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AVfM Radio will present a very special program. JtO and I will follow up last week’s show, “What Makes a Man a Man,” with a query into the female psyche, in an episode titled “What Women Want.”

Suffice it to say it will not be your typical, manginosity filled diatribe on pleasing the “fair” sex, but a serious examination of the question that you can only get MRA style.  If you liked the last show, you are going to love this one.

But we are not stopping there.  Also joining us on the show will be Tom Martin, the former London School of Economics student who is now litigating against that university, claiming that the institution practices sexual discrimination in its gender studies program. (Tip of the hat to Jeremiah)

Martin’s suit was “covered,” by The Guardian with an ambush article, full of hollow critique, feminist dogma and condescension, by Jonathan Dean. Martin was, however, allowed to present a response to that article himself, in which I might add he used a THM video as a source for citing the gender bias in the approach to domestic violence (Thanks in part to his use of the video, it has just topped 100,000 views).

Mr. Martin will be interviewed live on the show and will be available to field your questions when you call in to the show at 310-388-9709.

Be sure to join is for what will clearly be one of our most interesting shows. This is one you don’t want to miss.



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