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For several weeks I have been watching some of the major and not-so-major feminist websites. One of these not-so-major websites is everydayfeminism.com. Don’t let the name fool you. This website is not just a slime pit of hatred and bigotry towards men, it’s a social justice warrior’s wet dream. That’s right, they spew hatred against whites, Christians, straight people, able-bodied people, cis-gendered people … basically anyone who falls on the wrong side of their checklist of privilege and oppression.

That’s the same checklist they pull out of their ass and use to determine who is worthy of consideration and who deserves to be silenced and marginalized for the sake of equality. Don’t ask me to explain it. I didn’t go to college, therefore my brain is still intact, therefore I’m unable to explain “equality by discrimination.” In the spirit of the mindfuck that is social justice dogma, I bring you “5 Simple Ways Men Can Respect Women” by Melissa A. Fabello .

Fabello begins her article with stereotypical feminist fervor.

“Come on, guys,” we’re collectively calling. “It’s time to get your shit together.”

I agree, men should start getting their shit together. AVfM is a good place to start.

“I get the impression that we’re fed up with the microaggressions committed against us on the daily….”

Uh-oh. Some guy must have made himself comfortable while sitting on the subway by spreading his legs too far apart for her liking. Someone get this perfect example of the strong and empowered modern woman a fainting couch and a therapist. I don’t know how she had the courage to get out of bed in the morning.

“Here are five simple things you should probably stop doing if you want to show that you have respect for women and actually see them as equals.”

For the sake of brevity, we are going to discuss only three of them.

1. Stop Mansplaining.

Fabello starts off this section by recounting an occurrence on Facebook.

“Recently, a friend of mine who was fed up with having her life experiences invalidated by men posted an article on Facebook about the phenomenon of mansplaining.”

Some poor guy with the nerve to have a different opinion than hers—and a belief that since he is a human being he might be able to add to what he believed was a discussion—had this to say:

“I really don’t think this happens as often as you think it does.”

Could it be possible that when a man offers his opinion he isn’t belittling you but is just sharing ideas? Therefore, when a man disagrees with you, it isn’t mansplaining. Maybe it’s something that adults do on occasion called discussing. Fabello’s reply is:

“You just did it.”

Meaning that he just mansplained.

Fabello continues our education on mansplaining with the following example that I have paraphrased:

It’s when a bunch of feminists are complaining about the wage gap and a man comes in and offers evidence in the form of studies that the wage gap doesn’t exist.

She ends with:

“But have more faith in women, fellas. We’re smart and articulate, too.”

What did we learn from this section?

When a man has a different opinion than any woman, he shouldn’t express his disagreement. To do so means that he doesn’t respect her or consider her an equal.

If we want women to know that we respect them and see them as equals, we should refrain from calling them out when they are wrong.

To express an opinion that differs from a woman’s means that we do not have faith in any woman’s ability to articulate an issue and that we question all women’s intelligence.

2. Stop Asking for Education.

“I’m an educator. Literally. That is my job title. And besides doing it for a living, I also do it as somewhat of a hobby—especially on the Internet.”

Which does not mean you do it well.

“But when you show up in my notifications like ‘Can you explain to me how cultural appropriation is racist?’… you’re exercising your male entitlement.”

So you are literally an educator who refuses to educate. Makes sense.

“I hate to break it to you, but women don’t owe youwellanything.”

So now “educator” is synonymous with “woman”? Education: You’re doing it wrong.

What have we learned from this section?

Don’t ask any woman to explain herself; to do so means that you don’t respect her or see her as an equal. Don’t ask any woman to literally do what they literally claim as a job title and a hobby because patriarchy? Not sure what the logic behind this one is.

3. Stop Staying Silent.

Shut up! No, wait! Stop staying silent! Keep with me and I will show you where this goes.

In the next section, Fabello talks about an old boyfriend who failed to inform a co-worker that what said co-worker was saying made him uncomfortable.

“This guy would ask my then-partner at least weekly questions like ‘What do you think of the new girl?’ and, when female co-workers passed, ‘Would you hit that?’ … ‘You should say something,’ I would always answer. ‘Just tell him that this makes you uncomfortable.’… If your friend says something screwed up, say something. Because he clearly needs to hear it, and he needs to hear it from you. I know that women are probably (hopefully) calling him out, but that’s the nature of oppression my friend: A person in power (like a man) isn’t as likely to listen to a person not-in-power (like a woman) as he would be to someone he perceives to be more “on his level” (like another man).”

