So long, Led Zeppelin. Hello Jade Michael and the FTSU Crew

You got a belated Christmas present today, and it could not have come at a better time. Jade Michael, artist, professional musician and MRA, founder of Artistry Against Misandry, has taken his talent hammer and given it a mighty swing to our benefit.  He has forged, in the fires of his own passion, the new theme song for AVfM Radio, titled Go My Own Way. It is not to be confused with the similarly titled offering from Fleetwood Mac, Go Your Own Way. No, not in the least.

Jade, with his band, Jade Michael and the FTSU Crew, have produced a veritable anthem for the red pill crowd. It is replete with a great, purist rock sound, a touch of humor, attitude, and a ton of gut level, red pill honesty. Pay close attention to the end for the invocation of Thomas James Ball. He also included a separate monologue that kicks so much ass that we will be playing it next Thursday on the radio program, when Go My Own Way will edge out When the Levee Breaks as our official theme song.

On behalf of all of us, Jade, thank you. And keep doing what you do.

You can download the song free, HERE.


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