A letter to Jessica Valenti

Dear Jessica Valenti, Someone posted this to my comment section.


To be honest, it was the first time I watched this video. Now, there is so much wrong with this that it is hard to know where to start, but let’s get things rolling with a few basic facts. My name is Paul Elam (yes, my real name) and I live in Houston, Texas.  I am not hiding from anyone, least of all from the likes of you.

As a matter of fact, you are typical of the reasons that I am here doing what I do; which is to yank the covers off people like you and show the world what you really are. And guess what, Jessica. It is happening right in front of your beady little eyes. I would address a lot more than was in your little “fuck you,” video, but I don’t want to waste my considerable talents dealing with your spelling flames, your ideations about where your critics live or the fact that some men choose not to reveal their identity in a misandric culture that you help foster. I won’t even bother eviscerating your contention that your critics hate women.

What I will do, though, is point to the hypocrisy that you just showed the world. You have been trashing men for a long time now.  And then you come on YouTube with this video taunting men as cowards for how they react to it. And then we catch you red-handed on twitter, technical moron that you are, asking if anyone can help you erase your personal information from the entire internet. We caught you trying to put on sunglasses and hide in a dark corner, emulating the very men you were just shaming in this video. How does it feel to think you have to hide, Valenti? How does it feel knowing this is only the beginning? Your true color, yellow, looks good on you, especially considering the rest of that video.

You, in no uncertain terms, reduced everything to whining and just spent three minutes spouting hollow drivel that amounted to 12 different ways to say “Fuck you.”

No, you stupid hateful bitch, Fuck you. You are whining here about MRA’s being a “thorn in [your] side,”? Really? Is that all?  Were the comments of those who critiqued you and your ideas so frustrating that you felt compelled to dedicate your limited talents to making a video just for them? Well, then, before we are through, you will be making a full length feature for me. You might want to see if James Cameron is available to direct. Get Pacino’s agent on the line.

Because, Valenti, I am not here to be a thorn in your side. Oh no, not at all. I am here to fuck your shit up. And that of a whole lot of your sick sisters. Non violently, legally and with integrity of course, but your shit will be fucked up just the same. And the people you have been humiliating, denigrating, demonizing and insulting for the last several years are going to help me do it.

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