],

Thank you for your email below.

Our centre is available for hire by anyone in the community, by private arrangement, so long as the event is lawful. As a result of recent communication, we have reviewed our position as the venue provider for the forthcoming radfem2013 conference and are satisfied we have carried out the necessary due diligence in order to proceed with the booking.

If you have any queries about the conference, please direct them to the conference organisers at radfem2013@hotmail.co.uk

Many thanks

Tarah Cunynghame
Sliced Events at the London Irish Centre Venue Manager

From “Agent Kildare”:

Sent: 11 April 2013 18:03
To: Tarah Cunynghame – Sliced Events
Subject: RE: Query re: RadFem 2013

Hi Tarah,

I’m afraid your response doesn’t sufficiently assuage my concerns.

It doesn’t matter that it’s ‘lawful’ (which it isn’t by the way, because it doesn’t comply with the Equality Act (2010), in being closed to transgender individuals), I’m sure the BNP are ‘lawful’ but the Centre wouldn’t dream of hosting them. It’s a question of this group’s views being grossly offensive to many within the Irish community in London. The London Irish Centre is supposed to be a lot more culturally sensitive than this.

Can you let me have the contact details for your Director please?

London Irish Centre reply:

From: Tarah Cunynghame – Sliced Events
Date: 12 April 2013 10:48:45 BST
Subject: RE: Query re: RadFem 2013

Hi [removed],

Thank you for your email.
If you have any queries about the conference, please direct them to the conference organisers at radfem2013@hotmail.co.uk.

Many thanks

Tarah Cunynghame
Sliced Events at the London Irish Centre Venue Manager
Direct Line. 020 7428 2083

Now, Agent Kildare specifically asked the venue manager for the name of director of the London Irish Centre, but this information was not forthcoming. We also note that while Tarah Cunynghame describes herself as the “London Irish Centre Venue Manager”, it appears that she is also working for a separate outfit called “Sliced Events”. Interestingly, while there is an email and telephone number for venue hire, the London Irish Centre website fails to give any details of its legal status or its representatives. Although the About Us – Our Team page shows an official looking group photograph, at the time of writing, there is no information on this page—only the statement, “We’re currently updating this page.”

According to its website, the London Irish Centre is supported by: The Irish Department of Education and Skills, The Irish Youth Foundation, The Amy Winehouse Foundation, Camdem County Council, and The Irish Episcopal Commission for Emigrants.

Now, we cannot and should not attempt to shut-down every event held by some group we disagree with. However, we do intend to send the clear message that the time when men and boys can be attacked with impunity is over. Furthermore, here is a message to The London Irish Centre and to anyone else who feels able to support and provide credibility to Radfem:

We will publicly manacle you to their hateful ideology.

For a case in point, try this: Pamela O’Shaughnessy exposed.

Andy Thomas (aka “Andy Man”)
MRA London

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