We are aware that there are many significant abuses of men happening in India, and that there is an emerging and rather robust movement there trying to address problems. One of the most egregious of those problems is misuse of section 498a of the Indian Penal Code, which has led to the imprisonment of innocent men, their families and friends, based on false accusations from wives of the accused.
AVfM has done several pieces on the problems with misandry in that country, from women’s and police brutality against men for attempting to board “woman only” train cars. We covered one story in which a man was actually thrown off a train car while it was moving, resulting in serious injuries.
We have even seen a story in the Indian press about a politician offering a bounty for women to publicly beat and humiliate husbands who they allege have abused them, or if they think he drinks too much, with escalating payments. More of a beating, more physical damage, means more money.
While we cover a lot about events in harshly misandric countries like Sweden and Australia, it may be that India is the most virulently anti-male country on the planet. It makes sense in a way. The more a culture embraces special treatment of women, the more draconian they invariably become against men.
Unfortunately, there is a naturally occurring gulf between the cultures of the east and west. We still contend with an information barrier that we do not face between western nations.  Simply resigning ourselves to that is not an option.
AVfM has been fortunate to have men like Robert O’ Hara, Greg Canning and Lucian Vâlsan, news correspondents for the U.S., Australia and Europe respectively. They have helped us shrink our world and build lasting bridges between different cultures, all facing the same problems with misandry.
In that spirit I would like to extend a hand of friendship and a request to the men and women of India who are watching the legal system there attack men and erode Indian families. Please step forward and help us tell the world.
I think it will benefit us all if we have a correspondent from your nation that could bring us reports and updates on events there that we all share concerns about. We here in the west need to pay attention to what is happening in India, and raise as much awareness as possible.
If you would like to help with this, please contact me at paul@avoiceformen.com, and let’s get started.
Thank you.

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