Has feminism gone too far?

Has feminism gone too far?

First, before beginning this article, I’d like to, as a woman, thank Paul Elam and John The Other for providing me this forum to air some of my concerns. As many of my colleagues in the British Columbia Teacher Federation (BCTF) and in School District 39 already know, I, as  a woman, have long been an ardent adherent of the gender ideology commonly called radical feminism. In June of 2012, I got my first break into the news after being arrested by male police officers for spitting on somebody’s car. I was, of course, as a woman, injured in that arrest, as can be seen in the west-coast glam shot taken at 10th Avenue and Main Street in Vancouver. Please note the distress and angst in my face while presenting my wound for the shoot.

On June 29, 2012, outside the courthouse at 222 Main I spoke, as a woman, at a press conference protesting the suppression of my Canadian charter rights of free expression. I even held up my wrist, wrapped in a smartly off-white tensor bandage worn for the occasion.

I also made a statement which was reported by Jeff Greene of the Vancouver Province Newspaper:


What I would like is to feel safe and secure engaging in political expression, I feel like I’ve been wronged until I feel like I can protest safely again. […] I don’t know how that can be achieved at this point. [1]

However, by September, I felt perfectly safe again. On the first Saturday of the month, I participated in some direct activism, accompanied by 20 to 30 like minded individuals, some of whom had armed themselves with box-cutters. We converged on a construction site where a single individual, a man, had glued up several dozen copies of a poster denouncing hatred of individuals by ethnic, religious or sexual identity, and not only tore his posters down, we made sure he knew he was outnumbered and unwelcome. Alone, this coward was so alarmed at being swarmed by my crew, he called the police himself. Obviously, we were in the right, because postering on a construction hoarding something other than feminist rhetoric is clearly misogyny. The posters actually said that men’s rights are human rights.

As if.

I videoed my crew as they eradicated these so-called human rights posters, and when the short, ugly, and obviously woman hating misogynist approached me, I told him to not speak to me, because he hated women. He said something stupid then, like don’t impute an opinion to him that he claimed to not hold, and then I told him: “I didn’t say anything about you”. Lol.

He had no clue even how to have a reasonable discussion. But I’ve heard descriptions of this event refer to it as vigilante violence, as an armed mob, as well as censorship. These claims are obviously absurd, because we, the majority of 30; disagreed with his posters. Well, not the posters exactly, since they disavowed hated or bigotry, but we knew he was a misogynist, because we’d already agreed on that. Clearly, this stupid, heteronormative, cis-gendered straight white male’s objection to our poster-removal was an oppression of our right to freely express ourselves in silencing his hate-posters. (or anti-hate posters, possibly) Either way, majority rule is democracy, the pinnacle of fairness. We at that moment, we were the majority.

Sasha Wiley – Bandage by Armani

In fact, by passing his photo among the members of our organization, which we’ve given the unnofficial name femistasi, we’re confident we can make sure he does not feel safe or secure engaging in political expression, which, as a democratic majority, is our right. In addition, stupid as anyone who we disagree with must be, they probably feel wronged by organized removal of posters, and and by group intimidation.

The so called MRAs won’t speak up again until the feel like they can do so safely again. If we have anything to do with that, it wont be soon, given indifference of the public to our potential for violence. I don’t know how anybody can feel safe at this point.

Those who disagree should not feel safe, of course. We are obviously right, because we are a majority. And I say that as a woman, an oppressed minority.

This brings me to the stupidest of questions. It’s a question so foolish that so called men’s rights activists have even put it on a poster. Has Feminism gone too far?

Yes, that question. And honestly, this question answers itself. The fact that it is even possible to ask this openly proves feminism hasn’t gone far enough. A totality of control on public thought is where perpetual revolution takes us. And we aren’t there yet. We, and I say this as a woman, have much work to do.

[1] http://www.theprovince.com/travel/Police+actions+were+appropriate+response+bullying+violence/6863220/story.html

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