Sweden, where man-beating is sport!

Welcome to the modern nation of Sweden, where brutally beating an unarmed man without justification or cause (by a female police officer) is permissible and socially acceptable.

In my lifetime, I have been a prosecutor, a defense attorney and a Pro Tem (part-time) Municipal Judge. I have read tens of thousands of police reports, viewed hundreds of police videos, completed many “ride alongs” with on duty police officers, participated in countless criminal trials and hearings, conducted thousands of interviews with police officers, been through hundreds of hours of courtroom police officer testimony, and trained & advised police officers on Search and Seizure. To be candid, I tend to have a very favorable view of police officers, as I know and appreciate how difficult their jobs can be.

Unfortunately, there are exceptions to this perspective.

Take a moment to review (more than once) the YouTube video that accompanies this article. I reviewed this video well over a half-dozen times. Each time I see it, I get completely appalled and outraged! To be candid, the police officer’s conduct in this matter is disgusting, inhumane and amoral!

The video was taken in central Stockholm on Brunnsgatan (Brunns street) on or about the evening of July 11, 2013.

Upon review of the video of this brutal attack, you will note the following:

  • At No Time did this male citizen engage in physically threatening behavior towards the female police officer.
  • At No Time did this male citizen engage in physically abusive behavior towards the female police officer.
  • At No Time did this male citizen engage in physically lewd or profane gestures towards the female police officer.
  • At No Time did this male citizen yell at this female police officer.
  • At All Times, this male citizen used open, respectful and compliant body language towards the female police officer. His arms were down at his side and the palms of his hands open.
  • At All Times, this male citizen maintained an appropriate physical decorum and respectful distance from the female police. (Police officer safety).
  • At All Times, the physical safety of the female police officer was NOT at issue and there was NO immediate and/or imminent physical harm being directed at her by the male citizen.
  • At No Time did this male citizen provoke an attack by this female police officer.
  • At No Time while being brutally attacked by the female police officer, did this male citizen engage in any type of physical alteration, combative behavior, retaliatory behavior or assaultive behavior towards the female police officer.

Regardless of what verbal exchange may have occurred off camera prior to this brutal attack or during the actual video, there is absolutely NO justification or basis for the officer’s conduct and use of physical force.

This vicious unprovoked attack is completely without cause and/or reason. Under NO (zero) circumstances can the conduct of this police officer be morally justified and/or condoned. Any well-trained, well-adjusted police officer knows that when there is NO physical threat (to you or anyone else) you do NOT have the right to beat a citizen (bloody) to the ground with the aid of a baton and a German Shepherd attack dog! Bottom line: This is blatant misandric bigotry and the use malicious physical abuse on the part of the police officer.

If a male police officer engaged in this type of brutal unprovoked behavior and assaulted an unarmed female citizen in this manner, there would be an international outrage. This officer should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and go to prison with all of the other criminals. There is absolutely no rationale or excuse for this vicious inhumane conduct!

RK Hendrick, Esq.

Creator / Co Admin. of the Facebook Group: “Friend of Protection For Men” … The largest and most active Men’s / Fathers’ / Boys’ Rights & Issues Discussion Group on Facebook with an international membership of some very influential and brilliant people. https://www.facebook.com/groups/protectionformen/

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