Julia Gillard, feminist hatemonger: YOU'RE FIRED!!

Jim Muldoon, and quite a few other Australians, are going to be surprised. Pleasantly, we think.
News is breaking this morning (late evening Australian time) that Australia’s ruling Labor Party has had a leadership challenge in the lead-up to September’s elections and in a fairly rare move in Australian politics, the Prime Minister has been informed that she is no longer Prime Minister by her own party.
Although the news is still breaking and reports are not detailed, you will no doubt find updates on why this professional misandrist, Emily’s List puppet and propagandist extraordinaire was given the boot flooding the newswires in the days ahead.
There will likely be a great deal of speculation (and more than a bit of whining) about her ouster. Copious palaver and babble about her being a victim of misogyny are all but assured. In fact, we would be very surprised if Skype pings aren’t already sounding little like popcorn machines for the writers of Jezebel and the once relevant feministing.com. Gillard’s shit-canning comes just on the heels of her driving male votes away in droves with a week of intense finger-pointing and  doing what feminists do best – calling anyone who disagrees with them a misogynist.
Let us repeat that again, just because it sounds so good. and because it is IMPORTANT. Julia Gillard, Australia’s first female prime minister, alienates male voters with large doses of feminist victim-speak and man-blaming, and then finds herself out on her ass after a significant drop in support from male voters.
American, Canadian, European men, are we learning something here?
While her ouster is a complicated matter that even involves some measure of political revenge, the connection to a decreasing tolerance for feminist dogma is all but certain.
Nielsen pollster John Stirton as much as said the male-bashing had put a real dent in Gillard’s support among men, and he recognizes this as something new on the political landscape.
“It is something I haven’t really seen before – one gender has broken against Labor quite dramatically,” he told ABC Radio, adding, “I am assuming the events of last week have something to do with that – the various gender speeches, accusations of misogyny, the menus and all that sort of thing have played out negatively among men.”
Stirton’s reference to “the menus” refers to a Liberal party fundraiser that featured a mock menu which joked about Ms Gillard’s “small breasts” and “huge thighs.”
Dean Esmay’s recent interview with Australia’s legendary Barry Williams, recorded and placed on YouTube a couple of weeks ago and scheduled for posting later today, may provide insights into some of what happened. Gillard’s government has been notorious for refusing to even listen to or meet with Australia’s only registered family law lobbyist who speaks to men’s issues, and her government has been directly responsible for the brutal incarceration and deaths of countless men, as Williams noted.
At press we talked to Williams, and he tells us this is great news for Australian fathers. The Gillard government has been simply horrible for Australian fathers and while he has no confidence that Rudd will be a lot better he hopes this will help him in upcoming meetings he has with the Australian judiciary. He is also convinced that if there is a victory by the Liberal Party in September he will be able to push through major improvements for fathers and families against ideological feminist governance.
Whatever the dynamics are behind this story and no matter what the future impact on Australian politics may be, the fact that is an anti-misandric political first is worth our careful attention. We are not rolling out the “mission accomplished” banner just yet, but it is a start.
We would also like to end this with a simple and sincere message for the departed Gillard.

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