Manhood 101 for feminists

Feminists are at it again, demonstrating they are equal to men in strength and independence — by damseling themselves, threatening to cry and faint and never step up to prove their equalness again if men don’t start protecting them from harsh words typed from behind anonymous screen names on the interwebs.

You can get a sample of that kind of thinking in this video.

Once again, they need men to clear the way, not of wild beasts or indigenous savages or foreign attackers, but of misfits and teenagers with laptops and low social IQs. Only when this scurrilous plague is extirpated can this brand of woman prove she can do anything men can do, and do it better, and do it in heels.

Feminist woman has so much to say; so many emotions to emote, and she will stand behind it all like Joan of Arc, as long as there are men around to shut anyone up who gives her a hard time. Or who disagrees with her. Or who might look a little creepy.

Her censorship target célèbre this time is the social media website Twitter, where, like everywhere else online, there is no shortage of under-socialized, and likely underage incorrigibles who get a rise out of getting under people’s skins. The thinner the skin, methinks, the better.

Nothing gets under the wafer-thin porcelain epidermis of a feminist  quicker than rapey-tweets, which apparently have been coming in abundance.

Mind you, the feminists have reframed these comments into rape “threats,” which almost none of them are. But don’t worry, I won’t bore you long with such realities. The fact is that many of these comments do have a kind of rapey aura to them, which is by design since everyone knows that use of the “R” word outside PSAs for the sexual grievance industry makes feminists wilt like cheap flowers and put 911 on speed dial.

There are actually two phenomena at play here. One is the comments themselves, which we will get to in a minute, but the first one is what I like to call Watson’s Law. This is the principle that social power and dominance for feminist women as a class is roughly equal to a manufactured crisis multiplied by the energy expended by obsequious men to charge in and fix it.

We saw this law’s namesake, Rebecca Watson, pave the way for her sisters by taking a few internet comments and turning them into a security crisis for secular conferences, thereby thrusting her (with her enthusiastic consent) into the public limelight. Since then she can giggle and smile while complaining that she can’t make it through the parking lot at a secular gathering without being raped, or maybe even being invited to coffee.

Anita Sarkeesian was a quick study in Watson’s Law. She took the basic principles and put them to work for profit. Sarkeesian posted some pro-feminist drivel in an online community where she knew it would not be popular, then took the predictable rapey-beaty reactions, parlayed them into a threat narrative and used that to damsel herself in a Kickstarter. She shrewdly manipulated her way into 150 grand, with which she has made a couple of Youtube vids aimed at ultimately asserting feminist hegemony in the gaming world.

Not bad work if you can get it, and these women can.

Since then more has happened. Adria Richards used Twitter to target two guys telling risqué jokes, to each other, at a tech conference and got one of them fired. Her execution was poor, though (she just claimed to be offended when what she needed was a threat), and she ended up with her own pink slip.

This is what a feminist looks like.

From there Watson’s Law was played out on Facebook, where feminists sought and got a great deal of control of public discussion by putting feminists in charge of turning over every rock to find online misogyny. It even affected AVFM. Some of our memes were removed for violating community feminist standards. Not for being rapey-beaty, or even misogynistic, but for dissenting from the feminist narrative.

Such is where this kind of thing always, always ends up. Expect more of Watson’s Law to govern a website or public organization near you.

These stories have been covered incessantly, in the feminist blogging community and in the mainstream. The counter-theory has been brought to you by this website and others like it. But as we pick and bicker over the relative worth of feminist women’s demands that men make them feel more equal by using force on other men they don’t like, the comments themselves have suffered a severe lack of analysis.

Oh, we have covered the basics. Certainly, “Someone should tie you to a shitter and rape you,” isn’t the kindest thing that someone could say. But a real, bona fide call the police and start an investigation threat?

Feminist please.

And this is what almost all of the so called threats were like. There were a few comments, very few, that could be considered actual threats. That stands in direct contrast to what has been shoveled like fertilizer by feminist bloggers and the mainstream media, who have interpreted every unkind word as a rape threat, and better yet, have asserted they are all coming from the Men’s Human Rights Movement.

We got that on the loud and clear from Maclean Magazine’s Mika Rakai, who recently did a horrifically misquoted and poorly researched piece on the MHRM. In it she cited AVFM’s posting of videos about feminist violence in Toronto. Some of them featured a woman known now as Big Red. Rakai reported that “hundreds of comments flooded in from men’s rights activists, threatening to beat, rape and murder the woman in the video.”

She never identified a single commenter, provided an example of a single threat, or, and this might just be a tad important, proved that any of it came from men’s human rights activists. She just magically decided that every nasty comment on YouTube was a threat, and that they all came from MHRAs.

I won’t allow myself to digress into what has become of journalism, nor do I think you need me to do that.

But again, the real question here is what these comments, many of them in very bad taste and indicative of underdeveloped minds, actually represent. I think I have the answer to that.

It is Watson’s Other Law.

Watson’s Other Law is loosely related to its predecessor. Fifty years of bashing and marginalizing men plus eradicating healthy masculine influence in the lives of our boys equals a class of feral, directionless young men with no moral compass to guide them away from telling obnoxious, sociopathic women like Big Red that they would like to see a horse’s cock shoved up her ass by force.

The males produced by Watson’s Other Law are somewhat of a problem faced by feminists, which is ironic since it was feminism that created them.

It is what happens when fathers are taken out of the picture. It is what happens when you marginalize and intellectually, emotionally, legally and politically savage young men who have had the masculine values of self-control and composure gutted from the society in which they live.

Why do you think these ignorant bitches are screaming for men to fix this shit? It is because they know, despite the mush that indoctrination has made of their minds, that like it or not, men are the only ones who can.

Men can fix it, but not because masculinity is the problem. It is because masculinity is the solution. This, of course, means these women are fucked. In dumping masculinity they removed the authority for men to do anything about their problems, and the incentive for men to give a shit if they could.

Feminists, with the utter compliance and support of very stupid men, have liberated their culture from the very things that offered them the protection they are now throwing tantrums to get. It is far too late for any of them, even if they figure out that it was masculinity that had their sorry asses covered to begin with.

Their chickens are coming home to roost.

It does not just affect boys. Take a look at where girls are headed these days and you can see the result.

Watson’s Law is a bitch. Watson’s Other Law is heartless and cruel. Trash men and you trash your own culture.

I am not saying that the resultant culture is a good thing. And I am not saying that society needs this screwed up world. Just that it deserves it.

If feminists were smart, which they are not, they would understand that the MHRM is the only way out of this. By giving women accountability and agency – that is real agency, not the make believe kind that you call on men to enforce when things get rough, then feminists can stop looking like housewives standing on chairs and shrieking at their husbands to kill the mouse. They can start looking like adults that can get past some nasty comments like everyone else in the world with a spine has to.

After all, MHRAs put up with the same thing, even from the same kinds of feral, fatherless lost causes that are making all these “threats” to feminist women. We just move on with our work without pause because that is what grownups do.

Like I said, masculinity is the solution. Only now these women will have to find their own and internalize it, because the freeware has expired. Blue pill men are too weak, and red pill men are too apathetic. Time to make like a real feminist and man up, ladies.

And of course, a healthy dose of agency and accountability would give these women a greatly improved view of masculinity, mainly because they would be living it. This is, in and of itself, curative for these sick individuals as well as for the society in which they live.

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