Tyler Shipley: Musician, writer, protestor and …

Recently, Steve Brulé penned an incredibly damning piece about who is stopping free speech and running the gender-terror-show at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

Toronto’s home-grown version of gender-terror-show indoctrinaughts came out to play last summer. Some of you will remember them as Darwin’s Rejects, my local entourage of cranial-windsock indoctrinaughts, whom I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting.

The video is from a CAFE event held at the University of Toronto on August 5, 2014. The speaker was Igor Serebryany, who is a columnist, editor, former producer of BBC World Service, and founder of the Russia Fathers’ Committee. The topic was “Men’s Issues Go Global.”

Now, if you look closely at the top right corner of the video, you’ll see a particularly interesting specimen of indoctrinaught: one Tyler Shipley. He’s right there, second from the end in the first row. Shipley is enthusiastically participating and appears to be having a grand time blundering along, grinning, clapping, and chanting with the rest of the “social justice” windbags, whom common sense has left behind.

Shipley has a few other talents besides his ability to grin and clap, symptoms indicative of his common-sense handicap. He’s a fairly active chap who is in a band and does some writing. According to his academia.edu bio: “I occasion as a freelance journalist, appearing as both writer and guest in a variety of mainstream and independent media….”

A Google search of his name shows that indeed he is a musician and he does “freelance journalism.” His work is well represented at a Canadian site called rabble.ca. Rabble, for those who don’t know, is a rubble of “journalistic integrity”: think Jezebel with a slightly more libellous flavour. Feminist propaganda poutine published daily from the Great White North would be a fair assessment.

Shipley has one other “talent”: he’s an adjunct professor at Humber College and York University, institutions of higher learning in Toronto. He currently teaches economics and politics at Humber College and international studies at York University.

No, this is not a misprint.

Shipley is employed at two post-secondary institutions in the Toronto area as a professor who is responsible for teaching and shaping malleable young minds—that is, if you call silencing open discussions and restricting exposure to different cultures, points of view, and experiences “teaching.”

Some would call Shipley’s brand of “teaching” indoctrination.

Shipley started his quest to teach indoctrinate in Manitoba with a BA (hon) in history and political studies, followed by an MA (with distinction) in history at the University of Manitoba. Our young shining star of the Canadian education system then acquired his PhD in political science at York University in 2013.

With his dedication to the pursuit and promotion of knowledge, our “learned” Shipley proudly goes forth to become a cranial-windsock indoctrinaught, enthusiastically participating in an attempt to shut down a lecture. A talk, with an opportunity to pose questions to the guest speaker. A speaker, with an extensive history in journalism, from another country: RUSSIA!

RUSSIA, you indoctrinaughts!

An expert journalist from a country in which free speech has been prohibited until recent times (in case you fucking missed it, Mr. “MA in history, with distinction” Shipley) was willing to give a first-hand account and answer questions. An opportunity for our over-educated Shipley and others to learn about and discuss others’ experiences.

At a university.

I find it hard to believe that a professor with a PhD in political science and a background in history cannot see the error in actively participating in an effort to silence open, honest discussion. Shipley’s answer to learning about issues that fathers are facing in Russia (and in other nations) was to, along with possibly some of his students, silence a scholarly discussion, all the while illustrating to the world what first-class asses they are in the process. Shipley, a teacher of young minds, was right there, ensuring that he block attendees from hearing expert, first-hand experience and knowledge.

Shipley’s acts do not represent those of someone interested in solutions. Nor are they the hallmark of a teacher who encourages the precious, malleable minds under his guidance to examine problems and possible solutions inside and outside the classroom. Shipley’s guiding principle is to control and silence, close off those young minds to different points of view, experiences, and cultures. Restrict access, censor, the limitless potential found in society’s youth by prohibiting free speech.

Shipley’s involvement in this protest should not go unnoticed by academia or the media. How someone who has freelanced as a journalist and managed to become an adjunct professor at two post-secondary education institutions can display this blind bigotry is beyond me. It’s inexcusable and an insult to teachers and journalists everywhere. His attempts to silence a fellow journalist through an act of bullying is a mortal sin in journalism. His censoring of minds, his silencing of voices, illustrates his talent and passion for indoctrination.

Shipley has no business being involved in either of these professions. He is a common-sense-handicapped Darwin’s Reject who is infecting students and society with a toxic totalitarian silence, save the whistling of his cranial windsock.

I should point out that I fully support Shipley’s and the rest of the indoctrinaughts’ right to assemble (aka protest) and right to free speech—along with the right to be held accountable for those public words and actions.

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