Lights, camera…..

Imagine for a moment that there was going to be a talk hosted at a large, very liberal university that focused on the corruption of scholarship, orthodoxy and politicized groupthink that feminism has fostered in academe.

Imagine that the university this talk would be held in was in fact so liberal, and so pro-feminist that the students there had a history of violence and censorship in association with any attempt to bring the issues of men and boys into heightened awareness.

Indeed, imagine if you can, that such a talk, directly damning to the ideology of feminism was going to be conducted at the University of Toronto, where their notorious Student Union has already fomented violent protests, spread lies and disinformation and even attempted to bring down this website, all in the name of ensuring that nothing other than the feminist narrative was allowed on that school’s campus.

Now imagine that you are not imagining this at all; that it is actually going to happen.

At the University of Toronto on March 7th, CAFE is going to host:

“What’s Wrong With Women’s Studies?
Academic Feminism, Censorship & Men”

featuring Professor Janice Fiamengo.


This is the Facebook event:


In Professing Feminism: Education and Indoctrination in Women’s Studies, Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge present research showing how women’s studies has come to serve a political agenda, leading to deep problems: dubious scholarship, indoctrination, and the alienation of supporters.

Dr. Janice Fiamengo, University of Ottawa English Professor, discusses the problems of academic feminism at Canadian universities: dubious scholarship, indoctrination, dogmatic teaching approaches, limitations on free speech, effects of “equity hiring,” and the consequences for men in the humanities.

Thurs, March 7 at 7:00 PM * McLennan Physical Labs (MP) Rm203. 60 St. George St.; $5 suggested donation.


Oh my.

Now, a couple of questions came to mind as I reviewed this event information. One, have the members of the University of Toronto Student Union learned a single thing from their last, internationally watched demonstration of public stupidity?

Are they going to block doors and destroy property in an effort to once again try to silence the voice of reason from reaching the student body at that school?

Will they send out spokespersons to misrepresent past statements made by the presenters?

Will the professors from the women’s studies department once again send their naïve young charges into possibly ruining their reputations for life, as they did once before?

Or have they learned from their public humiliation when to shut up and get out of the way of free speech?

Incidentally, in case you have been under a rock for several months, here is the kind of conduct that the UTSU brought us the last time anyone dared to challenge feminist dogma on their campus.

UTSU Hate Rally.

I don’t know how these questions will be answered. Time will tell. But I do believe that I can predict one thing that will be happening for sure both inside and outside the event.

The cameras will be rolling.

And AVFM will be ready to do the same.

Addendum: Media coverage has already begun in anticipation of possible hostile actions of the University of Toronto Students Union.

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