James Bond is a Transvestite

There is a public service announcement circulating, which features The actor, Daniel Craig, the most recent to portray the fictional spy; James Bond.

Almost every single word of this public service announcement is a lie.

It begins with a voice over from Judy Dench.

“We’re equals, aren’t we 007? “

This is one of the great dogmas of feminism, that men and women are equal to each other. They’re not equal, obviously, or there’d be no sexes, no distinction between men and women. A women with a sexual preference for men would be just as pleased with another women. Since this isn’t the case, men and women aren’t equal.

Oh, do I hear somebody complaining that’s not the intended meaning of :

“we’re equals, aren’t we double-oh-seven” ?

Was the intended meaning “we’re equal under the law” or “we’re of equal value as humans”?

If that was the intent, why didn’t Judy Dench’s script use that phrasing. These actors are English, and speaking the language named after England.  No, the phrasing was deliberate, to blur the distinction between two things being actually equivalent, and two distinct and separate things being of equal value.

Deliberate confusion, inflicted onto you, the consumer of this slickly produced public service announcement.

Judy Dench continues:

Yet it is 2011 and a man is still likely to earn more than a woman.

Even one doing the same job.

This is another lie [1], skillfully told. Like in all well crafted deceptions, truth is mixed with falsehood.

Its true that on aggregate, men earn more over their lifetimes. But the poison here comes from the claim that a man and a women doing the same job, with the same training, and same seniority are paid differentially. If it were true, companies would not hire men.

Published stats and peer reviewed research has repeatedly debunked the lie that workplace discrimination impacts average incomes on a sexual basis. [2]

Judy Dench goes on to say:

You have a far better chance of entering political office. This is another subtle lie, implying prejudice again, when in fact, women are the majority of registered and participating voters. [3]

“Or becoming a company director” says Judy. This is another implied falsehood. Its true that on aggregate more men than women become directors of companies, but this reflects personal choices in career path. Women, statistically chose jobs affording them greater flexibility and access to friends and family.  They can do this because women are valued as people. Men,. By contrast are valued based on their utility, by their income, and have very little choice except to chose employment options based principally on income.

“As a man, you’re less likely to be judged for promiscuous behavior.”

Again we have implied sexism where none exists. Men have to compete for sex, thus sex is an accomplishment. Women, by contrast have only to select from among competitors. Sex for them is thus not an accomplishment, merely a selection from what’s freely available.

“And hardly any chance to falling victim to sexual assault.”  continues Judith Dench’s monolog.

This is flatly false. The only significant difference between men and women sexually assaulted, is that nobody cares when men are the victims of sexual assault and rape. In fact, men being raped is comedy in our entertainment, while a women raped is shock and horror.

2/3 of the work done worldwide is done by women while they only earn 10% of the income? Rubbish.  Cite your sources Judy Dench, you overpaid actor.

If such financial inequity exists, why is 65% of disposable income world-wide spent by women?[4]

I will not dignify the remainder of this expensively packaged piece of public fraud by fisking its individual points. A persistent liar, once established as such doesn’t need to be continually rebutted.

James Bond is a fictional spy, usually presented for our entertainment as a commanding, glamourous super achieving alpha male. This too is a lie, disguising the reality that the men who pursue real careers in espionage live lives of extreme stress, unrecognized, at the pay rate of civil servants, and often die horribly on the behalf of their countries.

But if you’re a man, you shouldn’t notice that, just swallow the myth that you’re privileged, and women are oppressed. And women and men, with all their obvious, blatant differences are actually identical and interchangeable. Swallow that lie, and donate some money. And that this thing you live in is a patriarchy.

[1] http://www.swlearning.com/economics/policy_debates/gender.html


[3] http://www.cawp.rutgers.edu/research/topics/documents/genderdiff.pdf

[4] http://www.womenwantmorethebook.com/press/septermber9.aspx

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