Happy Saint Vagina Day

V Day is the brainchild of Eve Ensler, creator of the Vagina Monologues, the pornographic presentation that applauds all things vagina and lesbian including celebrating pedophilia by claiming in relation to the rape of a 13-year-old girl by an older woman:

“If it was rape, it was a good rape.”

Ensler believes Feb 14, traditionally St Valentines Day, a day to celebrate love and romantic relationships between the sexes (or between intimate partners) is better used to spread false feminist, imperialist propaganda about men’s violence toward women and girls.

Readers will be aware of the issue creep occurring in the flagship feminist grievance industry of “Gendered Violence.”  Violence against women became, “men’s violence against women” courtesy of the White Ribbon Campaign (too bad for the approximately 50% of lesbians who suffer violence at the hands of their intimate partner).

In Australia in 2008, then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd with EMILY’s List graduate and Minister for the Status of Women, Tanya Plibersek, set up the “National Council to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children” who later produced the now notorious “plan” of the same name.

Ensler and her ilk realise that “children” is a sex inclusive term and that action to redress violence against boys does not fit the gendered violence paradigm.

The Mission of V-Day is: “To end violence against women and girls worldwide.” Too bad men, the majority of victims of violence globally and too bad male babies, infants and children you now because they possess a y chromosome are also unworthy of any human concern from feminist gender ideologues.  However these little boys, considered potential future rapists, apparently still have some utility for feminists by holding signs shaming and blaming men.

Not only are male children excluded from current efforts to address the global burden of violence but the United Nations femocracy (AKA UNIFEM) has invented a new factoid: “One In Three Women On The Planet Will Be Raped Or Beaten In Her Lifetime.”  I say invented because UNIFEM cite no source for the statistic and have not responded to written requests to cite the source this and other claims. Indeed the UNIFEM website contains a plethora of cherry picked unreferenced claims.

By extrapolation of this “lifetime” figure, Ensler projects that one billion (1,000,000,000) women on planet earth have been raped or beaten, hence this years V Day theme of OneBillionRising proposing that all women “strike, rise and dance” in revolution to end “rape culture.”

Conflating trivial acts of interpersonal violence reported in community surveys (a threating look, unkind word or push) with being “raped and beaten” is bread and butter feminist dishonesty. Some feminists even claim that a man’s gaze is enough to rape a woman without any need for physical contact whilst others see every instance of heterosexual intercourse as acts of rape.  Blending data form other countries/cultures racked by war, famine or other civil strife with that of western liberal democracies by such gender ideologies leads to rape hysteria not rape culture.

The feminist focus remains on division by sex rather than unity of purpose in addressing all human suffering buy continuing to acknowledge only women’s experience of violence as worthy of remediation.

Ensler has nurtured and propagated such a divisive stance (common to all prominent lesbian feminists) with her anti male, anti-heterosexual rhetoric over many years, and as part of the OneBillionRising campaign has released on YouTube a video titled Man Prayer” – words by Eve Ensler, film by Tony Stroebel

The sexist bias and negative male stereotyping in this “prayer” is clear along with the message to the evil male half of the population should, hate yourselves, hate masculinity, become more like women the only humans capable of love, and love women the only humans deserving of love.

The anti-male theme continues on the V-Day Facebook page with a graphic that reads as follows:


People riot the same way they orgasm. This is why riots of men end as soon as they begin and never really accomplish anything. Women’s riot will be an ever-expanding, multiple, only-accumulating rebellion that will shatter this paradigm forever.

Is trivialization and misrepresentation of male sexuality a legitimate tool for promoting tolerance and non-violence? I think not, just another message of hate.

Facebook hosts many pages where radical feminists like Ensler can easily spread their message of hate with impunity. Cathy Brennan is a prominent Maryland Attorney and outspoken radical feminist with a particular disdain for male to female transsexuals and links to the hate site RadfemHub.  Brennan’s public Facebook page features a profile image of a mans face, the background is a series of words;


Followed by the subtext


Brennan is also associated with a Facebook hate page and website titled Name the Problem.

Described as an “education website” the Facebook page about section reads;


Whether male violence is due to masculine gender socialization or male biology, we cannot answer these questions if we continue to avoid this discussion. We cannot fix a problem that we refuse to name. Name it. Say it with us: Male violence.

According to Brennan the fact that a small percentage of men are violent means all men must be labelled and stigmatised as violent, whilst the small percentage of women who are violent are held not to exist. Ignored also is the evidence that women’s involvement in raising boys and feminist’s policy of exclusion of fathers from the upbringing of children contributes to increased likelihood of violence in both sexes.

The effects of these feminist influences are now clearly being seen in the most “gender equal” societies, western liberal democracies where following 50 years of feminist governance and Duluth inspired anti DV Laws – surveys of dating violence in young people routinely find parity or a female preponderance of those initiating violence.

For example one study of 5000 Australian teens found one in three females and males say they have experienced at least one type of physically violent behavior from a girlfriend or boyfriend – this includes kids as young as 12.  Murray Straus also found symmetry in perpetration of IPV involving dating relationships in college students in a large-scale multinational study.

In another large longitudinal study in the US involving almost 6000 students and published in the journal Pediatrics this month, researchers found that girls were more likely to perpetrate violence than boys, but girls were more likely to be the victims of sexual violence or incur injuries. Furthermore both genders considered female to male violence as less serious than male to female violence.

Brennan is a partner the legal firm Hudson Cook, LLP and member of a number of professional and Bar Associations. Professional firms and associations have codes of conduct and ethical practice, and there are Federal and State Anti-discrimination laws. I wondered how those in her firm and the associations of which she is a member would perceive this display of gender intolerance and hate? So I wrote to them and asked.

No official response yet but an anonymous email arrived in my Clinic’s shared email box yesterday.

It reads:

I read your diatribe against Cathy Brennan.

Why are you not even remotely concerned that everything that she writes about men is true? Pure reason demands that changing male violence would be a far, far better place to exert your energies. You might want to try that.

Consider that.

To me pure reason in understanding violence would dictate that one takes an holistic, nuanced and gender inclusive approach to what is a complex multifactorial problem of humans, men and women and the circumstances in which they find themselves.

Labelling or naming if you prefer an entire group on the basis of the characteristics of a few of its members is by definition bigotry and the root cause of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism etc.  It is also fundamental to feminism a movement that aims to achieve female supremacy.  This is why they guard and propagate this lie about men as a group so fiercely.


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