Welcome to the Femtriarchy

Patriarchy is real.


That’s right. That thing on which feminists continuously blame all of the world’s problems is real. Except as anyone who speaks up for the rights of men and boys knows, when spoken through the feminist ideology, “patriarchy” is just a not-so-clever smokescreen word for “men.” There was a time when feminists held no fear of this fact, vehemently proclaiming that men were the cause of women’s problems and all of the problems of the world. Men start the wars, men murder, men beat, and men rape. Fathers and their sons and their friends: they’re all just a bunch of “fucking men.” That is what many feminists used to shout with not one worry of who might be listening. There was no worry because there were no repercussions. No social stigma for proclaiming half the human race to be pigs.

Instead society cheered them on. So feminists amped up their hatred unimpeded until finally the fathers, sons, brothers, and uncles who marched alongside these people, believing their goal to be one of equality, grew tired of being told they are a detriment to the human race. Men finally stopped absorbing hateful statements such as “men are pigs” after realizing that their fathers, sons, and brothers weren’t the horrible monsters feminists claimed.

And this is when feminists changed their tactics. To this day, men are still blamed for the problems women face and for the problems of the world by feminists. Yet rarely is the word “men” used within the public sphere. Instead, we are told “patriarchy” is the reason why so many suffer injustice and inequality. When men are blamed, feminists take care not to directly proclaim men as the problem. We are told that “violence against women” is among one of the most pressing issues that need to be addressed (even though men are the majority of victims of violence, but never mind that). But we’re told that there’s violence against women not because of men, oh no, it’s because of “patriarchy” that men beat women.

You see? Feminists don’t blame “men,” they blame “patriarchy.” It’s the fault of “the patriarchy” that men start wars, men murder, men beat, and men rape. “Men aren’t pigs. That’s so second wave.” Instead they say men are just misguided by our “patriarchal” society and need feminism in order to become decent human beings.

With all of the sarcastic ridiculing of a feminist theory that I obviously feel when I do my music and my advocacy work–and I ridicule it because it is ludicrous and hateful–why did I start this article off with huge letters acknowledging the existence of patriarchy? Well, because it’s real. No, really, it is. You see back before I or any of the feminists screaming about injustices faced by women of the past were born; long before iPhones and Samsung Galaxies; before washers, dryers, dishwashers, cars, airplanes, and all of the technologies that have given human beings the time and ability to become pop culture critics making a living talking about stuff instead of working a field for three quarters of a day, men and women fell into what are known by many as “gender roles.” Men built things and women cooked things. Men invented things and women looked after children. Contrary to popular feminist propagation, men didn’t force women into these roles, and women didn’t force men into them. They were just what made sense for most people.

Men also were never solely given “privileges” over women through these roles, although belief in their “privilege” is the main focal point of the feminist ideology from which all other theories and mantras of hate produced by feminism are derived. Feminism took just half of the story and ran with that. Men also had crushing obligation and had no freedom to refuse that obligation in most cases. And females had privilege too, matriarchal privilege, to go along with their own obligations. The reason why it has taken so long for feminist bigotry to be challenged in the mainstream is simple: the half of the story they took was true, to some extent. While women weren’t the slaves of their husbands, doomed to be beaten and raped throughout their lives with no legal recourse, women were mostly relegated to their roles as caregivers in the home because that was the only thing that made sense unless they never had children. So it was easy for western societies to grant women freedom from these roles when it wasn’t necessary to leave it all to them and leave most of the providing and self-sacrifice to the men.

There was resistance, from both men and women because as I said: patriarchy, it be real. Although we forgot matriarchal privilege was always real under that. It always had matriarchy with it too, you didn’t disobey your mother or grandmother or disrespect her or treat her like property or beat on women, that was always looked down on or very strongly limited (but with nowhere near as many limits on women if they got violent).

And change is a slow, and most of the time unwanted, process. People just don’t like change, it’s uncomfortable. But that change did happen (faster than it should have in my opinion thanks to the boost feminists got from jumping on the backs of an actual civil rights struggle–but I digress). The good thing is women were freed from their roles, due in small part to feminist shouting, and in large part to average women who just said she wanted change, and men went along with it because mostly, men have always done whatever women ask them to do. Most women just didn’t make it a point to remind the public that all men were pigs, and most men welcomed the change for women once they had a little time to get used to it.

And Teh menz?

Oh, well what about ’em? Feminists didn’t forget about men. Ask Erin Pizzey. The mere suggestion that men might have it almost as bad as women when it comes to domestic violence got a pretty significant reaction from feminists. Death threats, bomb threats, harassment, shooting her dog; you name it. You see back in that time before electricity and the internet, men weren’t just expected to provide for and protect women, they were obligated to. This obligation is still deeply embedded into the social consciousness of all nations on the planet. Why? Well the answer is simple:

Patriarchy hurts men too.

