Is David Futrelle covering for violent feminists?

Editors note: This item is being republished as Al-Jazeera Stream is airing a show today using a proven journalistic hack and friend to gendercide apologists posing as an “expert” on men’s rights activists, and who also conflates PUAs, ex-PUAs, and MRAs as if they were all the same. – PW
David Futrelle has made a name for himself in the blogosphere by tracking down what he defines as misogyny for the purpose of mocking it. Futrelle insists that the “manosphere” is rife with hatred of women, and he is relentless in exposing that hate. How well does he deal with the hatred within his own movement? Let’s take a look.
In 2011 an intrepid explorer by the name of Agent Orange infiltrated the private forums of radical feminists at RadFemHub and he screencapped their conversations. RadFemHub has since been turned into an archives, but the original Hub was “a collective radical feminist blog and its purpose was to post fresh, original radfem content, provide a male-free and safe platform for women to discuss, and promote radical feminist perspectives and interests.” The Hub delightedly proclaimed half a million page views, so these were not one or two crazy cat ladies in the basement but actually a rather large group of like-minded women.
When Agent Orange posted the files, Futrelle went about gleefully mocking them, as he promised he would do.  He writes,These files are apparently so vile and incendiary” and wonders, “What dastardly secrets do these files expose?” and he proceeds to mock the supposed violence and hate by reproducing a few comments about a midwife and a woman who would like to castrate men who create computer viruses. Nothing particularly violent or hateful about castration, right? Futrelle downplays the comment by writing, “That does seem a little excessive. Though I don’t think she means it literally.
Let’s think about that for a moment. This is a man who harps relentlessly on a single comment Dr. Warren Farrell made, that was misquoted, back in the 1970s, insisting that Farrell meant something he did not mean. This is the man who insists that every word of satire written by Paul Elam is to be taken as the gospel truth. This is the man who insists every word ever written on any blog he doesn’t like is to be interpreted literally and all other interpretations are just pure misogyny. And just to reiterate, once again, the “Bash A Violent Bitch” article was a satirical response to an article at Jezebel called “Have You Ever Beat Up A Boyfriend? Cause, Uh, We Have,” in which three editors and numerous commenters giggle over punching, kicking, hitting, and slapping their male partners, often with a sense of pride and cheerfulness that is alarming, to say the least (click images to enlarge).
Castration? I’m sure she didn’t mean it literally. #SeemsLegit.
Futrelle complains that the files have no context and are “just a bunch of files with no explanation,” and he ends his piece by writing, “MRAs, more melodramatic than emo kids.” That’s a harsh charge! More melodramatic than emo kids?! What is all the melodrama over anyways?

Bullets are too good for this wankering lot.…


I’m one of those bad, shameful feminists who wish we could just kill all the fuckers.…


It needs to be so unfashionable to have boys and then they would be aborted before seeing the light of day….


… a better source of animal glue (and leather, for that matter) would be from the bodies of men who have committed any crime against a woman. They should be put to death, skinned, and then their carcasses can be boiled for glue….


… any woman with access to modern things like ultrasound could find out the sex, and if danglified, could have … abortion.…

Blow them up

… we could blow them [men] up and call it a service to the community.…

Put to sleep

… they [men] should be put on a leash, put in a cage, or put to sleep.…


You’re more radical than I ATM [sic], though who knows where I will be in a year – but your proposal to exterminate the male entirely … is more of a last resort….


… the majority [of men] are rapists at heart … shoot em’….


… I wish we could kill men … I often daydream about men disappearing from the face of the earth….

Gosh, why all the melodrama, guys? Killed, flayed, boiled, caged, exterminated, bombed—it’s just a joke, guys! I’ll bet you’re laughing, right? Oh, but don’t worry, the women who made those comments were roundly condemned by the other commenters!
Oops. Not so much. The comments were indeed taken out of context, but guess what? The context makes them worse, not better. Putting them back into a conversation that sufficient numbers are participating in to generate half a million page views builds the case that feminism is a troubling movement fomenting hate and daydreaming of real violence. Are we going to wait until the day that violence happens, or are we going to start labelling feminism for what it really is: a hate movement?
You can read the entire “context” right here. Have a vomit bag on hand.
David Futrelle, who insists that a satirical article called “If You See Jezebel in the Road, Run the Bitch Down” is to be taken literally and held up as irrefutable evidence that the MHRM is dangerous and violent, is rather curiously silent about radical feminists discussing the murder of men. Futrelle’s blog was used as a source by various media to create the false impression that the MHRM was directly responsible for the deaths of five men and two women in the Elliot Rodger killings.
This is the same Futrelle who failed to notice the rampant hatred of men and threats of violence in files he admits to downloading and reading. Or is he choosing to deliberately ignore and therefore implicitly endorse that violence? I wonder which it is? Is Futrelle the worst researcher in the world, or is he covering for the violence and hatred expressed by his own?
One of the key actors at RadFemHub was a woman named Pamela O’Shaughnessy (aka Vliet Tiptree or Karma), who also operates a blog called A Voice For Creepy Men. A few days ago, O’Shaughnessy reprinted an article from Futrelle’s site, but when the heat was turned up on Futrelle on Twitter, the post curiously disappeared. We have a screencap of the post, though. It’s the Internet, folks, and nothing really disappears.
Hmmm. I wonder why that post came down? Could it be that Futrelle obsessively googles himself and discovered a post reproduced without permission and demanded the author remove it? It’s possible. Sure. Why not? Or is it the case that Pamela of RadFemHub and David are still in close communication and he is not only aware of the extreme violence and hateful rhetoric of feminism, but he secretly agrees? It would explain a lot, but, hey, it’s just a guess.
At the end of the day, Futrelle has never, ever once condemned the awfulness of the Agent Orange files, which he downloaded, and which have been sent out on Twitter feeds that he follows and reads. It is virtually impossible that Futrelle has never seen the files (he admits he read them!), but even if he really has never laid eyes on the most hate-filled comments, there is still no plausible explanation for why he would not investigate such a serious accusation against a movement he strongly endorses and supports.
Feminism is a hate movement. When they think they are alone and no one is watching, they plan the mass extermination of men. They daydream of murdering men. They want to maim men. Shoot men. Strip their skins off and boil them for glue. Please tell me what words like that are, if not hate.
Not all feminists? Half a million page views. Is that enough for you to sit back and think it through? Feminism is a hate movement. Full stop. I look at the face of my little son and imagine one of these witches being his teacher, his doctor, his friend’s mother, a random woman on the street, and I fear for him.
The International Conference on Men’s Issues in Detroit is history in the making. It’s the first salvo in what is shaping up to be a long war. One that we are going to win.
Hey, David? You better pick sides, dude. And you might want to look in a mirror. You’re a man. Are you sure you’ll enjoy being put on a leash, put in a cage, or put to sleep? One of your friends said that.
And you said nothing.
Lots of love,

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