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What follows below was in my inbox this morning.



Shhh… We’re not allowed to talk about it.

The new Internet Blacklist Bill the Protect IP act [COICA 2.0] shows so little regard for free speech and Internet freedom that it would actually ban people from having serious conversations about the new Internet Blacklist Bill the Protect IP act [COICA 2.0].

Please help us fight this legislation, which is far worse than the first Internet Blacklist Bill, by forwarding our petition to your friends.  You can use these links, or cut and paste the email at bottom.

If you’re already on Facebook, click here to share with your friends. If you’re already on Twitter, click here to tweet about the campaign: Tweet

The bill would block “information location tools” from pointing to sites suspected of piracy. So that means that we couldn’t send you an email just like this one with links to the websites that were being prosecuted. It’s not an exaggeration for CNET’s headline to shout, “Senate bill amounts to death penalty for websites.”

They say the draft bill “would certainly sweep in Google, Yahoo, and search engines, and may also cover many other Web sites.” Please help us fight the new Internet Blacklist Bill the Protect IP act [COICA 2.0] by using the Facebook and Twitter links above, or by forwarding the email below to your friends. Thanks for standing with us through this fight.

Will you click here to urge Congress to oppose the ridiculous, obscene, draconian, PROTECT-IP Act?




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