Is Croatia the Balkans’ Sweden?

Some of the readers might not even know where Croatia is, although this small country is due to join the EU this summer, and more importantly it is the only country that actually stands a chance to make its capital city, Zagreb, the European capital of Misandry. Croatia, or Hrvatska, is a unitary democratic parliamentary republic in Europe at the crossroads of Central Europe, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean.

The deputy prime minister of this country is Vesna Pusić. This lady has a long history of radical feminist activism starting in 1978 when she was one of the 7 initiators of the infamous movement called “Žena i društvo” (Women and society), a movement that was so radically left wing that even the Marxist government that was in place at that time criticized it. It’s worth mentioning though that Croatia was part of Yugoslavia at that moment.

After the Iron Curtain fell, Yugoslavia dismembered and Croatia became an independent country. At that point, Pusić entered politics. Her biography gives a revealing quote:[2]

I wanted to be consistent with my beliefs and fight for justice in the society. My role model was Savka, I knew that I should follow the example of such a brave woman.

By “Savka”, she means Savka Dabčević-Kučar[3], the 5th prime-minister of the Croatian Yugoslav Unit in late 1960s, an infamous female Communist politician who tried really hard to prevent Croatia from becoming a democratic society after independence.

Her biography reveals another interesting quote[4]:

In her university career she has led or participated in many research projects. In 1978 she was the coordinator of a research project on the prevailing political, religious, family and work values ​​in Croatia, which later became part of a larger project called The New Agenda for a New Democracy.

After reading this quotation, it becomes very unclear whether this is the biography of a Croatian Marxist-Feminist politician, or the biography of Herbet Marcuse, the Marxist theoretician that made feminism and political correctness known in the West back in the 1960s.

Although Vesna Pusić is pulling the strings, and her agenda and ideology is beyond all doubt a Marxist-feminist one, she is only the tip of the iceberg. The extent of feminist governance in Croatia is even more complex than any ROKS[5] radical could dream to implement in Sweden.

Speaking of ROKS in Sweden, Croatia has its own ROKS which is called B.A.B.E. but, unlike the Swedish ‘sister’ organization, B.A.B.E. has a say in every single lawmaking issue whenever the feminists consider that their dogma is not properly represented in the law.

This is the image on the front page of the B.A.B.E.’s website. And yes, to them, ‘All men are rapists’ is an undeniable truth. But it’s not only their twisted bigoted, beliefs that are the problem. The problem is that they are the ones who get to be consulted in lawmaking, and the national TV program (paid by the taxpayers) is allowing them to have a weekly program and regular occurrences on morning programs. All these on taxpayers’ money.

Moreover, the ‘experts’ from BABE are constantly invited in elementary schools where they get to spew their bigotry in front of impressionable children[6].

But it goes well beyond than spewing some bigotry in schools or on TV.

Roughly 70% of the family courts judges in Croatia are women and it’s almost mandatory, as a family court judge, to take “additional education” classes where ‘experts’ from B.A.B.E. organization come and say to the judges that they should automatically believe any woman divorcee that comes and accuse her former husband of rape. At the same time, the domestic violence social workers are also instructed by B.A.B.E. to push women to accuse their ex-husbands of rape, regardless of whether it happened.

And indeed they do. They do it openly because there is no legal consequence for it. Croatian doctors and social workers have made public appeals against this practice. They have even given it a name – SAID syndrome (Sex Allegations In Divorce). This happened after the proportion of false allegations reached an all-time record of 89%[7]. Yes, that’s right! Roughly 9 out of 10 rape and domestic abuse allegations in Croatia turn out to be false reports.

From January 1 2013, the Criminal Code of Croatia has been changed. First, they made female circumcision illegal[8]. Of course, there was not a single case in Croatia of a woman or a girl being circumcised and, of course, male circumcision is still under the ‘religious freedoms’ provisions. So Croatia now joins the huge club of countries and nations where everyone is entitled to their own body integrity, except for boys.

Now, an article in the Croatian media says that “sex without consent is now criminal offence,” which does not sound bad. However, a few lines down the article, Marijan Mrčela, a judge in the Supreme court in Croatia says the following:

This law wants to stress that any use of force or threat also means absence of consent, and it is not necessary that the victim has been resisting. A person who is accused may try to prove that consent existed, but the burden of proof in on that person [the accused]. The prosecutor has to prove that sexual act existed, and the accused person has to prove that consent existed.

And there goes the presumption of innocence. Remember: this is the official interpretation of a Supreme Court judge. Other judges have stated off the record (according to the article in Vecernji) that this law literally means that you need to have a written contract with your wife (with witnesses) before having sex with her in order to avoid ending up in jail.

This judge was kind enough to warn everyone because the law methodology contains such a sophisticated encrypted language that makes it impossible for the average person to understand it. Just like in Romania, where they have a law that is virtually indistinguishable from VAWA, but it’s formulated in such an encrypted language that it becomes incomprehensible.

