Sophia Guo: U of T bigot

As we have promised in recent days here, AVfM has continued its mission to investigate and identify the culprits behind the violent protest of Warren Farrell’s lecture at the University of Toronto last month.
That protest resulted in assaults, both on the persons and on the freedom of movement of students who wanted to attend the lecture. It included the vandalism of private property and interference with the free speech rights of Dr. Farrell as well as students attending the lecture.
Thus far to our knowledge the U of T administration has failed to conduct even the most rudimentary of investigations, and is not interested in disciplining the offending individuals who were involved in the illegal actions.
The administration’s failure to appropriately act on this matter amounts to complicity and encouragement for this kind of conduct, and forces the conclusion that an atmosphere of brute intimidation and censorship is precisely what they want to foster at U of T.
This is unacceptable.
Given that the university administration has now proven to be just as culpable as the offending activists at the protests, we will continue to expose and illuminate as many responsible individuals as possible.
We continue with Sophia Guo, a U of T student and activist shown early in the video, saying “These so called men’s rights groups are actually hate groups.”
Even though such a statement, however lacking credibility, is certainly within the realm of free speech. Even the ironic fact that her words had to be captioned on the video because of the loud chanting of “Fuck Warren Farrell!” from her peers doesn’t change the fact that she is free to express her opinion.
But Guo, using the Twitter identity of wowidec, actually took things a step further, publicly admitting that she was among the activists who vandalized promotional posters for the lecture that were placed there after Dr. Farrell was invited to speak.

This is where Sophia Guo crosses the line from exercising her own free speech and into the abridgement of the free speech of others. This antisocial expression of her political views is unacceptable in a society that is both based in the rule of law and on the principles of free speech.
The question now then arises, what sort of ideology, what worldview is it that motivates an individual like Sophia Guo to decide that the free speech of an identified group of people, in this case men, should not be allowed? What is her perception of men, broadly speaking, that would foster the idea that she could justify taking such license with their freedoms?
We find a chilling example of that in one of her Twitter communications under the wowidec handle.

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So, to Sophia Guo, the knowledge that men are one third as likely as women to attend college — but three times more likely to take their own lives — is summed up in a single word.
This is the idea of “gender equity” that seems to form the collective groupthink at the University of Toronto, with the full participation of the faculty and the administration. And it is not entirely surprising. One might expect this sort of moral degeneration in an environment dominated by feminism, a gender ideology based on hatred and elitism. And it shows, with pristine clarity, in the words and actions of students like Sophia Guo.
Like the individual we reported on earlier, Emma Kadey, Sophia Guo shows a bigotry toward half the human population that is socially reinforced at the U of T, and sanctioned on all levels. Or, as one young woman said at the protest, “I came as a part of my women’s studies group.”
Guo gives us a virtual library of her sentiments on men and boys. We provide some samples here, but to place more of them would just be redundant.

Some ideas on who is supposed to enable her drug use.

And finally, in a campus environment where false rape allegations carry a lot of weight, Guo prescribes a solution for those unfortunate enough to be accused.

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Guo has made other statements, many of which we have preserved from her now defunct Twitter account. They are perfectly legitimate expressions viewed under the absolute lens of free speech. But they are also perfectly clear demonstrations of her attitude as a bigot.
In the coming days, Sophia Guo will have her profile as a bigot placed at But she will not be alone.
We will continue to work until we have identified every violence promoting, property destroying, bigotry spouting ideologue associated with that protest and placed them all on the pages of AVfM, as well as
We have a long way to go.
Tip of the hat to Agent Umber for the significant assist on this work.

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