It’s true. No, for really reals it is true. Put the stones down, MRAs. Stop creaming your pants, feminists. I’m not done yet.

Obviously this system of living is dated. The only thing men and women need in order to have a roof over their head, food, and even entertainment, is money. There is an old saying that money makes the world go round. I happen to think that technology is also what makes the world go round; money is just the fuel. So with no need of a man, a woman can basically do whatever she wants. I won’t go so far as to say there are no expectations placed on women — but obligations? I can’t think of any. Women are no longer obligated to bear or care for children. They are no longer obligated to be homemakers. Women are free to choose.

And Teh Menz?

Well, this part of the article is where feminists stop creaming their pants and start pissing them. Male obligations still exist, all of the most detrimental ones anyway. The male obligation to protect women from physical harm at the cost of his own life still exists. The male obligation to finance a woman’s well-being still exists. The male obligation to ensure the survival of women over men, made blatantly apparent by the lopsided amount of medical care created special for women, still exists. The male is still obligated to respect the female and her feelings no matter what. That’s your matriarchal privilege right there, that women are still holding onto for all it’s worth, especially feminist women.

That’s why I call it Femtriarchy.

Ok. I’ll admit some of those old obligations are now just high expectations. Men aren’t being imprisoned for not jumping in front of bullets for women anymore, although we still shame a man and call him a man a coward if he says “no.” The financial obligation is, however, still alive and well in our highly advanced twenty-first century society. Broke and can’t pay alimony or child support? Welcome to Debtor’s Prison, the prison so resilient it exists even when our laws say it shouldn’t.

Why, you ask, would barbaric obligations and expectations such as these still exist today in our society? Well, there are an assortment of reasons, stubbornness being one. That old resistance to change we humans have ingrained in our psyches. Traditionalist men and women are another reason. It is those women who crave to be stripped of their agency, to be completely dependent on the men in their lives. And it is the men with no sense of self-worth compared to that of women who contribute greatly to the acceptance and enforcement of the above-mentioned obligation and expectation. These are women who want men to take all the burden of adult responsibility off of them, which is why they’re the flip side of the feminist coin: feminists demand traditional female privilege, but don’t want any of the traditional obligation; traditionalist women want to keep the old female tradition, and to leave all responsibility to the men, which is all “submission” really means; when it’s an adult choosing to “submit” it’s just an adult giving up responsibility. It’s win/win for women, see how that works? Either way, everything’s left on the teh menz.

Take away the old female matriarchal roles of the patriarchy and only enforce the male obligations and presto, instant governmental funding. Like I said at the start of this article; patriarchy is real.

And patriarchy today has a new name: Its name is Feminism. Or Femtriarchy, if you will.

When those who don’t follow the feminist ideology voice concerns about the number of male victims of domestic abuse; when they voice concerns about how there are virtually no domestic violence shelters for men compared to the thousands made for women (and they rub it in with the false accusations of misogyny and claims of trying to tear down said women’s shelters, which no one’s doing); when they ignore female perpetrators of violence and sex crimes; when they call it “more equality” when women are the majority of college graduates and often make more money than men do for the same hours worked; when the stigma of violence is placed on men and women’s violence is downplayed; and on a whole bunch of other things where men have the short end of the stick and women have the upper hand, when women can just accuse a man of rape and ruin his life, we who care about men and boys are still told it’s the fault of “patriarchy.” And we know what you really mean: you mean it’s men’s fault period.

So what do feminists, the heroic champions of equality blessed with hammers fit for smashing patriarchy do? They dismiss and suppress any and all evidence that shows violence between men and women is roughly equal, women just get away with it easier. When they can’t dodge the fact that violence between men and women is equal, they scoff at the idea of men being able to suffer on any scale comparable to women and state that because “men can do more damage with their bare hands” violence against women is the more severe problem, deserving of more (read: all) attention. They create a legal act, the Violence Against Women Act, which pretends to be gender-neutral, but which in reality happens to be the reason why it is perfectly legal to arrest men who are suffering at the hands of abusive women using the bullshit “Duluth Model.” They run an advocacy campaign through all forms of social media, which portrays only men as violent abusers and only women as victims, spreading this message all over the Western world.

Meanwhile, old school Patriarchy tells us the same thing: women are weak, men are obliged to protect them and bow to their sensitivities any time they demand. That was the old female privilege–and Feminism tells us the same thing. They don’t say women are weak, they say women are strong, but men are obligated to bend over backwards for them anyway. That’s why I call it Femtriarchy.

