Marissa Mayer – this is what a feminist should look like

Marissa Mayer, president and CEO of Yahoo! and former collaborator of Google, is one of the most prestigious women working in the field of IT. In her youth, Mayer took piano and ballet lessons, she was on her highschool’s curling team and precision dance team and she excelled in chemistry, calculus, biology and physics. She studied symbolic systems at Stanford University, where she engaged in multiple philanthropic activities. She got her bachelor’s and her master’s degrees in artificial intelligence. After graduating, she was hired by Google, becoming their first female engineer. Her career skyrocketed from that point and now she is CEO at Yahoo!, having acquired Tumblr and making Yahoo!’s stock price double just 14 months after her appointment.

By all measures, Mayer is what feminists call a successful and independent businesswoman, right? Well, wrong! In the eyes of feminists, Mayer and other women like her are their own version of heretics. Or infidels. Why? Let’s find out!

As you might have noticed in the articles linked above, if you are a successful woman, feminists claim that you have to unquestionably give praise to feminism for allowing you to live in a society where you can obtain such prestige. Who you are or what you’ve accomplished in your life is irrelevant. You do not have the right to take pride with your own work. You are not really free. You are just free to obey your feminist masters. And everybody knows that the first virtue of a slave is to give grace to his master for everything that he possesses, because he would be nothing and have nothing without his master’s benevolence. Basically, these feminist writers claimed proprietary ownership of Mayer and her work.

And here is another pearl that you will find on the first Google search page for Mayer: “Marissa Mayer not feminist”. At the end of the article, Mandi Woodruff mentioned the myth of the wage gap. The wage gap has been repeatedly debunked in  various studies and by people who refuse to swallow feminist propaganda. Yet, third wave feminists still insist that women need to get under the banner of the fisted vagina and fight along with their sisters in the righteous crusade to repel the vile MEN from dominating the workforce.

After all, these “successful” feminists have to somehow justify all the privileges they receive from society. All the government handouts, funding and support. All the taxpayer monies stolen from the pockets of proper, law-abiding citizens to fund a feminist dystopia. The biggest enemies of feminism are these “heretics” that want to be free from feminism and have their own conversation about gender equality. Only feminists have the right to do so!

What feminists up to date fail to understand is that only petty people concern themselves with the beliefs or background of a hard-working, successful person. Normal people only care if you are a doer or a don’ter, a go getter or a stand receiver, a diligent person or a slothful one. Ambitious people who make things happen will always be admired and respected, while people receiving unjustified handouts will always be looked down upon by their fellow man.

Of course the feminist overlord will hate seeing her would-be slaves able to stand on their own two feet. Feminists would degrade us and drag us all into the dirt, where they feel comfortable. I believe it to be high past time humanity evolved beyond the phase it was in during the Trial of Rouen. Let’s make it so!


[Author bio translation: Ciprian Azoiței is a law student in Bucharest, an amateur philosopher and writer and a staunch anti-communist. He loves progress, despises stupidity and takes a dim view of the people practicing it. That’s where he got his contempt for communism.]

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