For the Feminists Who Aren’t Like That

This site did way better than expected the first month and is now getting over a thousand visits a day. O.K., so I am not competing with, but it is a pleasing outcome with expectations for growth in the future. And of course there are some problems.

They were more than just expected, they were a clearly foreseen, predictable list of online maladies that happen wherever men congregate to speak honestly, in our own language, about the circumstances of our lives. It’s the sort of thing manginas and feminists can’t resist. Honestly, I think it just bugs the shit out of them.

The latest round of comments from that particular peanut gallery have been of the NAFALT (Not All Feminists Are Like That) variety. Please note that all NAFALT comments will be moved to the Feminist and Mangina page, and though I know it is insane to suggest you lessen my workload, placing those comments there to begin with would be appreciated.

Why, you ask?

Check out the latest quote from the President of The National Organization for Women, Terri O’Neill. She says, regarding a controversial rap song by Eminem and Rihanna, “The fact is, it’s only two year olds and violent men who use violence to get what they want.”

Pure feminist, misandric drivel, to the core.

So, O.K., I will publicly stipulate that Not All Feminists Are Like That. But all the ones that matter are.  The ones that don’t matter, the “good feminists” only seem to show up at MRA’s sites lecturing us on how Not All Feminists Are Like That.

When the “good” feminists you are so convinced are repping your cause are in charge at major feminist organizations, we will look at a policy change here. Till then, before you come in here trying to lecture anyone that not all feminists meet the stereotype, please bring some proof with you that you have actually done something to clean up your own house, like with the President of N.O.W..

A copy of your scathing email to that silly bitch will do.


And PS, some FACTORY for all you good feminists.

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