Fuck you, Judith Grossman

[quote]I am a feminist. I have marched at the barricades, subscribed to Ms. Magazine, and knocked on many a door in support of progressive candidates committed to women’s rights. ~ Judith Grossman, Wall Street Journal, 04/16/2013[/quote]

The above quote contains the opening lines of a current Wall Street Journal article titled, Judith Grossman: A Mother, a Feminist, Aghast. They are the last positive things she had to say about feminism.

The rest of the article was dedicated to how her son, who she understandably did not mention by name, was railroaded by his liberal arts college in New England on the basis of a sexual assault allegation that his former girlfriend decided to report years after it allegedly happened.

Grossman details what happened to him with appropriate outrage. She tells us his story, which begins with him sending her a panicked text message, and walks us through how the school made a mockery of due process and the presumption of innocence. She even refers us to Title IX and alludes to the “Dear Colleague” directive from the Obama Administration, which instructs schools to reduce the standard of proof in sexual assault cases from the time honored standard of “reasonable doubt,” to the much more lax and slippery “preponderance of evidence.”

She complains that there was no evidence against her son at all, save the word of his ex-girlfriend. She even asks a question aloud, as though no one before her ever bothered to ask it:

Who knew that American college students are required to surrender the Bill of Rights at the campus gates?

She closes her article, which simmered and  seethed from start to finish, in a state of bewilderment, lamenting that the pursuit of women’s rights combined with politically motivated government policy is turning our schools into a “snake pit of injustice.”

That is a very strong condemnation – coming from a fucking snake.

Judith Grossman is just now finding out about one, and just one, of the many tertiary stage products of a narcissistic ideology that has run amok with her blind enabling for her entire adult life. She, rather her son, is paying the price for a half century of hatred disguised as women’s rights advocacy, and so suddenly she is filled with indignation and outrage. She wonders aloud how all this could have happened. She wonders what possibly have gone so wrong, right under her nose.

Fuck you, Judith Grossman. Fuck you right where you stand.

Before being rattled from your solipsistic coma, there were countless other outrages happening to young men in this culture. Did you notice them? Or did you figure it was all a good thing for the sisterhood till your baby boy wound up with his entire future on the line in a system that was designed by those of your ilk to chew him up and spit him out?

Have you noticed the other students, Judith? Or more accurately, have you noticed how many of them are male? Your son is the minority now, as more and more young men are falling from the ranks of education thanks to your feminism.

But I am betting, Judith, that even if you did notice, you did not give a damn. Not as long as YOUR boy was getting HIS degree. Right?

That is the problem with your remarkably successful campaign of wanton self-interest. It feels great until the bill comes due. Unfortunately for your son, Mommy is not the one that has to cough up the tab.

He is. And the world you built is not done with him yet.

I take that he is not married, yet. Chances are he will be, and if that is the case you, no, he, will also get another dose of your medicine if and when he ends up in a family court, stripped of his rights and under an ax that will make his school’s “honor” court look like a vacation in the Bahamas.

He will have you to thank for it, just like so many other sons of single mothers and feminists who have exploited chivalry and pushed for misandric treatment of men in the judicial system.

And if it happens; if they take his home, his children, his income, his freedom and leave him to an impoverished life, as they have so many other sons of women like you, you will be back at WSJ, moaning and gnashing teeth and shouting into a compassionless void about what has happened to your son.

No one will care, Judith. The world will grease its gears with his guts and keep on humming along, like he was never even there.

Your only hope now, if it is indeed not too late, is to vociferously reject the ideology you embraced as long as it served your selfish needs. Your only redemption is to attack it with all the might you have at your disposal, and shine the light on every hypocrisy you have ever fostered, every lie you have ever told and every self-serving agenda you once lauded as the answer for humanity. And you need to do it till your dying breath.

I get the distinct feeling that you won’t, however. I think all that has happened here is that you have had your little entitled hissy fit because Junior got bent over by the system you helped push on the world around you.

Once he is in the clear, and the pieces of his nearly destroyed life have been put back together, I am thinking you will have your unseeing eyes right back on the pages of Ms. Magazine, spending the remainder of your disgust on “patriarchy” or bemoaning a fabricated “rape culture,” and ignoring the rape hysteria that almost put an end to your son’s future.

I am betting you will be back to supporting those “progressive candidates” that were the architects of your son’s near destruction.

I could be wrong. It would not be the first or last time. If so, I am sure many people who are actually waking up to the destruction of feminism will be happy to see it. I know I will.

But until then, as I have already said, fuck you.

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