What have we learned from this section? If someone says something that makes you personally uncomfortable, immediately demand that that person stop making you uncomfortable because you are allowed to demand to be in a state of perfect comfort at all times and if that makes the other person uncomfortable that’s okay because that is how equality works. Am I the only one who has the urge to tell feminists that you’re not supposed to drink the bong water?

Let’s start with the basic premise of this article: Men are supposed to respect women. I wish someone, anyone, would give me one good reason why I should respect anyone simply based on an aspect of their biology? Okay, first off, everyone deserves basic human respect. This is to say that you treat others as human beings. You don’t walk down the street and punch a total stranger simply because you feel like it. That’s something the overwhelming majority of adults on this planet understand. However, anything beyond basic human respect must be earned through words and actions. You can’t gain additional respect simply by being part of a preferred group in a society based on equality for all people.

While we do not live in a completely egalitarian society, we are getting there. However, feminists seem to want to take us backwards. In order to understand this, we must dig down to the basic fault in feminist logic, which is patriarchy theory. We can see an example of this fallacy in Fabello’s article when she says, “… but that’s the nature of oppression my friend: A person in power (like a man) isn’t as likely to listen to a person not-in-power (like a woman) as he would be to someone he perceives to be more “on his level” (like another man).” She actually believes, despite objective reality, that women are oppressed by men. I remember reading about a time when men had to tip their hats to women and stand whenever a women entered or left a room. Hell, there are people in 2014 who still believe that men have no right to say something disrespectful to women.

This is the gender role that men have lived under for hundreds if not thousands of years. Yet Fabello believes that men have social power over women. How does she suppose we fix this mythical problem? By giving women social power over men? That’s the social justice warrior mindset that I was talking about earlier. Equality through inequality. She wants to rewind the clock to a time when women were respected simply because they were born with the preferred plumbing. My thoughts on this are as follows: Congratulations, you have a vagina, a uterus, some breast tissue, and lots of estrogen. Do you want a cookie or something? Women are human beings, nothing more. If you want my respect, you’ll have to earn it.

This whole “respect me because I’m a woman” is only the first verse to the equality through discrimination social justice warrior song. The next verse is worse than the first. Fabello doesn’t just want women to have social power over men. Let’s take a closer look at the lessons we learned from our mistress of pleasing women with favorable attitudes.

“Don’t mansplain” means that whenever a woman says something that you disagree with, you keep your mouth shut and don’t talk back by offering your opinion. In a society that views men and women as equals, it wouldn’t matter whose mouth an idea came out of. The idea would stand or fall based on its own merit. That society would allow anyone to express a different opinion and allow others to call into question said opinion without the biology of the people involved in the discussion having any bearing on the validity of their opinions.

Of course, feminism, which is part of the social justice universe, espouses the belief that a person’s biology should have a bearing on the validity of their opinion or even their right to speak at all. Feminists believe the myth that women’s voices are or were silenced. So, to ensure equality, men’s voices should now be silenced through the social pressure of shaming men who dare to express an opinion not shared by the woman he is conversing with by dismissing his words derisively and sneeringly as “mansplaining.”

Men shouldn’t ask for an education from a woman, even from a woman who says that her job and her hobby is literally to educate. Men are not to question women; instead, we are to do, think, and say what we are told. Don’t ask a specific woman how she came to her conclusions. I want to know why I as a man should not do these things? We used to believe that people with dark skin had to respect people with white skin and enforced those beliefs socially and legally, often with the end of a rope. Blacks were not allowed to question whites. They were to bow and say “yes ’em” when told something. Is this Fabello’s idea of equality? Is this what feminists and the social justice cult think is equality? In an egalitarian society, anyone who expresses an idea had better be ready to explain that idea to anyone, regardless of biology.

Men should voice their opinions and not be silent. Wait. What? Didn’t she just tell us to keep our mouths shut? Oh. That’s right. Only keep our mouths shut when women want us to, but be ready to be their puppet or mouthpiece when they want us to be. See how that works, guys? Don’t express different opinions when those opinions dissent from feminism, but be ready to spew feminism from your mouth like your ass is plugged into Andrea Dworkin’s tape recorder. Be ever ready to call out men who dare to say something a woman doesn’t like. Be ever ready to call out your equals in the name of your superiors.

And that’s where we end up. Can any reasonable, logical person believe, after reading Fabello’s article, that either of these two groups—feminists or social justice warriors—are remotely interested in gender equality? The ideas expressed in her article can only lead to women being in the superior position in our society. There is no other way around it. This leaves us with only one question left to ask: Is this all a result of extreme stupidity, by design, or both?

Melissa, if you would like clarification on any of the ideas expressed in this article, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m not literally an educator, but I am more than willing to educate you.

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