Australia launches “The Plan” and the end to civil rights

As chief cook and bottle washer at AVfM I have been in the dubious position of gathering information from across the globe on the negative impact of feminist governance.

Last year we addressed matters like the “Dear Colleague” letter, which effectively ended the right of due process for college men accused of any sort of sexual misconduct. We covered the unthinkable events in India, where men have been assaulted and even thrown from moving trains for daring to set foot in train car reserved for women; where politicians have suggested bounties be paid to women who beat their husbands in public. We exposed circumstances in Sweden, where school children are being indoctrinated into the virulent and hateful ideology of Valerie Solanas.  Just last night we did a radio show as a follow up to Robert O’Hara’s investigative piece on the plan to coerce 28,000,000 African men into being circumcised. And of course there is the ongoing exposure of ideologues at Radfem Hub, a group of well-placed feminists who glorify murder, child abuse, eugenics and infanticide.

It appears now that 2011 was just a warm up for 2012.

Over the next several days you will find a series of articles on this website regarding an assault on human rights that will sweep the Australian continent. The scope of a planned campaign by the Australian government (The National Council’s Plan for Australia to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children, 2009-2021) is so far reaching that presenting it without overwhelming readers has been a significant challenge for myself, Kyle Lovett and John the Other. The sheer volume of the content, as well as the staggering loss of civil rights that Australian men are about to suffer is formidable.

The amount and complexity of the material to come is sufficient that I felt it warranted to prepare you with this article, which in essence is written solely for the purpose of bracing you for the onslaught of information; to, if I may request your indulgence, tell you what you are about to be told.

These machinations have now reached the stage of action, and are about to be implemented. They involve, but are by no means limited, to the following:

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  • The systemic enabling and promotion of child abuse by mothers and other women.
  • The Australian government suppression of research that implicates women as child abusers.
  • The legal redefinition of domestic violence to include acts such as making purchases without consulting your wife, not listening to your wife or even disciplining your dog.
  • The legal redefinition of domestic violence to exclude male victims from that legal definition.
  • Arresting and holding men in prison, without bail, on the accusation alone of domestic violence.
  • Summarily evicting men from their homes while forcing them to maintain financial responsibility for those homes on nothing more than an accusation from their wives or girlfriends.
  • Shifting the burden of proof on domestic violence from the state to the defendant. The accused will be forced to prove he did not commit an act of violence.
  • The legal redefinition of rape, and subsequent shift of the burden of proof onto a defendant to prove the he obtained specific kinds of verbal consent for sex.



These actions are not individual initiatives to change isolated and different laws. They are all part of a package deal referred to as “The Plan.”  It is a far reaching, invasive effort of monumental scope designed to eliminate the civil rights of men and children across the Australian continent, and as you will see in the upcoming articles it is well on its way to becoming reality.

The articles will explain “The Plan” in detail, and show the egregiously corrupt methods that ideologues employed within the Australian government are using in order to pass it all through to law.

For instance, Australian research up to 1997 demonstrated empirically that women, overwhelmingly, are the perpetrators of physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse of children – compared with men.

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After 1997, the Australian government ceased requesting and recording information on the sex of offenders against children in the home, and all the subsequent proposals in “The Plan” run on the assumption that the male is the primary perpetrator.

What you will also learn in the upcoming series of articles is that all of the proposed legislation is specifically gender targeted. The suggested laws will be written with the protection of women and the punishment of men in mind, and will leave scores of abuse victims even more vulnerable than they were before implementation of “The Plan.” This will be particularly true for children who will frequently have the father, their only protector from an abusive mother, removed from the home and incarcerated without bail as the “identified problem.”

What you will also learn is that the suppression and distortion of scientific research so that it appears to support “The Plan,” has reached pervasive levels in Australia.  Such a level of corruption is occurring with complicity and enabling from within the Australian government.

Australia, you will learn, is about to be thrust into the legal Dark Ages, beginning in 2012.

A Voice for Men, I am proud to say, is a very popular website in Australia. It is our hopes that this series of articles will give our friends Down Under something on which to take action with their elected representatives. Perhaps it is not too late to prevent the majority of the damage.

There is some action already. Dr. Greg Canning, an Australian oncologist, has formed an organization to foster an initiative to address these issues.  I am going to close this piece with his announcement, hoping that it reaches the eyes of as many Australian citizens as possible.




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An open letter to all Australian Men’s Advocacy Groups


There exist in Australia many men’s advocacy groups, albeit with differences in focus. This indicates that many men are not being treated fairly in our country that prides itself on providing a fair go for all.

In the lead up to the next federal election, I have a vision, that if all the men’s groups in Australia unite to jointly lobby for men’s issues to be put on the national political agenda, we can make a difference.

To this end I ask all groups to commence a joint dialogue with a view to supporting a delegation to go to Canberra and lobby for change.

The focus of the delegation will be open for discussion, but I believe it should present a small number of broad objectives, which could include:

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  • Establishment of an Office for Men, and Minister for Men as are currently operating for women.
  • A requirement for intellectual honesty and peer review in the data being used to drive social policy for example the “National Plan to reduce violence against women and their children 2010 to 2022”
  • A requirement to address the increasing problem of fatherlessness in Australia, its determinants and consequences.
  • A focus on Male specific health and education issues.



Whilst it is acknowledged there will be philosophical differences amongst the groups, I have little doubt that all would agree with these types of objective.

In the first instance I have commenced a discussion group that can be accessed at

This is a private site and you will need to be invited to join the discussions please email to request access.

Please log on to the blog and in the comments section of the first post introduce yourself and your organisation or group and share your thoughts on forming or joining a “Coalition of Australian Men.”

We can then see where the discussion leads us, but I believe if our joint voices can finally be heard nationally as those of reason and egalitarianism, in the land of the fair go for all, perhaps our sons and daughters will enjoy a brighter future.

Please pass this message onto anyone you believe would be genuinely committed to such a cause.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Greg Canning



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