McCarley named AVFM Senior Editor

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Suzanne McCarley has been a very active player here at A Voice for Men for quite some time. When I say active, I mean the kind of active that if we had ten more like her it would make the ground shake.

I can’t even think of any of our recent efforts that she has not been involved in to one degree or another, even as he has had to display exemplary patience with me helping her do her work.

During the activism on behalf of Joel Kirk, Suzanne traveled from out of state to West Virginia to post and hand out flyers about Judge Lori Jackson for two days. She has spearheaded email campaigns and collated information for distribution on a lot of our work.

Recently, she offered to be prepared to travel to Dallas, Texas for the upcoming male shame fest sponsored by that city’s mayor and some of their famous jocks so that she could participate in raising awareness that DV was not a sexually based problem.

It seems like everywhere I go, I see her; in the comments of misandric articles; daily on the AVFM Facebook page; in the AVFM Forums.

She has also written for the site, turning in two brutally hard hitting pieces, here and here, each of which spiked traffic to the site and called out the current gender zeitgeist’s hypocrisy in spades.

She has always made herself available to help with any project we have, and I genuinely suspect that she is a racehorse ready to come out of the gates that we have too long held closed.

It is with no reservations and much pleasure that I now officially announce her appointment as a Senior Editor at A Voice for Men. Please join me in welcoming Suzanne McCarley to this position, with all the rights and privileges (OMG, there is that word) that come with it.


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