The recent agitprop attack by Tory Shepherd against the Male Studies initiative at the University of South Australia might have discouraged some of us around here. That is, if we weren’t so fucking good at what we do.

And what do we do? Well, among many other things we make sure that an ever growing percentage of the population gets to hear a rational and exceptionally well-articulated response to 50 years of feminist lies, disinformation and narcissistic delusions. We produce bricks of logic, throw them at feminism’s glass house and then get a chuckle out of watching them walk barefoot though the shards trying to create more lies to explain what just happened.

In 2014 we are taking that to another level entirely, and it starts with Sweden.

If you have been watching the news and bulletins here for the past two days, you have seen more than one reference to the launch of AVFM Sverige (Sweden), the first, and one of the most incredibly important, of the new official regional AVFM Websites on the AVFM Voices Network.

Unfortunately, I was very busy with the Flood of bullshit lies being posted in Adelaide Now, and did not have the hours in the day to attend to this historic launch for AVFM, and for the Men’s Human Rights Movement. Better late than never, as they say.

Folks, AVFM Sverige is a really, really big deal. It is a pivotal moment for all of us. It is, I am going to openly wager, the next big thing for the MHRM in 2014.

AVFM Sverige is being handled by a team of activists, headed by William Andersson. William is hard core red pill, pure FTSU, and he means business. While there are still some organizational matters to be tinkered with and refined, the basics are set in place. Soon, AVFM Sverige will be doing for Sweden, in the Swedish language, what the AVFM main site has been doing on an international level; which is to say they will be kicking ass and taking names in that country.

Can you think of anywhere else that needs it more or where the effect would be more profound for the men’s movement? Sweden is ground zero in many ways, and we just dropped a bomb in it.

I want all AVFM readers, and the entire team at AVFM Sverige to know, that we have you covered. Sweden is one of those countries that gets kinda funny with blogging; what is said; who says it and how they say it. There is even a government permit required to go online and express your opinions through a website.

Oops. Too bad, fair Sverige, AVFM is not the property of — nor does it require the approval or permission of — the Swedish government to operate on a global basis. Any attempt to intervene in that will be met with yawns, giggles, and a brick wall.

AVFM Sverige is here to stay. And the issues facing men and boys in Sweden, a country now under fascist feminist governance, are going to be brought to the Swedish people, as well as everyone else in the world.

The problem of modern tyranny is that it has been protected by public support. The brainwashed masses, robbed of true history, misled with false information and propaganda, and shamed into compliance have abetted and enabled insane policies and outright oppression to occur, under the false belief that it furthered and enhanced the civil rights of a class of people who were never disadvantaged to begin with.

In order to correct that problem, the public will have to be educated out of it. That is what AVFM has been doing on a global level for five years, and that is what AVFM Sverige will be doing in the days ahead, right in the heart of the fascist, feminist beast.

There are other countries, and even individual US States on the way as well, all taking the global message, tailoring it for local consumption, and bringing more enlightened people into the fold as they go.

Please join me in thanking and celebrating William Andersson and the other brave human beings of AVFM Sverige who will be setting an example for all of them.

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