Why Still a Feminist: A Question for Christina Hoff-Sommers

Christina Hoff-Sommers, has an answer to a question she gets a lot. We think it’s a fair answer, but we have another question we hope she will one day answer:

We think Dr. Sommers would be well-served to acknowledge that figures on poverty often erase men; men are the majority of the homeless population by far, and they frequently die as a result of it, often by their own hand. And even in the third world, it’s good to look at where women are treated badly but it’s important to look at where men are treated badly because the horror stories there are huge and deserve attention too; in most of these supposedly “male dominated” societies men are frequently beaten to death, tortured, enslaved–and yes, women play a role in that. As long-time admirers who have even learned from you, we would like you to address that some time if you can.
It’s fair enough for there to be a women’s movement, but given the horrors men frequently face that are as bad as what you describe, is there also not a need for a strong men’s movement that looks after the interest in men and boys as well?

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