Chanty! No, no, not that one!

I swear if I read one more outraged “report” — aka feverish, paranoid rant — that twists something stupid into “evidence” of a “rape culture,” I am going to just lose it. I know, the use of scare quotes three times one sentence is excessive, but we are dealing with feminism here, which is all about “equality,” and “gender justice,” and “fairness to women.”

There, I did it twice. I could do it again, but I would have to charge you.

The latest bit of hyper-hipster-hysteria surrounds some business students at the University of British Columbia who made a chant that leaned a little too far to the rapey side for ideologues to pass it up as an imminent threat to women everywhere.

A student reportedly tweeted the chant right into the interwebs – mind you with not so much as a trigger warning. It went like this:

“Y-O-U-N-G at UBC, we like ’em young,” and went on to talk about underage sisters, sex and lack of consent.”

Oh, the horror.

Of course, a massive investigation by the school’s Dean has been ordered. Some frosh chair heads are rolling – the sex of said heads are unknown at this time. Professors and students alike, right on cue, are forming huggy-feely groups and wailing for effect.

A quick, decisive statement from the president and vice president of the Commerce society was fired off like a Mike Tyson right cross, even as the ooos and ahhs and lordy-mercys continued to echo down the now shaken hallways of academe.

“[T]he society will take “all feasible steps” to eradicate unacceptable behavior,” 

Amid the promise to eradicate offensive chants and other unacceptable behaviors there was even a condemnation from a female Ph.D. student who alleges she was the victim of a rape. It was not clear, however, if she had ever fallen victim to an unacceptable chant.

So far, “chant rape” does not do much on a Google search, but the story just broke recently and it may be a while before the newly discovered form of rape can be written about, coined and inserted into your nearest gender studies text with statistics from Mary Koss.

These things take time. Sometimes a whole week.

Don’t worry. The pro female violence website is on the case. In their coverage, “‘Pro-Rape’ Chant at Canadian Universities Sparks Alarm,” they inform us that “The chant…has been gaining momentum in Canadian media outlets.” By that they mean that other gender opportunists are twisting a college stunt into plague of rapeyness threatening to violate 4 out of 3 college women any day now. They also offer their opinion that the fact that the chant has been passed down for years is “chilling.”

Where’s my sweater?

The Vancouver Sun reported that Steven Galloway, an associate professor and acting chair of the creative writing department, declared that the chant caused “[H]orror and outrage among staff, faculty and students.”

Well, if there was not any horror and outrage over these silly college antics for the years leading up to the current orgy of feigned indignation, there certainly will be by next weekend. These complete fucking idiots will make sure of it.

The students of both sexes doing the chanting will pay for it, too. Well, at least the ones with a penis, as I am sure we will see it postulated that the bearers of vaginas were under patriarchal control. Maybe “Chanted Student Syndrome.”

Seriously, though, this “event” and the histrionics around it are bullshit. I am an older guy. I find it interesting, given that I came from a more “patriarchal” generation, that something like this when I was 18 would have been unthinkable. Why? Because other men, especially older ones, would have pulled those young people aside and said, “Hey, we don’t do that around here.” That would have been that, as they say, if it had even happened in the first place.

We can thank feminists for this. Through policy and governance they have eroded positive male role models, and male authority, right out of the culture. After feminist undermining of the family, removing fathers from the lives of children and demonizing male heroes, we have a population of young people, especially young men, growing more socially feral with each new generation.

And now what do we see? Feminists running around everywhere telling men they need to tell each other, “Don’t rape. Don’t abuse women. Don’t this. Don’t that.” We can add a new campaign coming to institutions of higher learning near you. “Only men can stop chanting.” They will have “Chantwalks” and special ribbons and “Chant a chant with her voice.” People will forget that the chanting was done by both young men and young women, and it will be laid, as with everything else real and imagined, at the feet of men.

Then they will take the same course with this non-problem that academic feminists prescribe for every other over-inflated and concocted malady that they claim disproportionately affects women. They will encourage men to do battle with each other for their protection. They will tell men it is their responsibility to tell other men not to be rapey, beaty or chanty.

They will try to shame men into giving each other the exact same messages men always gave each other before feminists spent 50 years savaging masculinity; before feminism created a culture of men that doesn’t give a damn what happens to women.

Well, guess what? It is too late now. We are not squeezing that toothpaste back into the tube. Write all the agenda laden spin pieces you want. Start another stupid campaign. Call in the high profile white knights; Michael Kimmel, Michael Flood, Chris Kilmartin, even Hugo Schwyzer if he is not in detox or too busy sexting. Have a round table and review their obligatory funding requests. It will do you no good.

You can’t assault the identity of half the human race, marginalize and disempower them, which is exactly what feminism has done, and expect anything in return but what you are getting.

Looks good on ya.

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