University Of Ottawa Students Trample Free Speech

Tonight, March 28, 2014, Dr. Janice Fiamengo was scheduled to give a lecture at the University of Ottawa Campus.

If you want to see what happened, and how those “feminists” who supposedly “support equality” by screaming, name-calling, blowing horns, banging, and pulling fire alarms, see The Fulcrum’s Storify reporting of the event.

In short, instead of a lecture with a Q & A period what took place was an organized shut down of free speech. The protesters came armed with noise makers ready to trample on Section 2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that is supposed to protect all in Canada.

And that is exactly what those protesters did. They bullied their way in and took that blessed document, which is the highest law in the land, and wiped their arses with it.

They literally over turned and trampled on the most sacred of rights in a free and democratic society.

The freedom of expression.

This is an extremely sad day for all Canadians. What has just happened in our nation’s capital was the collective spitting on every soldier who fought and died to protect freedom of speech world-wide.

These groups, who would silence voices to protect their narrative, are no better than any other totalitarian regime who sought to prohibit freedom of speech in the past.

They are the enemy of freedom and human rights, not the anointed protectors. They are a virus infecting society. Here’s who some of them appear to be, but we’re sure there’s more than them behind this thug behavior.

You can also see the effective techniques of the closed-minded, bigoted hate mongers at the university recorded right here. Not much to see, just a lot of noise to hear as people tried to talk and be reasonable and got shut down.

But we have word from Steve Brule that he got a lot of footage that will likely be online on his channel soon, so stay tuned folks. We’ll probably have plenty more to see in the days and weeks to come. The war for freedom and equality against these lying bigots will continue.


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