Yes All Feminists Are Like That

There are two kinds of feminists; The “Not All Feminists” and “No True Feminists.”   The “Not All Feminist” kind of feminism, when shown feminist bigotry against men, will immediately excuse feminist bigotry by saying “Not All Feminists Are Like That!” (NAFALT).  The NAFALT style feminists are more likely new to feminism.  NAFALT cedes the point that there hateful feminist bigots.  What’s more, it almost implies that the overwhelming majority of feminists are hateful bigots.

The “No True Feminist” will, with a fury of hand-waving, dismiss your example of feminist bigotry as “Not a True Feminist”.  A “No True Feminist” will then tell you that  you don’t know about “True Feminism” and proceed to educate you that “True Feminism Is About Equality.”  The script continues, “…That’s all that Feminism means, Equality.  If you believe in equality, you’re a feminist.”    The conflation of feminist bigotry with equality is the trademark of a “No True Feminist”.  The “No True Feminist” is ever oblivious to the fact that equality existed long before feminism and nearly everyone on the planet believes in equality.

This brings to mind the, “No True Scotsman” fallacy.  It’s an informal logical fallacy where, when someone makes a universal assertion like “No Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge.”, and is countered with something like “But Scotty McGregor puts sugar in his porridge.” The person making the universal claim will modify the subject of that universal assertion instead of rejecting  it and say something like “Well no true scotsman puts sugar on his porridge.”  By doing this, they reject all the examples where the universal assertion does not hold up by creating a silly, separate ad hoc category.  Yes, we must accept that there exist Scotsmen that put sugar on their porridge.

Rhetorically, the “No True Feminist” is at an advantage over the “Not All Feminist”.  To them, they’ve swept all those mean, hateful feminist bigots under the rug.  As is quite common within feminism, they’ve redefined a word. Equality is now synonymous with feminism, and vice versa.  Problem solved?  Let’s see.  “True Feminist” is the new category created to mean feminists that aren’t hateful bigots.” Simply put, this category does not exist. If you’re a feminist, you’re like that.

We hear great words and sentiment.  Who can be against equality, helping women, and even helping men? Yet, where are these true feminists?  We look to the thought leaders within feminism.  Gloria Steinem?  A feminist bigot who suggests that wives ought to kill their husbands.  Bell Hooks? A consistently hateful feminist bigot.  Amanda Marcotte?  A vitriolically anti-male feminist bigot, the “David Duke” of feminism.  Andrea Dworkin?  “That’s a low blow” the feminist might say, “that hateful bigoted feminist leader was decades ago!”  How many feminists know that the National Organization for Women has a memorial on their website for Andrea Dworkin, one of the most vitriolic, hateful, vile, bigoted people to ever live and it stands to this day.  Now why would that be?  A clear feminist bigot who most feminist want to hand have away, with a memorial that stands to this day?  Simple, NOW thrives on her legacy of bigotry.  All feminist are like that.

Feminism is an ideology.  An ideology takes on a sort of life on it’s own, you need to get a feel for the environment to assess it.  If you’ve spent a day on tumblr or even facebook you’ve probably seen the memes “Kill All Men.”  Always hand waved away with “Oh, that’s just a funny joke about killing you people!  Get over it!  Don’t I have a right to an opinion?”

If you’ve had a feminist facebook friend, you’ve seen the memes mocking men, minimizing men’s issues. and the constant obligatory joke about genitally mutilating or sexually torturing men.  Jokes about inflicting violence on men’s testes are their own genre.  Genital mutilation is another constant source of feminist humor;“Men are animals that can’t control their sex drive. What do we do with animals that can’t control their sex drive?  WE CASTRATE THEM!”  It’s pervasive, it’s sickening, it’s representative of feminism.  All feminist are like that.

A feminist could easily say “Well, yes, the leaders are hateful feminist bigots, so is the larger ideology, but I’m not!”  Let’s explore that.  Being a feminist entails a hatred of men.  We can demonstrate that with the following example.  Let’s mention up the 60 million men who, because they were men, were forced to be slaves of war, drafted to their torturous deaths in WWII.  The feminist, will without fail say “But it’s men against men!” they’ve just let you know they are a male genocide apologist.  A normal, empathetic, compassionate human being says “Oh my gosh 60 million human beings dead?  That’s horrible!”  A feminist says, “But it’s men against men!”  Feminists will claim to believe men are human beings, yet try pointing out that human beings have rights and feminist will always protest men’s rights.  Feminists claim to support equal rights, but will always oppose men’s rights.  Why?  Because feminism is like that.

Name a men’s issue, feminists will try to explain to you why men deserve it.  For heaven’s sake, who else would drafted to war, but men? It could only be men dying by the tens of millions!  If you’re male, you may be required to register for the selective service to vote, to gain citizenship and certainly to get a government student loan.  Yet, since you’re a man that would be fighting a man in a similar position, according to a feminist bigot, you deserve it.

We see how ‘True Feminists’ ie not bigoted feminists, don’t exist.  Feminism entails bigotry.  Feminism is an ideology of hate against men.

Yes, all feminist are like that.

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