Feminists have their heads up their cant

Recently, an angry, hysterical feminist bigot with a history of compulsively lying, summarized a recent article as my allegedly writing, “…that all feminists are evil women who hate men.”  I searched through the article I wrote; never does the word “evil” even appear, nor do I ever imply that feminists are all women.  Yet that’s the best that this poor feminist with his unfortunately poor feminist reading comprehension skills can do.

That’s really all any feminist can do.  The often repeated “They hate teh wymynz” argument: conflating hateful feminist bigotry with women and claiming you are attacking women. I don’t need to point out how that reasoning is fallacious. What’s funny is the claim that only women can be feminists is a claim I’ve only ever heard from feminist bigots themselves. It makes you wonder; why do feminists have such bad reading and listening comprehension skills?

It seems to me their poor reasoning and reading comprehension skills are caused by feminist cant. Loaded language used to reinforce feminist ideology, especially its presuppositions.

Feminists see themselves as wizards, able to cast a sort of spell simply by redefining words or creating a word or phrase in their cant language to make their delusion true. It’s a linguistic shell game:

“Oh, you don’t think women are people, huh?”

“You don’t believe in equality, huh?”

I don’t need to point out how this thought-stopping feminist cant is absurd, though it may be worth mentioning that it’s doubtful that anyone in the history of the world has ever actually said women aren’t people. Yet, plenty of people claim that men aren’t people they are always feminists.

Another example, with the Duke Lacrosse team or UVa, when people point out the rape story could not have possibly been true for several separate, slam dunk reasons, we are told that it actually did happen, we just support it or we are rape apologists.

What’s going on here?  The idea that the accused man is guilty of rape is presupposed within feminist cant. Just like “Feminism just means equality”, “The accused man is guilty of rape”, is presuppositional in feminist cant. The feminist therefore sees the person explaining that no crime occurred as necessarily defending rape, and therefore a rape apologist. Feminists simply have their heads too far up their feminist cant to see reality.

The possibility of a man to be accused, yet be innocent, is unimaginable to a feminist because of another layer of feminist presupposition. We are told, “It is cruel to not believe the rape victim.” Why should we presuppose the guilt of the accused? Because we should believe the victim.

The accuser is presupposed to be the victim, the accused is presupposed not to be the victim of a false and malicious accusation, but the villain.

Epistemology, a concern for how we know what we claim to know,  is completely missing. In feminism, it’s replaced by a feedback loop where the conclusion is used as a premise to support the conclusion.

“Rape apologetics!”, “Patriarchy!”, “Misogyny!”  If you hear these phrases, you can bet the person screeching them is a feminist. Examples of feminist buzzwords abound, loaded language full of presupposition.  If you’re like me, you’ve at one point had the strange experience of honestly trying to impart logic and reason into a hateful feminist bigot.  Of course, you didn’t know beforehand the feminist you’re talking to is a hateful bigot; you’ll learn that later.

Another stomach-churning example is the twisted tumblr feminist response to Bill Cosby, blinded with their frothing hate of him, his race and gender declare that he needs the “Emmit Till treatment.” or needs to be sexually tortured to death. A well-intended, naïve person might try to interact with these vile feminist bigots, to try to change their minds.  Yet, their own jargon is loaded with presupposition. If a man is accused of rape, even if there is clear and convincing proof of his innocence, a feminist deems him guilty. To a feminist, pointing out that he may be innocent isn’t pointing out that he may be innocent, it’s defending rape.

The feminist cant seriously gets in the way of their listening comprehension.  Feminists can’t listen with their heads up their cant.

Just as “Rape apologetics” is feminist cant used to presuppose their beliefs and misrepresent what is actually being said, even the term “Feminism” is used to misrepresent feminism.

People who support equal rights for men and oppose hateful feminist anti-male bigotry are almost always asked by puzzled feminists “How do you define feminism?” The question presupposes that an individual can define feminism. In reality, we don’t define things, reality itself defines them. Simply defining things doesn’t change reality. Reality needs to change definitions. We can’t simply recast a definition like a magical spell and turn feminism into something else.

Saying “Feminism just means equality” and therefore it is so, is like saying “Let’s define a unicorn as a magical flying horse with a horn on its heads that exists,” then declaring that unicorns, by definition, exist.

“Feminism just means equality” is their GOTO line. When someone says something off-script like pointing out how “The Patriarchy”, “Male Privilege”, “Toxic masculinity”, “Institutional misogyny” “Switch rape”, or “Gender-criticism” are clearly different from equality and that the concept of equality existed long before feminism did, the feminist will simply blink and start back at the GOTO line, “Feminism just means equality”.

In summary, “My assertion is true because it is. It is because I know it’s true.” It is presupposed to be true. This is how feminist cant controls their thoughts; loaded language that impedes their ability to think critically.

It’s easy to see how this faulty reasoning is used to vilify people who support solutions for men’s issues. Under this mindset, opposing feminist bigotry is identical to opposing equality. Not hating men means you hate women and are a misogynist. Supporting the legal principle of the presumption of innocence is identical to supporting rape. Championing men’s issues is seen as identical to supporting crime, domestic abuse and rape.

Feminism has a thing with words that control thought. You may have almost lost your lunch when you heard the bigoted feminist slogan “Redefining masculinity.”

Feminists see masculinity as evil. Their hateful and deluded understanding of men doesn’t allow them to re-evaluate their bigoted view of men, no, that is presuppositionally true. In their bigoted brains, we need to change the definition of masculinity to something that can never ever ever be toxic – femininity. Their own feminist cant wags the dog. They don’t see that masculinity is what men are like, just as femininity is what women are like, they think to put another label on what men are like will change what men actually are.

So if you’ve ever wondered why feminists fail so badly at listening comprehension, why they just can’t understand what words mean, why they are determined to misrepresent what you say, the answer is plain; feminists have their heads up their cant.

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