A hard-on for the Good Men Project

I love Mexican food. A plate of cheese enchiladas and arroz con frijoles, with some fresh, homemade tortillas de harina, really gets me all hot and bothered.

Of course, I love Indian fare as well. I have been known to go all cave man over properly done saag paneer with a stack of garlic naan. I could live on those two items together for the rest of my life.

I guess you can tell between the tortillas and the naan that I am a carbohydrate freak. Carbs are an addiction that have haunted me most of my adult life.

Well, but wait a second. I have to admit that all this is not quite accurate. I do love Mexican food, but the fact is that a plate of cheese enchiladas, no matter how expertly prepared, doesn’t actually raise my body temperature, even a little. And they certainly don’t “bother” me.

It is the same with Indian food. I have been happy, very happy, to enjoy that creamy spiced spinach with delicate, cubed paneer, but I have not actually ever turned into a cave man over the sight of it. And I am not really a “freak” over carbohydrates, or even “addicted” to them, and certainly could not live on two food items without getting very bored. I just tend to favor those sorts of things over other foods. And I swear, visions of baked, wheat-based ethnic breads have never “haunted” me, not even when I was a little kid and I thought there was a monster under my bed.

Now, I am sure at this point you must be wondering what the hell this has to do with men’s rights, feminism or the MHRM.  I can answer that in two words.

Joanna Schroeder.

Schroeder is serving as a senior editor of the Good Men Project, where in her bio she is described as the “type of working mom who opens her car door and junk spills out all over the ground.”

It is probably an apt description. The same thing happens when she opens her mouth.

Or logs in to Twitter.

That fact came up recently when she posted the following tweet.


That is right. She proclaims with utter certainty that I am “aroused” by violence against women. In one context, she could be right. I certainly have feelings aroused related to violence against anyone, namely anger and sadness, but it is pretty clear to me that this is not what she meant. She supported her false allegation only with a link to an article at feministcurrent.com, a bilge offering of agitprop about the MRHM, and AVFM in particular, that was filled with as much strawmen, conjecture and obfuscation as, well, as any other article written by feminists about the MHRM.

Laughably, they were even portraying Big Red, the garish and unruly feminist idiot who was recently caught on camera screaming abusive obscenities and epithets at anyone who challenged her ideas, as the helpless victim of evil men’s activists.

In short, they damseled her. She put herself on public display as an out of control, personality disordered moron, right in front of several video cameras. Then, when it was posted to YouTube it went viral, unleashing a different bunch of morons – the kind of morons that really hate the Big Red kind of moron. They came out of the woodwork to say the kinds of things that morons typically say in these kinds of circumstances. Of course Current declared all the other morons to be MHRAs. Typical. Anyway, it was not pretty, but the virulent hostility toward Big Red is exactly what anyone with two brain cells to rub together would expect to happen.

It is also the exact position that Schroeder is shooting for here.

More on that in a moment, but first let’s take a look at what Schroeder was actually referring to when she made her false allegation. It is a quote from something I wrote in an article addressing feminists who thought they would shut me or AVFM up back in June of 2011.

To be clear, here is the quote:

I find you [feminist bullies] so pernicious and repugnant that the idea of fucking your shit up gives me an erection.

And let me state for the record again, it is true. Fucking their shit up gives me an erection. Oh, and I get all hot and bothered over Mexican food, and I can turn all ape man over….well, I think you get the picture, unless you are a feminist.

Briefly explaining the mechanics here, and dumbing things down so that even a rapetard could understand it, please bear with these slight details.

First, in conflict with Schroeder’s understanding, and as we have endlessly pointed out on this website, feminists and women are two entirely different things. Feminism is an ideology of sexual politics. Women are the female part of the human race, the counterparts to men. Feminism does not have a vagina, or even tits. It has adherents who possess both kinds of human genitalia, but almost always one or the other.

Getting these two things confused is kinda stupid. Mmmkay?

Now, as to “fucking their shit up.” I realize that this may be even more challenging for the likes of Schroeder. As a gender ideologue, a feminist to be more exact, she is prone to see violence everywhere it does and doesn’t exist, especially if she thinks it might be violence against women. Conversely, she likely could not see violence against men if she were close enough to get blood on her Louis Vuitton blouse. But, I digress.

The point here is that she obviously assumed that “fuck their shit up,” endearingly known here as FTSU, was meant to imply physical violence. Or, like a lot of other feminists, she knew it did not imply violence and decided to play the DV card, anyway. I would say that given her position that the latter must be true. But being a senior editor at GMP isn’t an endorsement of intelligence, so I will just write this one up as a toss-up. She is either ignorant, or dishonest, or both, which doesn’t really matter. I could have said, you’re going “down,” or some other equally obvious dysphemism, and she would still have clutched her pearls and headed for Twitter (two years later when she had an agenda).

That brings us finally to “gives me an erection.” Do I have to explain this, or would it be better to say that I have also never had a foodgasm? I have never “cum in my pants” or “gotten hard when the wind blew.” I have never seen a car that I would “kill for,” or even seen a movie that was “better than sex.”

Take that back, I have seen some movies that were better than some of the sex I have had.

But of course I am wasting keystrokes here. Whether Schroeder’s false accusation is intentional or just the blind stupidity of someone who works for a “men’s publication” that endorses fathers calling their four year old boys rapists isn’t the point.

The point is the damseling. It is just another in many very, very stupid plans, which all eventually benefit the cause they are trying to undermine.

As we saw with Anita Sarkeesian, Rebecca Watson, and the now infamous Big Bad Borderline Red, Schroeder is trying here to elicit some really nasty reactions from anonymous people on the internet so she can play the damsel in distress; so white knights and sycophants will ride out on their white horses to protect her from all the meanies in the world, while not taking a moment to consider that she is an obfuscating, scumbag of spin, playing on the ignorance of the masses by quote mining her way into a public limelight that is now only accessible through attacking the Men’s Human Rights Movement and this website.

Their ideology is failing, so they are going on the attack to maintain the appearance of relevance.

Maybe she will have a kickstarter, and other feminists will cough up some big bucks for a study on sexual sadism by people that won’t shut the fuck up when told by their betters.

And it may work for her. Who knows? But the part about this that is not so good for the likes of Schroeder, or the opponents of this human rights movement for men and boys, is that we are fortunately the ones in a “no lose” situation.

Every time one these Einsteins jumps a shark in full public view, we grow. It sends people to the site, either out of outrage or curiosity. And when people come to AVFM they have been treated, time after time, to the needed information to inform them that the unprincipled hacks that sent them here lied to them about what we were about.

Each time it happens, we pick up new readers and even new activists. That is why right now GMP is trailing us in traffic, despite having spent wads of cash to play in the big leagues while we beat their asses patching things together with spit and bailing wire.

In the end, reasonable people will see that Schroeder is a false accuser, that I am against violence in any form, and that her tweet was a load of absolute bullshit.

And we will push them further behind us as a result.

That is it for now for the most part. Well, I do have one other thing to say. A shout out to GMP CEO Lisa Hickey.

The thought of fucking GMPs shit up gives me an erection. 🙂

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