Facebook is feminism's admission of failure

If you criticize feminism, or any of that ideology’s major dogmas, you will be silenced.

That appears to be the message conveyed by the recent campaign to co-opt Facebook’s moderation policies. It is now against Facebook’s community standards to criticize the religion of gender-hatred and violence. The ideology which pretends to humanism, but which is even named by a contraction, using an expression for sexually selective supremacism.
On the largest social networking site in the world, if you criticize feminism, you will be silenced.
This is the work, obviously of more than some small handful of ideologues on the fringe. This is the will of a major segment of public, activist adherents to that ideology.
Many individuals in the non-feminist public have already objected to the imposition of censorship into their communications, their relationships, and their friendships. Their objections are justified and correct. Although critics of social media have appropriately used the term “antisocial media,” it’s also true that social media has become one of the significant environments through which people maintain friendships and relationships. Now, with the advent of overt censorship of any criticism of the popular ideology of gender, the adherents of that violent cult apparently want to do more than just silence any differing point of view. The goal appears to be social isolation for anyone who dares to criticize their ideology.
For the record, that’s an ideology the principal tenets of which are lies and thought-stopping cliches. It’s an ideology built on hatred and violence by proxy, and one which insists that women are inferior–in need of constant propping up, artificial advantage, coddling, and endless condescending affirmation. In fact, it’s an ideology of gender which informs public policies which purposefully ignore peer-reviewed research on domestic violence. Thus, gender-ideologically driven policy opposes Domestic Violence (DV) in its public rhetoric, but maintains the conditions which perpetuate that violence. That’s right, feminist-driven policy on DV purposefully perpetuates domestic violence.
Qui bono? Who benefits?
That’s simple: follow the money.
But what are the adherents of an ideology to do when their claims, dogmas and foundational myths are repeatedly and exhaustively shown to be false? Not just incorrect, but willfully fraudulent? What are such ideologues to do when personal smears against their critics have ever diminishing effect? What do the hard-core proponents of such ideology to do when their own long-standing policy of using ad-hominem attacks and other logical fallacies to marginalize their rational critics is identified in public, and laughed at with deserved and undiluted scorn?
Lacking an evidence-based argument, lacking the ability to formulate a rational defense of feminism’s hatred and violence, publicly exposed in maintenance of naked falsehood and fraud, feminists have abandoned any pretense of credibility or legitimacy. Now it’s just censorship. If you criticize feminism, you will be silenced. And when that fails to work, as it is already failing, there will be direct and brutal violence for those who dare to object. For individuals with the integrity to oppose that cult of hatred and lies, feminism’s only remaining options are enforced silencing, and brutal violence. That’s all the gender ideology of feminism has left. And that won’t work either.

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