Mary Kellett: This Time it’s for Real

This would normally be the time that I would be announcing the upcoming show schedule for AVfM Radio. Part of that announcement would have been that this Tuesday, the 29th of March, we were going to take a week off and restart a four week schedule the following Tuesday.

Recent events compel us, however, to produce an AVfM Special this Tuesday, not for entertainment, but for activism.

As many of you undoubtedly know from articles here and from our recent show on false rape allegations, we have a literal witch hunt going on in the State of Maine.

Prosecutor Mary Kellett, a rogue state functionary acting unethically, and in all likelihood illegally, has been conducting a Kafkaesque campaign against innocent men in her state, apparently for political, ideological and perhaps even psychopathological reasons.  Pushing rape charges against men whom police investigators and judicial officials have concluded are inappropriate defendants, and then systematically seeking to exclude exculpatory evidence, Kellett is waging an absolute war against innocent members of her own community.

We have written about this here, and covered it in some detail on Episode 3 of A Voice for Men Radio, especially in regard to the Vladek Filler case.

But the time for just talking is over.

Mary Kellett should not be a prosecutor in the United States. Indeed, there is a growing mountain of evidence that she should not be allowed to hold a license to practice law.

And a movement to make that a reality is now afoot.

I cannot reveal all the details on what is about to happen, but this announcement is just to let you know that this Tuesday’s Show will be a 1 hour special dedicated to furthering an official investigation into the practices of Mary Kellett.  And in the program (and accompanying article here) you will be told what you can do to help. You won’t be asked for money; just for about five minutes of your time to help stop a prosecutorial tyrant from victimizing more people like Vladek Filler.

As most of you know, I am pretty quick to eschew the practice of shaming anyone into doing anything. Even with that in mind, I have no hesitation to say the following:

This event will separate Men’s Rights Activists from Men’s Rights Audience Members.

We have a chance here to actually do something about misandric tyranny and I cannot urge you strongly enough to pitch in and help us get the job done. And it doesn’t matter where you live, you can help.

I will be joined on the show by two very special guests, and this will be a “no call in” program.  In it, you will hear what you can do and the hair-raising details on why you should.

We have a voice people; let’s shake the rafters with it.

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