Italian gynocentric dictatorship doesn’t stop

Do you plan to visit Italy? Be aware that since August 8, 2013, any man in Italy can be jailed, without preliminary due process, if an anonymous allegation of violence is filed against him[1].

This was decided in one night, behind closed doors, while most Italians are on vacation. This nonsense was passed without any approval or discussion in the Parliament, in the good old “bi-partisan” style with the two parties that are in power in Italy – Partito Democratico (“PD”, the Democratic Party), with many avowed communists and Popolo della Libertà (“PdL”, the People of Freedom) with several avowed national-socialists of feminist orientation (such as Alessandra Mussolini[2]).

Feminists have a strong lobby influencing these kinds of politicians, who usually speak kindly when it comes to presumption of innocence and due process rights, but only when it’s necessary for themselves.

But since in this case it’s not their necks on the line, they decided that real criminals presently in jail will get a discount of 3 years (this will save the embattled Mr. Berlusconi, albeit to be fair, the discount for offenders with prison sentences smaller than 3 years applies to almost everyone), and that innocent men can instead go to jail according to their new “femicide” law.

So, basically, under this “femicide” law, Italy comes one step closer to being a de facto feminist dictatorship considering that the law has provisions like:

  • illegal immigrants will get a residence permit if they make allegations of violence
  • the State will pay for a lawyer for anybody who makes allegations of violence.  (Such lawyers are usually feminists and the police already recognize that 80% of such allegations are false).
  • women will no longer have the right to stop cases created through their own allegations.  (This secures the economical gain of feminist lawyers for about 10 years, given that the Italian judiciary system is so slow).
  • such allegations will have a “preferential path in courts” and the person who makes allegations will be “protected”. Thus lawyers can be denied of the right to normally interrogate the accuser to establish the truth. In particular, the allegation can be anonymous.
  • As immediate action, men can be thrown away from their homes if there is “a risk of danger” for a woman. In other words, men will go to jail before a trial even gets to take place.

These are the first goodies of the Istanbul Convention[4] and they go even beyond the US “Violence Against Women Act” (VAWA) law. In line with the principles of this law, an Italian feminist lawyer can falsely accuse a man and get funds from the state to hound him for 10 years. The official position of the association of lawyers is[5]:

this pushes back the country compared to elementary standards of legal culture that we thought ensured. Such laws overturn the constitutional principle of presumption of innocence, in a matter, that of family relationships, which lends itself to instrumental accusations that will lead people directly to jail without any preliminary filter: a worrying scenario that satisfies the instances of fanatics of hanging

The most worrying part is that not only this law provides incentives for illegal female immigrants to throw innocent men in jail, but it also allows the State to imprison innocent men just because a feminist lawyer wants that and the woman under whose name this whole thing is being made will have no say in the matter. And this comes after the Italian State already took the right to take the kids away from the father regardless of what the mother of the kids has to say about it.

The Italian State is in an open war with the Italian men[6] and this piece of legislation only serves as yet another nail in the coffin of a nation that used to be a proud and free one.

Italy may be the first European nation to make these kinds of practices legal, but it’s not the first European nation that engages in these kinds of malicious practices. In the United Kingdom, Keith Vaz, the chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Committee, is urging the government to probe hundreds of bogus migrant brides crying rape in order to get a UK visa[7]. Similar practices were encouraged during the Spanish Gender Stalinist regime of the “Ley Contra la Violencia de Género” (the Gender Violence Act)[8], and Sweden is not that far off either.

At this point, there is a serious competition as to what will ultimately bring the demise of Europe: the economics, the European Union or the feminist tyranny. And since the economics are addressed through the tyrannical feminist European Union, we can expect at a very sad series of events to occur in the next years in Europe.

Special thanks go to one of the Italian correspondents of the European News department – Pasquale Binelli.

[1] (in Italian)

[3] (in Italian)

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