The old school Patriarchy gives society the perception that the only thing men want is sex and women need to be protected from it; that women should always be fearful of men they don’t know and even the men they do know because all of those men are potential rapists. Feminism tells us the same damn thing–just ask the fellows who run the “men can stop rape” campaign.

Legally, it isn’t a man’s obligation to defend random women he doesn’t know, but if you ask feminists they’ll say it damn well should be. It is every man’s obligation to “end rape,” because even if a woman raping a man is possible, the numbers of male victims of rape and female perpetrators are so insignificant they fail to require much mentioning. Except for the fact that they aren’t insignificant, which is something the CDC proved, those who conducted the study don’t want the public to have that knowledge and the feminists, they don’t talk about it unless you make ’em and then they get mad or they ridicule.

Ask Zerlina Maxwell about how men and boys should be perceived in regards to rape. According to her, men are born rapists. According to her, young boys need to be trained like dogs by feminists on how to be decent human beings. If boys don’t receive this training then they will grow up to be violent rapists. The only way to prevent rape is to “teach men not to rape.” This sentiment is echoed across the feminist movement from posters to the slut walks to CNN. There are those who would claim that feminists don’t literally mean that men need to be trained as boys not to rape women; that the sound bite is just a response to the idea that women dressing provocatively have increased chances of being raped. Well to those who cling to that belief I only need to once again direct your attention to Zerlina Maxwell. Listen to her hatemongering and then try to tell me with a straight face that she isn’t being literal and that she isn’t endorsing a deep-seated ideological belief, born of feminism. Not to mention they have set up classes and programs that are literally designed for teaching men not to rape. As if young men need it drilled into their heads that rape is bad.

These are the people who sugarcoat their bigotry with “patriarchy hurts men too.” Not because the old gender roles bore painful and a lot of times lethal disadvantages for men, but solely because the realization hit that men and women were growing tired of hearing chants of why men were pigs in the streets.

These people spouting about “patriarchy” aren’t really against patriarchy. They ARE the Patriarchy. Patriarchy 2.0: Femtriarchy.

Patriarchy does indeed hurt men too and feminism just helps it along. All of the negative perceptions and archaic obligations placed upon men because of the restrictive gender roles of the past are upheld and propagated through the feminist ideology. Male victims of violence and rape are ignored, their plights minimized through the twisted, one sided rhetoric feminists have stamped on their bullshit theory of “rape culture” and the real system of life men and women once lived; patriarchy, which included matriarchal privilege that women still want to hold onto but won’t admit. They also talk about “toxic masculinity,” a term upheld by feminists, which to them is any form of action men take that doesn’t appease those who subscribe to the feminist ideology.

Feminism is an ideology of hate and I propose the best way to combat this bigotry is to speak out against it. The best way to combat this bigotry is to teach feminists not to hate. Providing proof to a feminist that their ideology is one of hate is pointless, but most men and women are not feminists and don’t particularly want to be, and educating the populace about the misrepresentation and flat out falsification of statistics by feminists concerning victims of rape and violence and the bullshit “wage gap” and all that is the key to victory.

In fact it is already working. Article after article about how feminists really do care about men’s issues are sprouting up over the internet. “Feminism is the answer to male issues” they say. They do this because they are scared. They want to pretend they gave a damn about men and boys all along. But we’re not going to let them get away with it.

Because just like in the past, when shouting about how evil men are these bigots are finally getting challenged. People are starting to challenge the bigots who sing “cry me a river!” in the faces of men and women speaking out about male suicide. People are beginning to tell the bigots that say “teach men not to rape” that men are human beings, not animals. People are starting to cry out that we’re making young boys hate themselves and they’re falling behind in schools. People are starting to cry out because the prisons are filled with men, not women, and because we don’t have anywhere near as many dads who leave their children, we have far more dads who are thrown out of the house and not allowed to see their children.

Feminists are scared because groups are gathering on college campuses; groups concerned about male issues that want no part of the feminist ideology in relation to formulating ideas to bring about positive solutions to those issues. Feminism is losing its stranglehold on gender politics because people are starting to realize it was never about equality. Compassion for men and boys is spreading, and those who continue to propagate lies how men are violent abusers are losing their audience.

So now feminism wants to help with male issues? We see through your smokescreen.

We–the Men’s Human Rights Movement–are the reason the general public can see through that smokescreen, and that’s the real reason feminists are scared. No longer are they laughing at us. Now they are attempting to fight back the only way bigots know how, with lies. Bigotry can only hold up against the truth for so long.

Feminism has had over fifty years to run wild with lies. But its days are numbered.

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