Jessica Valenti: photographs and mammaries

Some thoughts on grabbing tit and public discourse


Take that, patriarchs!

If you do a Google image search on Jessica Valenti, you come up with quite a few results. I did a query with my “safe search” turned off and got everything from Valenti posing in a group picture where she is standing directly in front of Bill Clinton – her tits thrust out as though she wants the former POTUS to give her a reach around – to others where the only thing thrusting out is her middle finger, which seems to be a regular fixture in her life; a courageous act of defiance against her well imagined patriarchy.

Fuck you! You fucking patriarchs, you! Fuck yeah, take that!

Some other images were mixed in, including a few of some dark haired bimbo named Jessica Valentino swallowing any number of 12 inch cocks.  No relationship, though. The two Jessica’s make entirely different kinds of porn, Valentino’s being the one that showcases sex, Valenti’s being the one that showcases sexual paranoia.

However, curiously absent from the Google returns were some additional images of the Full Frontal Fascist engaging in what appears to be some her more titillating pastimes with female friends, and even a mollusk or two that resemble, to her obviously trained eye, female genitalia.  Today, we solve that problem.

If she pukes she has to lick it up

Don’t give me wrong. I could give a rats ass whether Valenti stays faithful to her new husband or eats at the Y when he isn’t (or is) watching, but I do think it curious that these pics have not made their way to the top of the Google image returns on Jessica Valenti, at least so far.

I so like diversity!

I feel like the public has been robbed of some info on this very public figure and I want to do my personal part to help, because, well, because that is just the kind of guy I am.  What can I say, some of us were born to serve the greater good.

So now, courtesy of this website, everyone will have access to this small collection of images that give us a glimpse into the more intimate side of Ms. Valenti, as she gropes and licks and fingers her way through life.

SlutWalk attendee’s take notes! Jesse’s school of sluttery is in session!

The husband must be so proud!

Just imagine the value these pics will have, as they climb higher and higher in Google returns, giving anyone interested in researching Jessica Valenti a more complete picture of her as a human being. These photos and her now first page returns on, will certainly help members of the media and general public form more cogent decisions on just how seriously her opinion on matters of gender should be taken. A handful of tit – or a titful of hand – always make me pay more attention to someone.

And the tit clutching continues

Jesus, is this a pattern?

I cannot, by the way, be certain that any or all of these images are 100% legit. I mean, they sure look like her. Same features; same hirsute appendages, and the same demeanor; that of a chihuahua yipping furiously at a pit bull, provided of course that the chihuahua is standing next to or behind its masters feet.

This will be the only qualifier. We are going with the feminist touted preponderance of the evidence rule here. Since I think it is more likely that these are pics of Valenti than not, that will serve as proof.  Just ask any college review panel that investigates rape allegations.


All this titty grabbing worked up my appetite!
That is a sampling of some of the images available on our favorite grrl in the whrrl. We have more, but it would belabor the point. After all, how much interest is anyone going to maintain in looking at Valenti to begin with?  The point has been made and the images have been added to great access registry in the sky.  Next weekend, Amanda Marcotte and her pussy!

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