How feminists win their arguments

Ever tried to have an honest and open discussion with a feminist only to leave the discussion shaking your head in dazed confusion, wanting to rip your hair out by the roots in handfuls?

I feel your pain, and know the frustration that comes with trying to honestly debate an ideological adherent who claims to have all the answers and then twists the facts and evidence to suit their needs. I’m surprised I have any hair left and not completely bald after years of trying to have honest discussions with these types of people. This is why I tend to ignore most ideologues when they make their bullshit claims without any honest facts or evidence to back up them up. It’s basically a lost cause and a waste of my time.

The fact is it’s a parlor trick that these ideologues employ which is actually quite easily accomplished by dishonest individuals.

Let me show you how this trick is accomplished in three easy steps.

First, let’s choose a cause and make a claim about it. In this example we’ll use feminism and the claim that the patriarchy is responsible for the “oppression of women.” Notice how you have two questionable assertions there.

Second, anyone who challenges the claim being made is automatically painted as being against reforming or helping with the problem(s) identified. In this example the cause is fighting oppression of women by patriarchy, so if you oppose the claim made on behalf of feminism that the patriarchy is responsible for the oppression of women, you are automatically against women and against ending oppression.

Third, those who challenged the claim that was made are now to be shunned and called names, like “a misogynist” in this case. Others who are part of the cause, feminism, are encouraged to dog-pile the one who had challenged the original claim(s) made in order to silence them. Reason and rationality are thus rendered useless or even painted as evil. This allows the one who made the claim feel justified, empowered, and eager to perform their parlor trick on others who challenge their claim.

As you can see, this is an easy parlor trick that anyone can easily accomplish, on more than one subject. It is completely dishonest and childish, but it works to the dishonest ideologue’s advantage allowing them to feel victorious and validated.

It also removes any personal responsibility from the one making the claim in the sense of them having to do any heavy intellectual lifting or actual research to back up their claims: just paint anyone who questions the claims as evil. It allows one to be lazy and leads to complete circular reasoning.

You’ll never win a discussion with these types of people, which is why it is best to dismiss them out of hand and refuse to even acknowledge their attempts to bait you into nothing more than a childish, dishonest argument that will only leave you wanting to rip out your hair by the follicles.

Bottom line, if you entertain them then all you are really doing is puffing up their egos and validating them. These ideologues hate to be ignored because they truthfully have no argument, and they know it. Without their little three step parlor trick they have nothing to fall back on except their empty claims that amount to no more than a pile of steaming horse shit.

So, how to win an argument every time? Simple. Establish a questionable premise, or multiple questionable premises at once, then paint everyone who questions the premise as being hateful and evil and “part of the problem.” See how easy that is, and how this often makes discussion with a feminist nearly impossible?

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