Don’t bash a violent bitch

Author’s note: On logging into AVFM to post this article, I was somewhat discomfited to note that the bastard named Paul, who founded this site, had just written and published an article closely mirroring my own. A mere 51 minutes before I logged in, he was hitting publish. I texted Paul, informing him of his several personal shortcomings. After some exchange of pleasantries, we agreed my piece would follow his on a 24 hour delay. So forget what he said and pay attention to me. Godammit.

Danielle d’Entremont is a student at Queens College in Toronto. She’s a feminist. She’s also a bit of an asshole too, being one of the “activists” who recently tried to silence and shut down a public presentation by Professor Janice Fiamengo. Additionally, she’s also apparently the victim of an assault. That last distinction is one she doesn’t deserve. Nobody “deserves”, as d’Entremont reported, to be punched multiple times in the face. She’s also certainly much tougher than me.

Recalling more turbulent days of my late teens, any time I was punched in the face more then once, I definitely looked worse for wear than slugger d’Entremont, even with her chipped tooth and all.

Whoever it was who beat up on d’Entremont is an even bigger asshole than she is. However, there is some speculation, particularly among feminists, that d’Entremont’s assailant was a supporter of the Men’s Human Rights Movement.

Whether any of Slugger d’Entremont’s friends or supporters actually think a Men’s Human Rights Activist attacked her, or whether their speculation is pure political posturing is a matter of major fucking doubt. On initially reading of her alleged assault, I contemplated the possibility that she had contrived to have herself slapped in the face hard enough to raise the superficial bruising evident in her face-book selfie.

Yes, apparently after being assaulted, the first thing Danielle d’Entremont did was take a selfie and upload it. Seriously.

But, obviously, my suspicions are uncharitable. Likely borne out of the nearly continuous stream of purposeful lying and misdirection from feminists addressing the topic of the Men’s Rights Movement.

She may have actually been assaulted. But who did it? The news of the alleged assault includes a statement by Constable Steven Koopman.

Police in Kingston said they are investigating an assault on a Queen’s student and are aware of the “potential context in regards to the topic of feminism, equality and that men’s issues awareness group.”

“We are aware of it, we’re not discounting, it but at this point what we do have is an attack on a female from an assailant that appears to be unknown to her,” said Const. Steve Koopman.

I wish I lived in Kingston. I’d go talk to Constable Steve myself because, both personally and as a representative of both the men’s rights movement and of AVfM, I want whoever chipped d’Entremont’s tooth and bruised her face to be arrested and jailed. I hope they have not neglected to consider that sinister character calling herself professor Fiamengo, or, as she’s known within unlicensed bare-knuckle boxing circles : Janice the menace. Paul, for his part thinks it was her and Professor Miles Groth together, working under Dr Warren Farrell’s orders

But if it turns out to be a vocal supporter of the men’s rights movement, I will tie the noose to hang the attacker myself. Okay, that’s hyperbole. I will write a lengthy and cruel character assassination of any self identified MRA who was stupid, ignorant, and misguided enough to think violent assault was a useful thing in which to engage.

If whoever conducted the alleged attack fancies themselves a supporter of the Men’s Human Rights Movement and happens to be reading this, you, son, are on my permanent shit list. And Paul’s, and Dan’s, and Dean’s and Diana’s and Karen’s and Harry’s, and Typhon’s, and just about every other serious MRA I can think of.

Here’s the reality, I expect that whoever bashed Danielle d’Entremont in the face is somebody she knows, who has been dealing with her for years. Maybe her attempt to silence Professor Fiamengo was what did it, maybe it was something else. The timing of the incident, thus far, does not indicate a connection.

An individual attempting to censor and silence somebody speaking on human rights concerns of any group, men or otherwise, is likely an individual that’s an asshole with a past.

We are all interested in seeing the perpetrator of this particular assault promptly arrested. While Slugger d’Entremont is not an individual I find sympathetic at all, nobody should be subjected to violence. Not even censorious, totalitarian, anti-male gender ideologues.

Coming an hour after Paul Elam, and publishing twenty-four hours later, he’s right about one thing; the public narrative being constructed, that this human’s rights movement thinks with its fists, is an insultingly stupid farce.

It’s not even us being insulted here, it’s you.



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