More evidence released on the Ryan matter


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Today the CBC released some of the R.C.M.P. video evidence of the attempted murder of Micheal Ryan by his ex-wife Nicole Doucet Ryan. I want you to pay close attention to a few things in this video evidence. First, how cheery she is about this whole situation.

Does this seem like someone who is in fear for their life?

Next, the section of the video where Nicole is asked by the officer about whether Mr. Ryan had beat her or was ever physically abusive. She replies in the negative.  I must admit I am having a WTF moment here in ten foot tall letters. She has no reason to lie to the undercover R.C.M.P. officer and when given the opportunity to let us know how badly she was abused she informs us matter-of-factly that she was not.

Last, notice how she reveals she had been planning this since September, and how she is still technically married to Micheal. She admits it would work out good for her if something were to ‘happen’ to him. You can hear her “uhh huh” about the  2:30 minute mark in the recording as she sits there nodding and smiling.

I believe in legal mumbo jumbo they would call that motive.

Yes this truly is the demeanor of an abused woman who is in fear for her life. We can see it in her smiles and happy disposition.

And yet the Supreme Court of Canada feels that putting this poor abused woman on trial should not happen.

Its time for Canadians to get their shit together and stop this misandric injustice system.


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