Yawning at Hofstra

In what has become a more or less common turn of events, the female Hofstra University student that accused five men, including one classmate, of gang raping her in a school dormitory bathroom has recanted the charges. That’s legal and media speak for admitting she cheapened herself by taking on five men willingly on a men’s room floor and lied about it later out of what little capacity for shame she had.

I suppose, I say yawning, that this is the time for outrage.  And there are plenty of reasons for it, starting with Nassau Police Detective John Allen, commander of the special victims squad.  Allen announced in a press conference that the men had tricked the 18 year old woman into coming to a dorm by taking her cell phone.

“Clearly,” he said, “I think the cell phone was taken to lure her away from the crowd to do her harm.”

And of course, in the Nassau Police Department as in so many others, “Clearly” means she said so.

And next we have Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice.  After releasing four of the men from jail (the fifth was still being hunted down), Rice issued a statement that a criminal investigation would be conducted but that no decision had been made as to whether to file charges against the woman.

Rice already has more evidence of an actual crime committed by the woman than she did against the four men that were incarcerated.  Which is to say that she didn’t have any evidence against them at all save a single allegation.  And she is waiting now for what, the fair application of justice? Due process?  Her next hair appointment?

I guess we can also save some indignation for when, over the next few days, stories of the woman’s mental health issues and other reasons emerge to soften her treatment.  This will happen, regardless of the DA’s decision on whether to prosecute, and it will be used to lessen the consequences, if any, for what the woman did.

After all, we shouldn’t imperil the future of a woman simply for committing a possible felony that lead to the false imprisonment and public humiliation of four innocent men.

And I suppose that there should be some ire directed at the media, who continue to print the names of the men but not their disgraced accuser, hiding the name of the only real criminal in the story.  Her name will come out now, but only after the search engines bring back a few thousand returns on the names of the men.

There should be too, I assume, and yawning again, a fair amount of finger pointing at feminists who pushed for and got these insane rape shield laws, resulting in so many travesties of justice, so many lives ruined.

Truth tell, though, when I read what one of the accused had to say about the matter, I’d rather focus all my anger at him.  In fact, I want to put him back in jail myself and throw away the key.

Upon being released, accused Stalin Felipe had this to say:

“Basically, I have no hard feelings toward her.  I don’t know why she did it.  I don’t know her so I don’t want to say anything bad about her.”

Bottom line is, if this guy wants to give her a pass, why should anyone else give a damn?

And the truth is that this guy is not unlike most men.  Even with their neck planted squarely on the guillotine, if a woman’s hand is on the lever, the last words of men will likely as not be, “I’m sorry if I get your blade bloody.”

Men are, it seems, the greatest masochists of all time.  Whatever you do, don’t get between a man and an opportunity to excuse a woman for whatever harm she causes to others.

You’ll be road kill in a nanosecond.

And that is precisely what men are becoming.  They are like dumb animals that wander onto the super highway of gender politics, unable to grasp the concept of speed and Mac Trucks.  After getting hit, the ones who don’t get squashed flat simply limp off to the shoulder, covering their pain with a smile and saying, “Please, ma’am, may I have another?”

Is this blaming the victim?  You better believe it.  And it is blame they have coming.  Truckloads of it.

I am not going to bother asking. ‘where is the outrage?’  It’s like asking ‘where is the free health care?’  There isn’t much point in pursuing fantasies.  I’ll leave that to police departments and DA’s.  They have become experts at it.

I know that in the minds of many I am supposed to point to the nobility of men’s desires to protect women at all costs.  That is why men continue to remain silent while they are destroyed before each other’s eyes.  Yeah, that’s the ticket, it’s the nobility.

Normally, I’d expect feminists to find a way to mistake cowardice for nobility.  Such delusions seem more their forte. It’s disgusting to see so many men do it.  But such behavior has become part of the modern masculine repertoire.  And frankly I am growing weary of men, myself included, protesting modern affairs as long as we are leaving jails and courtrooms like grinning weasels, wearing our disgraces like badges of honor.

Where are the Duke three?  Why are they not all over this story?  Why aren’t they doing anything to help prevent what happened to them from happening to others?

I’ll tell you where they are.  They are busy being men.  Which is to say that they are doing nothing at best, doing more damage at worst.  It is the same place the Hofstra five will be by early next week.  And with that they will join the legions of men wrongfully accused, falsely imprisoned, publicly humiliated and shamefully silent.

The only way that this is going to change is if some shepherds emerge to protect a flock that is incapable of, and unwilling to, protecting itself.

It is going to be a hard job.  Not only do the sheep need to be protected from the wolves now stalking them, they have the unfortunate tendency to collude with the wolves themselves, to seek their approval and attention, and to extend to them blanket exonerations, even as the wolves size them up and make dinner plans.

The same sheep also have the insane habit of pushing each other into the line of fire whenever they get the chance.  They then stare at the carnage of their dead brothers in front of them, in the words of Don Henley, “uncomprehendingly, like cows at a passing train.”

It reveals a bitter truth that advocating for men is trying to extend the lifespan of lemmings.

And so it isn’t just standing guard for the shepherds, it’s remaining on suicide watch the whole time.  And it explains why so many efforts for men to organize and make things happen result in exactly squat.  It’s easier to heard snakes with a stick.

Better that a few shepherds go wolf hunting on their own than to take the sheep with them, keeping in mind the whole time that the sheep themselves could be sneaking up behind them.

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