A widow’s message to Big Red

You may remember this girl I was trying to talk to a few weeks ago up at University of Toronto. I was trying very calm to keep my voice even and reasonable. Here’s part of our conversation, and you may notice what I’m trying to talk to her about while she’s sneering and singing:

I’ve been talking about this incident with Brenda lately. Who’s Brenda? She is a close friend of mine. I have spent many, many hours talking with her.

She is also the widow of Paul Donovan and a Men’s Human Rights Advocate. I admit, I had problems stringing together some words about this. But she had something she wanted to say, so I’m gonna let her say it right here in this video:

Since I’m having trouble saying more, I am going to reproduce some of Barbra Kay’s article about Paul’s suicide.

Bills mounted, but Paul’s livelihood remained blocked. He couldn’t afford a lawyer, and when he acted for himself a judge told him she couldn’t help him. The Family Responsibilities Office (FRO, a Canadian version of what’s better known as Friend of the Court in most of the U.S.) took him to court, petitioning for $10,000 or 188 days in jail. Appalled, Paul confided to Ms. Higgins he would rather die than serve such a sentence. Famous last words……At the time of his death Paul Donovan owed a measly $4,000 in child support.

I tried to tell Big Red about Paul, but she and her feminist clan are already addressing the issues males face, or so she tells us. And if we would just Shut The Fuck Up (STFU) and let her and her feminist friends deal with it things would be fine.

I’d say you have them so “addressed” that they are covered with about 6 feet of dirt, buried in graveyards across the western civilized world.

Guess what Big Red? I agree with Brenda.

Its about time you and your feminist friends Shut The Fuck Up and actually listen instead of dictating what is affecting males these days or claiming that it’s you who’s working on fixing these things. Because if you are, you’ve done a pretty fucking shitty job so far.

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