Welfare wymmin: Death to the Goody God

There is a growing cultural showdown between feminists and people who think. As we get close to high noon we are seeing the increased use of media to dramatize differing points of view between the thinkers and non-thinkers.

A recent example of this is in a video on Tumblr that Typhon Blue responded to on her Youtube Channel.

Note in the first video, resources (illustrated metaphorically by scoops of ice cream) come out of a spout, apparently from an Unseen Dispensing Machine (UDM). It has the feel of each scoop falling from the sky like magic; like there is a Goody God above us keeping the UDM full and ready to deliver our favorite flavor with no more effort than it takes to stick a cone under the spout.

But men, bullies and brigands that they are, are hogging the UDM and wailing out “Misandry!” every time someone with a vagina gets a Goody God scoop of ice cream for which no one had to labor or suffer in order to produce.

Don’t complain. I warned you this was the non-thinking video.

Next came Typhon with her video response. I am sure it will not surprise you to hear that this one fell into the “thinking” category. It was not just thoughtful, it also made me laugh. In fact, I was still laughing even after I had liked it, Tweeted it, commented and posted it to the AVFM Facebook page. I was laughing so hard that I lost it for a second and let a woman sneak past me at the UDM and get her cone filled with the Goody God’s magically made ice cream.

Pwnage are funny.

Typhon accomplished that pwnage by simply asking where the ice cream came from, and pointing out that resources don’t just appear, at least in real life. They only materialize like that in cartoons made by people who don’t spend much time thinking.

That was all she needed to do for the pwnage to be complete, but if you will allow me the indulgence I would like to borrow from/steal her original idea and expand on it a bit. It’s worth it because everything that is just insanely thoughtless about the core of feminism’s worldview is shown in the first video, and everything worthwhile and corrective about Typhon’s is shown in her thoughtful response.

Mind you, I say this knowing that Typhon may well see things differently. I am shamelessly ransacking her closet of ideas, but taking them in my own direction.

And where that takes me is not going to be a popular place with some, though I will wage those who dissent from it won’t be able to come up with an argument any more logical than alleging MHRAs scream “misandry” because they want the UDM all to themselves.

Simple premise: Women (collectively speaking) have the right to complain about anything they want to in this culture. It is a right, along with all their other human rights, that I will defend to my dying breath. That is true, however, because they have been given those rights, not because they have earned them. That reality is an indelible part of our history.

Historically it was conventional wisdom in most places, and for damned good reasons, that those who had to fight in wars also got the political power to wage them. Those with the responsibility to protect and provide for women, who by the way demanded that protection and provision in every way they could, also got first “choice” on education and employment that would enable them to do that.

Those who bore the brunt of satisfying society’s survival needs figured they had a natural right to social authority and that mere consumers should not have the same decision making power as those who produced the goods and paid the bills.

I suppose all this was before cartoons.

History also shows a clear pattern of men making those decisions selflessly and responsibly, as they were expected to do by their fellows. That is how we got the modern incarnation of chivalry, which put women out of harm’s way and subsidized their needs at the expense of men as a matter of routine.

That legacy lingers still in the modern zeitgeist, the one, you know, all obsessed about “equality.”

Men still earn their right to vote via selective service. Women are still exempt. That particular bit of equality, we’ll call it naturally equal, is a flavor of ice cream that our UDM still does not dispense.

But we still have worked on other flavors of equality, namely those most palatable to women. I know, only choosing equality that tastes good is kind of a contradiction, but stay with me, we have to bring the thoughtless with us.

So, we opened up education and employment to women, and even empowered men with guns to make sure they were treated equally when it tasted good.

What happened?

Women ran in hoards like it was Black Friday at Macys, flooding low risk, low hardship, low expectation jobs. Then they collectively screamed discrimination because low pay came with it.

Because patriarchy.

Meanwhile men still took on the lion’s share of danger, exposure to the elements, workplace mortality, harsh working conditions and longer hours. In other words, men continued making the ice cream, much to the dismay of the Goody God.

And that fact alone leaves us with an unassailable point that is likely to be the most assailed point in history:

As a class, women have not earned equal scoops of ice cream. They were gifted with the right to stand at the UDM and complain, which they have done with much greater efficiency than actually producing anything.

The answer to this, of course, is not to withhold their ice cream. It is simply to insist they earn the right to eat it.

We can start with the basics. Either abolish selective service or force women to register. Drop all the nonsense of giving military women the “option” to serve in combat. Give them their orders and give them a less than honorable discharge if they don’t follow them.

For the men that scream about this, too bad. Quit thinking with your dick and be prepared to see women just as mangled and just as dead as men. Anyone who can’t or won’t fight, and alongside anyone else in the same uniform, should stay the hell out of the military.

Make vocational training, like construction trades, mandatory for all high school students. No one graduates who can’t pour a foundation, roof a building, hang a 5/8” board of sheetrock, cut the beads and float and tape the walls and ceiling.

What’s that? Ice cream is bad for you? Right. Got it. Moving on….

The point is that women, as a class, won’t ever be fully functioning members of modern society until they start producing ice cream alongside men, scoop for scoop, which means designing and building the machines that make it, processing it, producing the milk, sugar and other ingredients from the ground up, driving it in trucks and then designing and building the machines that package and dispense it.

Teaching women to stand on the roadside holding up a “Corner Office or Bust” sign only creates another need drawn directly from the history we are supposedly trying to overcome. It means we need to train men to pull over and give them a ride.

Which, of course, is exactly what we are doing.

I would never deny women access to the Corner Office flavor of ice cream, but I do have the crazy idea that it has to be paid for. The consumer is the sensible choice to pay the tab.

I also have no problem with men enjoying the rewards from their own labors, even if it means they have to tune out someone’s powerless wailing while they make quick work of a bowl of ice cream. If a lot of women, and men for that matter, don’t like it, they need to stop whining and start producing.

We have another word for it when women have as much right to resources as the men who produce them (or who underwrite women’s ice cream purchases though the enforcement of sex roles).

It is called welfare. And the women insisting on partaking of it are little more than thinly disguised layabouts.

We have worked, rightfully so, to extend women every opportunity that men have to be equal participants in fulfilling society’s needs. But we have turned those efforts into a joke by telling women their job is done if they are standing there with an empty cone wailing for someone to put a scoop in it.

As a society we have refused to face the cold truth, that in striving to attain a standard of equality, women by and large have failed to pull their own weight. It is feminism’s great disservice to women, and it has tagged the greatest majority of them as social losers.

That was not the case in a time where men and women cooperated to raise families; when families were concerns where all members participated in its growth and success. Under that arrangement, the ice cream got spread around and shared…perhaps not with mathematical equality, but the disadvantages were as likely to have a negative impact on men as they did women.

It was, in that sense, fair and just.

But now, with what remains of the family smoldering and on its way to cold ash, the contracts that bound us together and formed the basis of our mutual expectations have been similarly torched. All that is left now is to have women compete with men.  They are finding that in too many cases they can’t.

So we create the UDM, and hide from our collective social consciousness where the goodies always have and still come from. With the help of elected white knights (and more than a few self-appointed ones) we make everyone afraid to point out that ice cream does not come from cartoons; that there is no UDM and no Goody God. And that those doing all the wailing about being treated “equally” are in reality asking us to pretend that men aren’t bleeding for their laziness instead of asking themselves to share an equal part of the load.

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