Will the artificial womb bring about men’s liberation?

A wise man once told me: “If it weren’t for pussy, there would be an open season on women.” Most feminists would scream, “Misogyny!” at that statement. I must admit that I had a similar reaction myself for about half a second. Then I thought about what he said and what it actually meant. It didn’t mean that men would kill women if it weren’t for their vaginas. It meant that if men didn’t value vaginas to such a high degree, men would not tolerate an exceeding level of bad behavior from women. After rolling that around in my head for a while, I decided to take a look at the men and women I knew to see if this idea was true. All around me I saw men tolerating behavior from women that they would never tolerate from any man. From my own observations, I concluded that there was a grain of truth behind what that old man had said. Men value women so much, most are willing to tolerate abhorrent behavior from the “fairer” sex.

The feminist and MHRM communities have been buzzing lately with the idea of an artificial uterus. Women would no longer have to carry babies inside them but could grow them at home, like tomatoes. This technology may never be possible. However, if human history teaches us anything, it’s that what women want, they get. Then again, I don’t think all women will embrace this new technology. I think many women will opt for the experience of feeling their child grow inside them rather than in the controlled environment of an artificial womb.

For the 90% of the time that humans have existed, women have been cherished and worshipped for their life-giving ability. First, it was simple survival strategy for women to be protected and men to be sacrificed for the good of the group. Now the worshipping of women is an unnecessary and destructive custom. We still protect women like each individual one is more valuable than men as a whole. Simply, men are considered worth less, if nothing, compared with women.

A healthy, stable relationship is based on the idea that both people are equally valued. The same principle applies to a healthy society. If one group is seen as more valuable than another or others, then you have a tiered society that is bound to violate the human rights of the less preferred group in favor of the preferred group. Men being undervalued and women being overvalued are simply unnecessary in our modern society. Yet women can still do something that men can’t. Having babies is a must for the survival of the species.

What if men, being in the undervalued position, were made completely unnecessary for the human race to continue? What if women didn’t need men to have babies? Sounds like a feminist pipe dream, doesn’t it?

Science is very close to creating viable sperm and egg cells from stem cells. This technology would enable men and women with reproductive problems to be able to conceive. It would also allow gay male couples to conceive a baby using nothing but their own DNA and with the help of a surrogate mother. Yes, it would also allow lesbian couples to conceive on their own, no man necessary. Presto! We are on the verge of making the feminist utopia possible from a reproductive standpoint. You may be saying, “Wait a minute, Jack. That doesn’t mean that men are done for. Not every baby born will be a girl.” Well … scientists have already created the technology that will allow a couple to custom-order their child.

Special clinics allow you to pick your child’s eye, hair, skin color, and gender. “Hold on a second there, hoss. This doesn’t mean that people can guarantee that every baby born is a girl. The design-a-baby technology is far from 100% accurate.” That’s a simple fix. Do an ultrasound. If it’s a boy, abort it.

“Ultrasounds are not completely accurate either there, sonny.” Again, that has all but been taken care of. Its called post-natal abortion.

Yeah, it’s only theoretical at this point. But as I said before: What women want, they get. “Now you’ve gone off the rails. All this is assuming that the majority of women prefer girls to boys.”


What do you expect after 50 years of feminism telling the whole world that males, or “homorapians,” are all evil?

This isn’t tinfoil-hat thinking. This is about to become a reality. A world without men will probably never happen. After all, the latest stats show that the overwhelming majority of women reject the ideology of feminism. I honestly believe that most women would take up arms and fight for the men whom they love. But an all-female planet is about to become technologically possible from a reproductive standpoint.

Try to wrap your heads around that one for a moment. Women have value because they are needed. Our society has always treated women as a group better than men as a group because women are considered of higher value. Men have had little value in terms of reproduction. Men have always been disposable because they were considered of lesser reproductive value. Remember that tiered society I was talking about? Not only does society refuse to tolerate the same level of bad behavior from men as they do women, but we also don’t give a shit whether boys live or die. Men have to walk a fine line to stay in society’s good graces. Women have to really work at it to get a frown. What if we put women in the same boat as men? What if women became entirely unnecessary? If two men could use stem cell technology coupled with an artificial uterus to have babies, what would that do to women’s inherent value? What if the human race no longer needed women to continue the species?

The term modern woman is an oxymoron. Women feel more entitled to protection and provision from daddy government while giving next to nothing in return than they ever have. At least back in the horse-and-buggy days men could expect something in return for caring for women. There is nothing modern about today’s entitled female. As for the woman part. Ha! Woman is the term used for adult female human beings. Go to a Slut Walk, a Take Back the Night rally, a NOW convention, or anywhere feminists flock like lot lizards to a Peterbilt and see how many adult females you find. Now go to the same places or events and count all the entitled little princesses who are crying and whining, like Sael Palani after David Futrelle sat on her mouse. While it is true that the overwhelming majority will be over 18—hell, a significant number will be on the backside of 40—that doesn’t mean they behave as a adults. I don’t know what you call them. They are female human beings, but it would be a bad joke to call them adults; therefore, it would be an equally bad joke to call them women. Look at our family courts. Take a look at shrink4men.com and read the stories posted there about some “modern women.” Take a look at the false rape epidemic on our college campuses. Take a look at all the legislation that women have been able to ram through government. Just take a look at the bullshit feminism stands for. Look at the lies that it spouts, like patriarchy theory, rape culture, the wage gap, the Duluth model, etc., etc., etc. This is not a new phenomenon. The degradation and de-evolution of the human female has been going on for over 50 years. Yeah, I know: NAWALT, NAWALT, NAWALT. NAWALT doesn’t change the facts.

Yet our society tolerates this bad behavior and in some cases even celebrates it. Why? Well, women have pussies.

The almighty vag has lost a lot of its value in the past several decades. Men don’t have to buy women (marriage) to get laid. Men don’t even have to rent one for a couple of hours to relieve their natural sexual frustrations. A man can simply get a five-gallon bucket of petroleum jelly, a case of tube socks, a computer, and an Internet connection and he is set for life. Why has the last option become more appealing than the other two in recent years? It’s simple: It’s the cheapest and there’s no hassle or bullshit. So pussy isn’t the real reason we tolerate this kind of behavior, at least not anymore. It’s the old “protect the people who give birth” that is the culprit now. Men still feel this need to protect the baby-makers. It’s the fault of both men and women that we live in a tiered society based solely on who carries the baby. We could change this if we wanted to bad enough. We just don’t want to. Men like women, and women like being on top. The artificial uterus won’t change anything until men collectively say that enough of this bullshit is enough. But it is a necessary step in men doing just that.

A healthy relationship is based on the fact that each one doesn’t need the other but wants the company of the other. As it stands right now, women don’t need men, but men need women. Anyone can see this is lopsided. This one-sided deal results in a one-sided society. In the past, men and women needed each other. Then women decided that they wanted to be free of men. Now it’s time we freed men of women. We need to create a society where men and women are together because they want to be, not because they are holding a gun to each other’s head. But society cannot survive as long as one has the gun pointed at the other’s head. I hope that the artificial womb is possible and is close to becoming a reality. If for no other reason than no one group should not have as much power over reproduction as women have.

But the invention of the “stunt cunt” comes with an extra bonus. Women will be forced to grow up and treat men as human beings instead of just sperm-dispensing machines who can open jars and take bullets. I long for that day.

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