Step right up people, we got your rape here. We got your classic rape, statutory rape, date rape and marital rape. We have regret rape, false rape, payback rape and other forms of shame and revenge rape.

And now we got “Birthrape.”

That’s right folks, I said it correctly. Birthrape.

And the idea of it, formerly making minor online hiccups by a few isolated and intellectually challenged bloggers, has now gained endorsement from the pro-violence, personality disordered gang of skeezers over at

No, I’m not helping their Google stats with a link. You can do a search on “birth rape” and find it easy enough.

Here is a clip from the article they the posted on it in September:

A vulnerable woman, who is powerless to leave the situation, is at times held down against her will, has strangers looking & touching at private parts of her body, perhaps without appropriate measures being taken to acknowledge her ownership of her body or to preserve her comfort levels. Perhaps she has fingers or instruments inserted without her consent, and sometimes against her consent, invading and crossing decent boundaries. She is fearful of what is happening to her and perhaps for the wellbeing of her baby, and receives no reassurance that either she or her child are ok. That is a violation, no matter how you look at it. Even IF this treatment is given with no malice and the intent of attempting to assist her with birthing her child, there is NEVER a reason to forgo common decencies that will enable her to maintain a role in the birth, some autonomy over her body, to be involved in the decision-making, to be informed about what they want to do BEFORE they do it.

Good Lord, where to start.

Taking the delivery of emergency healthcare services and interpreting them through the convoluted lens of a woman’s distressed emotions is nothing short of bizarre. But it’s a par for the course example of how willing feminists are to dilute the meaning of rape in order to gain extra value to the victim card.

For it’s the power of perceived, not actual victimhood, that can provide cash to the cow.

Here’s the scenario that those wacky Jezebel’s are shooting for:

Doctor: I’m sorry, your baby is having difficulty coming through. I am going to have to use forceps.

Sue: I want a second opinion!

Doctor: There is no time. You are delivering now! (The doctor proceeds to save both mother and child)

Sue: RAPE! RAPE! Help me I am being RAPED!!

Nurse: Time to up your malpractice again.

Sue: You’re not acknowledging ownership of my body! RAPE! Oh dear God! RAPE!

Doctor: There now. All done. You and your baby are fine.

Sue: I have been violated! RAAAAAAPE!

Now, most women who have just been raped in plain view of an entire medical team would want the police. Not the litigious Sue. She wants her lawyer, and while she is at home with her fatherless offspring, sucking up whatever government benefits she can from the giant government tit – while feeding her own child formula for the convenience of it – the lawyers will be negotiating a settlement for the college fund, or for the boob job she’ll want when her little brat finally starts eating solid food.

That is the End Game with all this rape hoopla; the power to get at some money.

Birthrape, as a concept, is designed to present a no win for the deep pockets of healthcare providers.  Take your choice; whether for malpractice or rape, you are going to get sued. Do something she doesn’t like, even to save her or the child, and she can sue. Don’t do something she needs because you are afraid of being sued, or causing harm, and she’ll sue.

Just what our overtaxed medical system needs.

All we have to do is have enough feminists screaming long enough and loud enough about this as an unaddressed malady in the lives of equal but also mysteriously powerless women, and some sort of legislation will be passed.

Think that is far-fetched?

I’d suggest a read through of VAWA and rape shield laws before you get too huffy about it.

And if an agenda along these lines seems too conspiratorial for you, I would beg to differ. As the stability deficient “Navel Gazing Midwife” opines in her blog:

I know that the majority of people reading the definition of rape and attempting to apply it to birth trauma will feel it is a stretch to do so. It took decades to believe that rape occurred in marriage or that women could be rapists, too, so expanding the definition to include birth might take a very long time and, I am sure, many, many years and a slew of failed lawsuits before anyone in the legal system recognizes birth traumas/abuses, much less birthrape.

Now my spell check still redlines birthrape, but my guess is that this will be “corrected” before the same redlining of misandry.  But more to the point, the Naval Gazer has just made the same point I am making.

The social illness of feminized victimhood is often furthered through erosion, much in the same way that the Grand Canyon was carved into the Arizona landscape.

Time and pressure. That’s all it takes.

And the resistance to victocrats is a lot less formidable than something as solid as rock. Indeed, it shouldn’t be more than a decade or so before Joe Biden’s son Beau is in the senate, penning legislation that targets evil doctor rapists. Don’t worry, he’ll figure out a way to only target male doctors.

I have to wonder how long it will be before they are staging “Take Back the Night,” rallies in hospital parking lots.

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