Waking to woke

Woke is a widely-used adjective and is generally understood to involve supporting or believing in various notions that are widely accepted among social justice warriors. People who consider themselves woke generally:

  • Consider themselves to be left-wing
  • Support identity politics
  • Support feminism
  • Believe in rape culture
  • Believe in male privilege
  • Believe that street harassment is a serious problem
  • Believe in cultural appropriation
  • Favour strong limitations on free speech
  • Favour diversity over merit

Contrast this to dictionary Definitions:

Oxford English Dictionary

woke, adjective: Originally: well-informed, up-to-date. Now chiefly: alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice; frequently in stay woke


aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)

Other Definitions

Crikey, an Australian web site now supportive of woke, offers definitions used by those that support and those that oppose it:


“[T]o be informed, educated on and aware of social injustices”.


“[T]o be overly politically correct and to police other’s words”.

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