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As the progressive media scrambles to lick its wounds and process the stunning 2016 election results a number of manifestly false narratives are already emerging to explain away what happened:

Evil white people did it!

It was because of racism and sexism!

It was because not enough people are educated enough to vote the way we tell them to!

The old screwed the young!

None of these narratives stand up in the face of the evidence at hand, none of them stand up to the slightest bit of scrutiny. Fewer women voted for Clinton than did Obama. Of the 19% of Millennials that turned out at all, 40% turned out for Trump. Trump’s win would have been impossible without MILLIONS of female votes. Impossible without MILLIONS of minority votes. Impossible without MILLIONS of gay votes.

So let’s get real people.

Let’s talk about the real reasons why Donald J Trump stands before the American people today, against all possible odds, as the President-elect.

Hope and change 2.0

Eight years ago Obama ran on the platform of hope and change. He ran on promises made to the little people. He spoke to the dreams of the aspirational and the idealists, who wanted Guantanamo shut down, who wanted US troops out of Iraq. Wanted their government to help them in their hour of need. It didn’t happen. None of it happened. There are drones everywhere. Guantanamo is going strong as ever. Ordinary families are being crushed by skyrocketing premiums. The economy is in bad shape. The Obama dream turned into a nightmare.

And that’s why the same people who voted for the first President of color, eight years later showed his heir apparent (in Clinton) to the exit in such dramatic and unceremonious fashion.

People of all colors and creeds across the greatest republic in the free world sure as heck weren’t racists when they voted in their great countries’ first African American President.

And they sure as heck didn’t become racists overnight when they pulled the plug on his disastrous legacy and put their faith in an outsider to turn their country back round.

Globalism vs. Nationalism

Comparisons to Brexit have abounded in the wake of the stunning election result. There are parallels just not the ones the mainstream media would like to have the public believe. Brexit wasn’t the victory for the unwashed, uneducated masses that liberals have dressed it up to be. But it was a stunning blow that busted open the nose of the Globalist cabal intent on turning the entire world into an exploitative protection racket that serves to line the pockets of them and their affiliates.

With Brexit the ordinary people of the UK landed a clean shot, they bloodied the nose of the machine.

And ordinary citizens in the USA and across the world took note – ‘IF IT BLEEDS WE CAN KILL IT!’

If Brexit landed cleanly on the machine, Trump’s election victory scored a stunning knock down that put the monster down for the 8-count. Prepare to reap the whirlwind gentlemen. The battle for America has just begun.

His message was inclusive

Contrary to the desperate thrashings of a media machine that was losing control of the narrative Trump wasn’t the candidate with the divisive message. Never let anyone convince you of that lie. While Trump spoke of a better American for all the forgotten Americans, his opponents scrambled to divide the country into ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ into black lives that matter and against blue lives that don’t. Into the LGBTQ rainbow and assorted self-identification set against the silent majority of ordinary middle American traditional families that we were supposed to regard as the passive agents of silent oppression, merely because they dared to exist at all. Into sexist men who were going to vote for the ‘pussy grabber’ Trump and empowered progressive women who were gonna break the last ceiling for their gal’ Clinton.

And the divisive identity politics FAILED. The forgotten ordinary people of the country spoke with a single voice.

Trump struck a cord with so many across every possible divide imaginable because he was talking about what it means to be American. He spoke to the core values that UNITE, not the individual identities and differences that DIVIDE.

That’s why he won more of the Latino vote than Romney did.

While he spoke of the REAL documented rape threat posed to REAL women by mass unchecked illegal immigration, his opponents instead focused on his offensive use of language.

As he spoke to real women about their real concerns, his opponents attempted to bury his bid for the White House in a wave of feminist hysteria orchestrated by a small minority of special snowflakes living lives so protected and sheltered that they seemingly didn’t realize the difference between an ‘offensive’ ‘sexist’ remark and an actual infringement on the integrity of an innocent woman’s body.

It’s the economy stupid

While his rival promised more of the same disastrous oppressive economic policies, that drowned small businesses and suffocated the entrepreneurial dreams, aspirations, and plans of the aspiring job creators of the future, the host of the apprentice fittingly enough, promised something else.

He promised deregulation. He pledged to get the King Kong-sized monkey of oppressive government off the backs of businesses in their infancy crumbling under the weight of progressive policies written to line the pockets of people who disingenuously PRETENDED to have the best interests of all the hard-working little American dreamers at heart.

While the left had promised and delivered eight years of oppressive legislated equality, Trump ran on the promise of legislated opportunity. Of an administration, that would step back and allow fair competition to unfold.

Trump ran (and won) on the promise that he would liberate ordinary Americans from the shared misery of progressive economic policy and all the bureaucracy and bullshit that goes with it.

Whether he can deliver on his promises or not remains to be seen.

Clinton wasn’t the lesser of two evils

While Donald Trump spoke to the hopes and dreams of ordinary Americans (while acknowledging the policies and ideas that had caused so many of their lives to devolve into nightmares), the Clinton camp buttoned down on the most negative possible party line:


While they accused Trump of dishonestly exaggerated fear-mongering in one breath, they tried to convince the electorate that he was Satan incarnate in the next.

When progressives start calling you the next Hitler it’s a sure fire sign that they are running out of ammunition and getting desperate.

It’s evidence that you are winning. It was for President-elect Trump.

While he spoke of making America great again with free trade, strong borders and a renewed sense of national pride based on shared aspirational values, the Clinton campaign dug up Howard Stern interviews from several decades ago. They dug up every dumb comment the guy had made over the course of almost 40 years of public life, and they presented them to the American people as evidence that he was the sexist, racist monster they claimed. That he was the next Hitler.

You could almost hear them say – “There. Now go vote for her you stupid deplorable cunts.”

Clinton’s camp lost all but the dumbest of America’s youth when they screwed their idealistic candidate of choice out of a fair shake at running for office. And then there’s ‘those emails’ and the horrific things they conclusively prove.

The real basket of ‘deplorables’ it turns out, where her and her pirate crew of profiteers and the nefarious network of foreign Batman villains pumping money into her slush funds in exchange for everything from arms to the opportunity to dictate foreign policy.

In years to come people will wonder how anyone ever underestimated the collective intelligence of the American people enough to think such an absurd narrative could possibly convince them to vote themselves into a spiral of terminal economic decline, into social and cultural collapse and into mortal conflict with the ENEMIES of ISIS (in Iran and Russia).

Sorry George Soros. We, the people, saw your snake in the grass. And we whacked that motherfucker off Capitol Hill.


Featured Image: By Krassotkin (derivative), Gage Skidmore (Donald Trump), Gage Skidmore (Hillary Clinton), CC BY-SA 3.0, http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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