Excuse Me, What Is So Wrong With Being Anti-Feminist?

If you haven’t seen Dean Esmay’s interview on Fox 2 News Detroit, watch it. It’s great and after you watch it about five times (you won’t be able to help yourself), watch it again, only this time, turn off the volume. Watch the eyes. Watch the expressions. Note the subtle changes in body posture. Read the hateful tweets displayed at the bottom of the screen throughout.
There is so much going on in this interview. Many of the deeper issues at play here almost instantly come to the surface. For example, there is an obvious fundamental disregard, on the part of the two females, towards the very concept that men are equal to women. There’s the rush towards shaming tactics. There’s the drive to blame men as individuals for a legal system that has been gamed for decades by the feminist lobby.
There’s one thing in particular that Dr. Heather Delaway, the feminist representative said, that bears particular scrutiny. It’s simply incredible that she said it, kind of like Jack Nicholson’s character in, ‘A Few Good Men,’ shouting, “You’re goddamn right I gave that order!”
Her main argument for condemning the International Men’s Conference, was, in her words:
“I think it’s not the actual conference program that’s the problem. If you look at the conference program, it’s not an issue. It’s all of the social media that’s very anti-feminist, it’s the messages that are begin sent by the group.”

On the surface, from a certain point of view, that statement has some validity, because on the surface of our thoughts, the knee jerk, unprocessed, reactive side of thinking, Anti-Feminist = Anti-Women. To be Anti-Women is obviously sexist and to outright oppose the existence of more than half of the population of the planet is extreme at the least, insane at most. Right?
The problem is that Feminism does not equal Women. Feminism is a political movement. Even when Lollipop Feminists, the brand churned out by freshman gender studies classes the likes of which Dr. Delaway undoubtedly teach, exclaim, “Feminism just wants equality for men and women,” it takes exactly one question to reveal the political nature of what is being said.
When you say equality, do you mean anything having to do with legislation, the courts or the manner in which government and the citizenry interact?
Lollipop feminist replies: No, we just want men and women to be treated equally…

Well, there should be laws…
And colleges should….
And businesses should be made to pay women…

If it involves a law, a college (most of which get all of their funding through loans for tuition made possible by government), the workplace, how rape is defined (you know, so that the legal definition makes it impossible for anyone other than a man to commit rape), the types of judges put on the bench in family courts, it’s POLITICS.
Any large-scale group activity shy of open discourse that does not intend to change laws or public policy is a political matter and if it is a political matter, the core concept of a free democratic people is that every view can be expressed. You don’t have to like them. You can shove your fingers in your ears and go, “LA LA LA LA LA!!!” But they still get to be said.
When this professor says that her problem with an International Men’s Conference is that there are Anti-Feminist messages, that is no different from a Republican trying to shut down the Democratic National Convention because they are expressing Anti-Conservative messages. Of course they are!!!
And this is the problem. Feminists do not believe that they should have to explain themselves or argue their positions or even engage in the political game. They want no opposition, no counter point, no alternative views to their own, yet they still pursue the passage of laws that are directly aimed at giving women preference in the legal system, stripping men of their personal and parental rights and turning all men, legally, into second class citizens.
Watch Dean Esmay’s interview and turn off the sound. This is what you see. In that professor’s sideways glances, in the slump, in that cocky smile, in the way she almost always faces the other female in the conversation (the only other person there she feels it is necessary to speak with), the way she places her palms up, hands at chest level (body language to show this has become a personal plea), she shows that the argument is not about men’s rights. At least not to her. She’s amazed she even has to make an argument. What are these silly people thinking?
Her only argument, visible in body language throughout, explicitly in words towards the end, is that the man sitting next to her and all of the people that he was there to represent, have no right to engage in a political discussion that is contrary to the political position that she and other feminists have taken.
So when that Lollipop Feminist says, ‘We just want equality,’ how can this be taken seriously when feminists believe that (most) men are so far beneath them that they should not be permitted to gather and discuss their positions. They don’t think you have a right to speak.
And she said it.
Good shit.
Addendum: There was a tweet below in the interview that read something like, “If men have any of those problems this man just listed that is a YOU PROBLEM, not a gender problem.” To the person who sent that message or agrees with it, I beg you to attend the conference and find one man (there will be more than that there) who has had a family court give full custody of his children to his wife when he did absolutely nothing wrong. No domestic violence. He paid whatever she asked and still she did everything she could to poison the relationship he had with his children for no other reason than to punish him for not doing exactly what the professor in this video was outright expressing.
To certain women, men do not have a right to disagree with what they declare. The courts, by way of the feminist lobby, have been overtaken with this idea that if a man does not do what a woman wants, he should suffer, his children should suffer and to even disagree with this calls for instant shame that it is the failure of the man. The only failure that a man can have in this situation, the only, ‘YOU PROBLEM,’ that a man has in this situation is to NOT stand up and call this for what it is. If you don’t like men, that’s fine, but children have a right to a relationship with both parents even if a woman doesn’t like it.

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