Tomorrow: The Beginning of the End for Mary Kellett’s Witch Hunt

Over the course of the past few days I have been made privy to a very large collection of information related to the Vladek Filler case and prosecutor Mary Kellett.  This information includes many court documents, rulings, a lengthy legal complaint against Kellett and even email communications relevant to the case.

That being said, let me share with you what we know to be true in this case, all of it documented. None of the following is assumption or conjecture, but actual proven events.

During the divorce proceedings between Vladek and Ligia Filler, Ligia Filler made an allegation of rape against her husband.

Mary Kellett, the Bar Harbor, Maine prosecutor decided to pursue the case, with absolutely no forensic evidence; solely on the allegation of the alleged victim. During that prosecution Kellett knew the following:

The couple was in a bitter divorce and child custody was being contested.

Ligia Filler was a known liar, having made previous abuse allegations about her husband that were proven to be false.

Ligia Filler was a known violent criminal with history of violence toward others.

Ligia Filler was physically abusive to her husband and her children.

Ligia Filler had a history of psychiatric problems.

Vladek Filler had sought, on multiple occasions, protection and relief for himself and his children from local authorities and was ignored.

Even after a first conviction for rape against Mr. Filler, state authorities determined that he was the person who would best serve the interest of the child and he was awarded custody.

Again, all of this is information that Kellett was aware of.

Normally, we might say that Kellett knew this information, or should have known, but in this case we do not need to qualify things by saying she should have known.

Why? Because this is precisely the information that she intentionally acted to keep from being placed into evidence at Mr. Filler’s rape trial.

Yes, Mary Kellett knew all of the above information and intentionally kept it out of evidence in order to secure a conviction on nothing more than the accusation of a rape by a known liar with a history of emotional instability and criminal violence.

Also known is that The Supreme Court of the State of Maine reviewed this case and in a very rare action overturned the conviction due to prosecutorial misconduct on the part of Mary Kellett.

And the last known fact is that Mary Kellett is coming at Mr. Filler again, after her actions have bankrupted him and destroyed much of his life.

The only speculations here are her motives.  Is it a “no drop” ploy, with Kellett mindlessly bent on a conviction regardless of the facts at hand?  Is it misandry? After all she has a highly suspect record of actions against men as a prosecutor.  Is it politics?  Is Kellett’s reported ambition to take over her bosses job as the District Attorney influencing her actions, making her seek to promote a tough “law and order” image, putting notches on her belt for the sake of public relations?

The answer to all these, I’m afraid, is another question.

Why should anyone give a damn what her reasons are?

Indeed I don’t.  The only thing that interests me is stopping her.

24 hours from now, here and on A Voice for Men Radio, you are going to find out how we can do it.

It is time to put the prosecutor on trial, and to make her pay for her crimes.

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