Damseling for dollars. Anita Sarkeesian scores again

Anita Sarkeesian is at it again. With the damseling, I mean.

According to a report at thejournal.ie, the “pop culture critic” was forced to leave her home in fear for her life after getting some nastytweets™ directed at her on the social media site Twitter.

And indeed it was some really nasty shit that got flung in her direction. Some moron tweeted, among other things, “I’ll drink your blood out of your cunt after I rip it open.” That was just one tweet. There were more, mostly from the same guy, I think.

Excuse me if I don’t pick up a pitchfork and torch and lead a mob to seek justice on her behalf.

Actually, excuse me if I yawn and don’t give a shit.

Look, if anyone wants to freak out on Anita’s behalf, please feel free. And send her some more money.


Sarkeesian has been “working” on a series of videos about sexism in video games. Her shtick is to sift through a couple of billion tons of simulated male-on-male carnage that dominates the gaming landscape, cherry-picking a few items of virtual female cranium-crushing, (stealing some graphics along the way) and claiming that gaming and gaming culture is all about the hatred of women.

Her arguments are poorly articulated, boring, constructed like slop, highly biased, and completely, excruciatingly stupid.

Mind you, that is not saying Sarkeesian is stupid. She isn’t. It is just that for her purposes a weak idea and a YouTube account is all she needs to make a living.

She operates by making young, sometimes immature gamers furious — publicly attacking their culture and pastimes. No better way to do that than to lie about them and the things they value.

This invariably leads to some barely pubescent dimwits with Twitter accounts — and no internal controls – to give her exactly what she wants.

To be threatened.

As everyone in the feminist, men’s rights, and gaming communities knows, she has already cashed in on those threats big time.

In June 2012, Sarkeesian launched a Kickstarter seeking $6,000.00 to do a video project on gaming tropes being misogynistic, like everything else under the feminist sun.

Some pinheads reacted by making some rank posts on YouTube and other places. After swooning a couple of times, Sarkeesian waved said comments around on the Internet, damseled the living shit out of herself, swooned again, and poof, Anita cashed in on a cool 158K in donations from fellow feminists and white knights. Over a thousand people donated after hearing of her “plight.”

Personally, I am jealous. I have had half the major media in a couple of countries disingenuously and maliciously demonize me. Even after forcing some retractions I bet I got more threats than Sarkeesian.

My reward? Jack shit.

Maybe it was because I didn’t swoon hard enough or treat the threats like they were tickets to Disneyworld.

Or maybe it was just that I don’t have a vagina and the sociopathic acumen to be profitably distressed and empowered at the same time.

And that’s the deal here, folks. I am not saying that Sarkeesian got what was coming to her. I am saying that Sarkeesian got exactly what she has counted on all along. That’s her meal ticket.

She is, quite brilliantly I might add, shaping her public image into that of a heroic woman, standing against the forces of dark misogyny that we know inhabits the underworld of gaming forums like legions of Orcs.

She is paying the price for that heroism, too, 140 brutal, seething, woman-hating characters at a time.

Right smack in the middle of her fucking wheelhouse.

Call Sarkeesian whatever you want, but don’t call her stupid. This woman plays the victim card so well she makes Rebecca Watson look like War Machine.

I think I am correct in assuming there is some cha-ching going down in her PayPal account right about now. And there will be some more gash-cash for other members of the sisterhood who pen their outrage over this worse-than-death-almost-as-bad-as-rape event, demanding that someone, preferably the state, take over the Internet and make it safer for lying, feminist con artists.

And as I look around me these days, it might just happen.

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