There is currently a “debate” in Croatia with regard to introducing sexual education classes in schools based on the Swedish model. I say “debate” because there is no debate. The feminists state their wishes and then don’t address any counterpoints. Then the government concludes that the debate is over and it was won by the feminists. That’s how things work in Croatia in 2013.

So basically, soon enough, we will have ‘All men are rapists and all women are oppressed victims’ being taught to 10 year olds in all Croatian schools.

Moreover, Croatia has two highly expensive feminist-driven government bureaucracies dealing with ‘gender equality’.

The first one is Pravobranitelj za Ravnopravnost Spolova(PRS)[9] or, the Public Defender for Gender Equality (literally: Ombudsperson for Gender Equality). This organization has roughly 150 highly paid government employees of which 87% are women. One of their goals is to push legislation that would force private companies to have a ‘gender quota’ in their boardrooms. They also want a similar law when it comes to the Parliament seats.

Someone asked them: Well, you want gender quotas and ‘gender equality’, right? Then how come almost 90% of your employees are female? How’s that for ‘gender equality’?

Their answer was:

It’s not our fault that women have better resumes

Well, of course it’s not their fault, but it’s also not men’s fault that men get elected more often in the parliament or that men tend to create more companies and be in the boardrooms more often. This organization is impressing through its sheer hypocrisy and stupidity. That alone deserves a separate story.

The second feminist-driven taxpayers funded government bureaucracy in Croatia is Ured za Ravnopravnost Spolova(URS)[10] or the Office for Gender Equality. In URS, there is no man working there. I guess ‘gender equality’ means 100% women for this Croatian government bureaucracy.

One of the employees from URS stated on the national television answering the question: “How many men work in your office?” the following:

None. But we would really want to have one to fight for women’s rights

So, they would really like one – but not to fight for gender equality – but for women’s rights, because men’s rights aren’t relevant in Croatia.

As we speak, URS is counting male and female names in the media and in the streets that are named after people. While hundreds of innocent men are being thrown into jail due to feminist-driven false allegations, the Office for ‘Gender Equality’ is counting the streets that are named after women.

At this point, the Croatian banks are giving interest-free loans to the businesses owned by women. Of course, there is no such thing as loans without interest – so the State is using the taxpayers’ money to pay for the business loans. Because of this, Croatia has had an explosion in businesses like cookie manufacturing, wedding organizers and flower shops while Croatian heavy industry is crumbling. Factories are being forced offline as companies go bankrupt or move to Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria or Romania – countries that are nearby and don’t have to face disloyal competition from the State.

Croatia has the highest percentage of women being deployed to war zones from the entire NATO alliance, although women are subjected to lower standards than men (while being paid the same). Of course, 100% of the Croatian military personnel that died in the Croatian war of independence were so far men. But this doesn’t seem to matter for the countless offices and ombudspersons for ‘gender equality’ in Croatia.

The Croatian government is currently “debating” a new initiative which provides that all women who have been raped in war receive monetary compensation. Of course, the majority of military people being raped and tortured in war are men, but why on Earth would the feminist deputy prime minister of Croatia care about that?

On January 13 2013, Milanka Opačić[11], the other deputy prime-minister who is also the Minister for Social Welfare and Youth said the following[12]:

It’s better to make a false rape or domestic violence allegation than to make none

To me, this is an open admission that misandry is the state policy when it comes to rape and domestic violence in Croatia. But if you read a bit further between the lines, it’s the old Communist saying that governed Eastern Europe until early 1990s: ‘The end justifies the means’ or, to put into context, “it’s better to have both innocent and guilty people in jail, than have nobody in jail”.

So yes, for Croatian top politicians like Milanka Opačić or Vesna Pusić, the question of guilt in DV or rape cases is of little importance as long as men keep piling up in Croatian jails. It serves the narrative of eternal female victimhood, a narrative that’s being reinforced constantly by the Croatian media.

The Croatian national TV program runs stories at least twice a week about how the Swedish model of ‘gender equality’ is the best in the world and how those that oppose the model are just a bunch of evil, rape apologist, patriarchal bigots.

So, is Croatia the Balkans’ Sweden? Maybe. Although I’m an atheist, I say: “May God have mercy on Croatian men”.

There is little to no hope in Croatia at this point since Socijaldemokratska Partija Hrvatske (the Social-Democratic Party – emerged directly from the League of Communists of Croatia[13]) and has seized power. This summer Croatia will join the EU which comes with even more feminist-driven policies[14].

The people’s attitude towards the non-feminist discourse varies between “Man up!” and “Yes, you’re right – I knew that the Jewish conspiracy to bring the New World Order was true!” Sane attitudes cannot reach any person who happens to care about men and boys . With prevailing beliefs, there’s basically little hope for the situation to change any time soon.

Special thanks to the Croatian MRA who wishes to remain anonymous and who has helped with most of the documentation and with some of the translations.




[4] op cit











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