MRA protests prompt Highest Court of India to overturn provisions of VAWA

In a landmark judgement Indian Supreme Court struck down the automatic arrest provision of its Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and went on to order future action or punishment against Police officials and lower court judges, who violate its order and indulge in automatic arrests of accused men. This is historic, though MRAs want punishment and jail terms for women who lie and make false allegations against their husbands (link).

The Supreme Court yesterday laid down new directions making police officers and judicial magistrates liable for departmental action and contempt proceedings for making “scurrilous” arrests and ordering “routine” detention under Section 498A of the IPC or under Section 4 of the Dowry Prohibition Act.

The order said,“The fact that Section 498-A is a cognizable and non-bailable offence has lent it a dubious place of pride amongst the provisions that are used as weapons rather than shield by disgruntled wives. The simplest way to harass is to get the husband and his relatives arrested under this provision.”

In last 24 hours, MRAs of various Indian Men’s Rights Organisations have participated in more than 10 TV debates.

The Background:

India has two domestic violence laws and both are only meant for women. Feminists say, “there is no need for any protection for male victims of DV.” The first criminal law against domestic violence called “Section 498a” was enacted in 1983. If a wife complains of physical and mental harassment by husband, his parents and his sibling, then under this law all the accused are presumed guilty until proven innocent and they are automatically arrested without evidences or investigations by police and sent to prison. The accused often remained in prison until their relatives and lawyers secured bail.

Over years this law has become a weapon in the hands of wives, who extort huge sums of money and property from the husband and his parents. If the husband does not agree to give in to extortionist demands of wife during separation, then she and her lawyers attack him with multiple false cases of domestic violence hoping that fear of arrest or a prolonged costly legal battle will make the man to pay up, getting bankrupt in the process.

According to India’s Home Ministry, in last 10 years, more than 300,000 women and 800,000 men were arrested under this law. The women are female relatives of men. Feminists, who claim to be so sympathetic to men and women, vehemently opposed any amendments to this law.  In fact, when some judges warned about misuse of this law by women, feminists protested outside their courts and sometimes even ransacked the courts. That was before MRAs came into the scene.

In 2005, India’s highest court, the Supreme Court at New Delhi warned of legal terrorism if misuse of this law is stopped. Many MRAs testified in Indian Parliamentary committee hearing to dilute the law and to punish women who file false complaints.

Feminist Rumor Mills:

It is to be noted that the feminist evil empire is too good at manufacturing fake statistics about condition of women in West. However, when its an alien culture located at a geographic distance, they efficiently use cultural, religious differences or even some xenophobia to propagate their lies. This is pathetic. It is a fact that most people in any society are likely to dislike or distrust any foreign culture. Feminists did not leave any stone unturned to continue their anti-male hate agenda across the world. Their leaders met at Beijing in 1995, where Hillary declared, “Women’s rights are human rights; and Human Rights are Women’s Rights”. Naturally men have no place in the human rights dictionary of feminism. After Beijing-95, they used UN CEDAW to push for UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to extend the reach of their empire across the world.

Feminists unlike men do not recognize national borders. Feminism is a monolithic radical religion with a firm belief system, which issues fatwas and even death threats for any dissent or criticism.

Global feminist sisterhood claimed that 25,000 women are murdered by their husbands and their parents every year in India. Media picked up this nonsense. Oprah declared Bangalore as “Bride Burning Capital” of India. All these statistics were manufactured. Media is in any case focused on bad news and when a country is huge with 1.3 billion people, it generates bad news at a much faster rate. What western media failed miserably to mention is, the much lower suicide and murder rates of women in India. If women in India are really subjugated, then how come the suicide and murder rates of women in India are lesser than in many western countries? Often feminists generalized poverty related issues into feminist causes and hijacked funds meant for human rights, starving children and poor for feminist causes. The funds of Oxfam, UNICEF and ActionAID ended up with feminist ideologues and they continued their “patriarchy is evil” narrative, by which they basically meant, “men are evil”.

Feminist Extortion Industry:

In India, the feminists expect men to take care of women financially. That means, feminists want men to buy divorce by paying a huge sums of money to their wives. Often they insist the man’s parents to pay, because they claim it is the duty of the man and his parents to take financial responsibility of the woman.

Recently, feminists got a bill in parliament in which they insisted that if a marriage breaks, court must order the husband to give the wife half of his property inherited or acquired before or during marriage, while the wife gets to keep her property as individual property. Please note this in the background context that 30% of Engineers in India are women.

So, a woman uses these one-sided alimony laws and also multiple false DV cases to financially and mentally ruin a guy and then they turn up at International forums with sob stories.

Truth about Dowry Murders:

Feminists forced Indian Govt to classify any suicides of a woman within 7 years of her marriage as dowry death, if her parents complain. Then, Feminists claimed in the media that husbands are killing their wives for dowry by showcasing this suicide statistic as spousal homicide statistic. Media choose to forget the huge difference between committing suicide and getting murdered. So, 8000 suicides of women in a year are now classified by media as murders by husbands. I can not blame media because the IQ of most journalists is very low in any case and I can only pity these journalists for their pathetic lack of intelligence.

You will find articles in western media like BBC or WSJ that every year 8000 women in India are killed for dowry. The reality is most of these deaths are suicides of women who suffer from mental health ailments. India is one rare country in the world, which punishes men for suicides of their wives and girlfriends. Even here no evidences are needed. A dead woman means jailing of husband and his parents or 6 months to  a year. A man goes through hell because he ended up marrying a schizophrenic or bipolar woman. There are Indian MRAs who went to prison after suicides of their wives and the courts found them not guilty after couple of years.

Impact of Global Feminism on India:

Feminists in West convinced the Governments for making radical feminism as a part of foreign policy. If a country wanted to do business with USA, then they are forced to implement dictates of feminist policy makers inside US Govt. The childish foreign policy novices in USA never bothered to see issues of the foreign cultures holistically and they trusted feminists blindly. US directly funded feminists who worked for sustaining “section 498a” in India keeping a blind eye to large scale human rights violations.

In short, US tax payer’s money was used to fund human rights violations in India.

So, the directive of India’s Supreme Court against false domestic violence cases is a slap on the face of global feminist establishment. I am sure, they will soon convene a special session of UN CEDAW somewhere in Europe and many Western Feminists will try to arm twist Indian Govt manipulating paranoid alpha males running Governments.

MRA Street Protests:

When Indian MRAs started protesting against arrests of innocent men and their parents under section 498a in 2005, feminists hoped that MRA organisations will vanish in a year or two. However, when it did not happen, they started to learn to live with existence of MRAs and worked in the background using their influence inside parliament and their foreign funded NGOs. However, MRAs reached out to parliament members as well. So, their evil empire of lies started crumbling. So, the parliament and judiciary started openly speaking about false complaints by women.

MRAs Protest:

MRAs shout, “Men’s Rights are Human Rights” at Mumbai Marathon:

At New Delhi, MRA’s protest against proposed law to give husbands property to wife:

MRAs Protest at Bangalore:




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10) Feminist takeover of UN is an issue of National Security (link)

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