Attila Vinczer files suit against Carol Taggio, Dameian Muirhead, Janet MacMillan & More

AVfM Canadian Activism director Attila Vinczer is going on all-out offensive against local police and school authorities in defense of his son. His video and notes on same are below, expect a fuller article on the matter within the next couple of weeks. You can subscribe to Attila Vinczer in the meantime:

Video notes:

Carol Taggio – school principal, Police Constable Dameian Muirhead badge No, 1618, Janet MacMillan – vice principal, Have collectively severely harmed my son Steven when he was barely 12 years old. Carol Taggio fabricated evidence and provided misleading information to police that began a chain of events leading to Steven being arrested. The incident was about a door that swung open and touched another child on the head. Carol Taggio failed to mention in her notes that this child’s sister had moments earlier choked him at school making him distressed and hypersensitive. The parents of the child admitted to us at school that their son often over reacts.

Carol Taggio made up a lie that my son caused another child to have severe head injury and a goose egg on his head. She in writing insisted the mother take the child to the Hospital where the doctors found not even a bruise and certainly no bump on the child’s head. In fact the medical report stated there was nothing wrong with the child.

I gave Carol Taggio a chance to clear up her lies at a Board Meeting appealing Steven’s 20 day suspension. Instead of clearing up her lies, she continued to lie even more. Carol Taggio, after this meeting went ahead and privately attempted to fish for anything from my son to use against me and to deflect attention from her malicious mischief.

She asked Steven; “You don’t really get along with your dad, do you? Reason you were late getting home a couple of times is you don’t really want to go home to you dad, do you? You did not want to go to your appeal hearing, did you? Your dad just dragged you out there, didn’t he? My son was smart enough not to fall for this ploy and refused to answer any of her leading questions. He just said, “I love my dad!”

Janet MacMillan, lied to CAS (Children’s Aid Society) and the police that my son had cut another child with a pair of scissors. The CAS worker did a good job catching Janet MacMillan in her lie. Janet MacMillan called the police. The mother of the alleged victim told me that the school heavily pressured her to have my son charged. She was very uncomfortable with that and did not want to destroy my son. Consequently the Detectives closed the file.

For example, it is ironic how you can see Janet MacMillan at 1:29 hugging another woman, while I was called into the office about my son hugging his girl friend as they boarded the school bus. I was told that NO hugging is permitted at school.

Dameian Muirhead was called to the first event. He deferred the matter to CRP (Community Referral Program) where young children can do community service instead of going through Criminal Court defending against charges. I thought, it would be a good life lesson for my son to see how serious a Criminal Code violation can be. I only agreed to this program on a without prejudice basis, as I did not believe my son committed any crime.

Staff Sargent Detective Krista Kempster decided to order my son charged as a result of my inquiries about the CRP program. They wanted to psychologically assess my son for violent and aggressive behavioural tendency. I asked who would undertake this assessment and what their policy was. The women who attempted to answer me seemed very nervous, nebulous and hesitant to answer my warranted questions.

Dameian Muirhead attended my home and arrested my then 12 year old son Steven. We had to walk to the police station, where my son’s legs buckled under the stress. I had to stop and thought I would need to carry him. Steven believed he was going to jail. At the police station, I vehemently argued my case pleading that Dameian Muirhead use his discretionary power and not lay the charge against my son. The Staff Sargent said NO, we have been ordered to arrest and charge your son. Dameian Muirhead then said, “Steven sign this document or you go to JAIL!!!”

Children, especially boys are under attack at schools. Policy designed to protect children, is now harming them. School Boards have gone over the top. Police are called for non police matters. Children, usually boys, as young as five are labelled as sexual predators for innocently kissing a girl on the cheek. Schools are failing to provide a safe environment for children to learn, play and socialize. Schools have become increasingly inhospitable for boys.

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